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  1. Well, I have took the plunge and ordered 2 Technics Epc205mk2's. One with new eliptical stylus, one with new Ruby cantilever / Fritz Gyger fg2 and an additional Jico sas/b stylus. Don't ask me how all that happened, but when it arrives I will assess and perhaps sell what I don't decide to keep. Thanks to all for your input - I'll report back with my findings after they've arrived - which may be some time in the current climate. Regards, Philip.
  2. Thanks for the update Warren, and please, let us know how you get on with the Jico Sas/ruby when it arrives. I am keeping an eye out for this cartridge if I can get one for a reasonable price. Regards, Philip.
  3. I'd be keen to hear your impressions of the weight anyway. Regards, Philip
  4. Will the cartridge clips feed through the replacement arm? Or do they need to be removed and re-soldered back on after feeding the wiring through?
  5. What tt and cart are you using with the Mission Capone?
  6. The Vessel cartridges would seem to be medium compliance.
  7. The counterweight has a foam section between the screw thread and the outer weight which can deteriorate over time.
  8. Considering an xtc counterweight for my Mission 774 arm. Anyone tried an xtc weight on their arm and did you experience a benefit? Thanks, Philip.
  9. I don't know - I can play the Nagaoka beyond 3 o'clock when the mood takes me.
  10. Thanks Andy, I had the mm boards made up by Neil Jadman in the US a few years ago so I'm not keen to drop more cash on boards at this stage. They were a definite improvement on the original boards. Philip.
  11. I'd be interested to hear your impressions on that comparison. How much did you pay for the U205mk3?
  12. Thank you Warren, that is very kind of you. I am, however, most interested in the Technics at the present, given the strong support for it from you and others.
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