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  1. Good on you for bringing them back from the edge! They look great, bargain for someone. GLWTS
  2. Very cool stuff in the links here. The polonium 210 brush is only an alpha particle emitter and alpha particles don’t penetrate far like gamma rays. It won’t even penetrate through the dead skin cells on your hand or a few CM of air. Still scary from a contamination perspective if the brush was broken or tampered with (you wouldn’t want to ingest or inhale any polonium!) The idea is that the radiation strips the electrons from the air near the brush which then makes the air soak up any static charge on the record surface. Very cool.
  3. The orofon 2M range would be a good match. Nagaoka cartridges are also great and will work well with that turntable. Let us know what you get. And please send a pic for eye candy!
  4. Chining in late here, how did you go with the suggestions above? Is the distortion on both channels or more to one side? Make sure the turntable is completely level and also get a stylus brush. The foggy distorted midrange is a common symptom of having some fluff / grime build up on the stylus.
  5. Weighing in late here but I would think using a step down transformer would offer a modicum of protection due to inbuilt current limiting so there’s actually an advantage over running direct! This is one odd case where a smaller transformer might also be better. The only possible down side I can think of is the standard concern of having an extra component near your hifi (vibration, radiation etc). Just keep the transformer as physically separated as possible and/or get a good quality well shielded transformer.
  6. Nice! Glad to see you stuck with the unipivot. I hear the gimballed version has very high quality bearings but the uni on VPI’s is something special I think. Enjoy!
  7. I should also add that if you’re not loving the Koetsu at least as much as the AC2 something might be amiss. Both are very fine cartridges.
  8. So the Koetsu is mounted now, but you’re wondering if with a new phono stage you might prefer the AC2? Did you get to spend much time with the Koetsu before the head amp died? It sounds to me like you got the Koetsu for a reason. Maybe you should live with it for a while before making a decision.
  9. Very cool looking unit. Love those Play, Stop, Pause buttons! GLWTS
  10. I also had one of these. Hard to beat at this price for someone. The belt which controls the arm lifter is also not hard to replace. GLWTS
  11. Pm sent with intent to purchase (for a friend)
  12. Late response but I’m surprised nobody’s mentioned a suspended turntable like a Linn or Sota. They’re designed to deal with just this type of feedback issue. I also suffered feedback at higher volumes until I upgraded my Japanese direct drive (Pioneer PL-L1000) to a Sota Sapphire. Cheers,
  13. So tempting. Saving for a new DAC -blasphemy. I used to have a Garrot Gold version. Would love to take this but have to be sensible. If it's still available in a week or two I'll be in touch. Not often you see a nice sample come up for sale. GLWTS
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