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  1. Thanks AussieVintage. You might be right, I hope so, the mind does wander and it could just be a bad streak. I’ll give them another listen and try to come up with a better description of the sound. I’ve also been meaning to try them on my other decks with DJ stylus (primary is a Koetsu which would be playing the bottom of the grooves).
  2. Thanks everyone. I’m not sure it’s mould due to having three seperate orders from three different sellers over the last 6 months where this has been an issue (I’ve had other orders which are fine). The commonalities are that the records all appeared to have been cleaned prior to shipping and the sellers have been Australian. I’m sure the records are damaged, possibly just worn out due to being played on Crosley’s which is definitely a possibility in the used market. I’m still wondering if the cleaning process used by these sellers might have caused damage. That one order I got with the single
  3. Hi all, I've been buying more records from Australian sellers on Discogs during lockdown and I've noticed a troubling phenomenon with some recent purchases. In each case the records were spotless, not a fleck of dust but I give them a pass through my Okki Nokki anyway. The problem is that these records sound thin, crackly and hollow despite appearing pristine. At first I thought it was bad luck or bad pressings, but it's happened twice more in the last few months, and in each case of a bad sound, the records arrived spotless. The clincher was that in the last lot of 5 records, one had a sl
  4. The recent MoFi One-Steps are made with a new vinyl formulation that is quiet different from anything else. I find the sound seems somewhat soft and mellow, and it initially gives the perception of more subdued transients, but it has a very low noise floor and bucketloads of detail. The AP with equally superb but different mastering is pressed on regular but high quality vinyl and would be similarly revealing in my opinion, but with a more standard presentation. If your turntable is a bit on the smooth- mellow side like a Gyrodec then the MoFi might be a bit too much of a good thing. On the ot
  5. The advantage of the Feickert protractor is that it allows you to measure the pivot-to-spindle distance of your arm, but if your arm is fixed it would be of little benefit as you could just look this up online in your turntable specs or use other tools to measure this just once. You could try Conrad Hoffman's custom arc template generator (link below) and choose a uni-din alignment which focuses on reducing inner groove distortion. This is a popular alignment for classical fans as the inner grooves are where the finale typically resides. http://www.conradhoffman.com/chsw.htm
  6. Hi Mike, I have one of these arms though it’s also been in the cupboard for many years, and I also have some spare parts. I didn’t realise there was version with a lead shot bucket for the anti-skate - my arm uses a solid metal weight. The one thing I recall having to do some sleuthing for was the silicon oil for the bearing well. I have a whole can now so let me know if you need some! Also happy to dig my arm out and check anything if you have any specific questions. Cheers
  7. Not to mention the top shelf balanced headphone amp built in!
  8. Paul Miller from HiFi News proved it with a series of tests and measurements. The phenomenon was referred to as Generation Gain.
  9. Good on you for bringing them back from the edge! They look great, bargain for someone. GLWTS
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