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  1. abelb

    Vinyl disillusionment

    Late response but I’m surprised nobody’s mentioned a suspended turntable like a Linn or Sota. They’re designed to deal with just this type of feedback issue. I also suffered feedback at higher volumes until I upgraded my Japanese direct drive (Pioneer PL-L1000) to a Sota Sapphire. Cheers,
  2. So tempting. Saving for a new DAC -blasphemy. I used to have a Garrot Gold version. Would love to take this but have to be sensible. If it's still available in a week or two I'll be in touch. Not often you see a nice sample come up for sale. GLWTS
  3. abelb

    PC issue

    Late response but I have a similar setup and might be able to assist. Have I got this right: JRiver > ASIO (Lynx AES16) > DAC and you experience occasional drop-outs of 50 milliseconds did you say? So like less than a tenth of a second? How often does this happen? Every few minutes or hours while playing music? Where are your media files located? Are they on an internal hard drive? USB storage or network location? If your music is on the LAN what is the server and how are the server and media centre connected (both on gigabit LAN, or WiFi etc). What is the model of the PSU in the media centre PC and how old is it? Also how do you control your media centre PC? Directly with a screen, keyboard and mouse or via an RDP connection or some other client / server arrangement? Thanks,
  4. Item: Orsonic AV101b headshell (16g) Location: Melbourne, VIC Price: $130.00 Item Condition: Light use, current arm has integrated headshell. Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Note that this is a heavy (16 gram) headshell. Suit low compliance MC like DL-103 which is what I had it paired with (great combo!) Pictures:
  5. Item: Origin Live DC Advanced DC motor kit with DC-200 motor upgrade Location: Melbourne, VIC Price: $495.00 ($990 current new price with DC-200 motor upgrade) Item Condition: 9/10 (excellent condition, few minor signs of use around speed knob but barely noticeable, has been in storage for most of last 5 years) Reason for selling: No longer required - upgraded TT Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Purchased new from Decibel HiFi approximately ~5 years ago. Was for a second turntable restoration project which was completed but barely used so selling to fund other HiFi. Pictures:
  6. abelb


    I'd like to give it a shot at that price! PM sent with offer. Cheers,
  7. abelb

    Best thing about Vinyl

    Chiming in late, kind of on topic. Vinyl is the most affordable way to distribute analogue sound. Analog recordings cut to an analogue master, pressed then reproduced on your analog reproducer - the sound suffers very little. What I love about vinyl is the sound. It's extremely transparent. It doesn't change anything like digital, it may add a few things (a little bit of extra noise and distortion), but the underlying signal is about as pure as you can get (excusing the reel to reel folks).
  8. abelb

    Turntable purchasing advice

    My Sota Sapphire has the motor, platter and arm firmly coupled together on a subchassis which is decoupled from the main plinth by the spring suspension system. It's impossible for the motor and platter to move relative to each other so you won't get any speed issues caused by the suspension (on the Sota anyway). It also does a great job of isolating the business end of the turntable from foot falls on my wooden floor. If it's your first turntable, you'll see how there are valid yet contrasting opinions on the Internet for everything vinyl. I'm not suggesting you go out and buy yourself a Sota, Oracle or Linn but merely look into those as popular and well regarded examples of suspended type designs. Your decision will be based on many factors such as the engineering philosophy you agree with, aesthetic considerations, price, brand reputation, advice from fellow audiophiles etc. I think, if you already have experience in hifi and a decent system you should get a first turntable which will do your system justice as a poor initial experience may put you off vinyl. Vinyl has many good factors and a well pressed, good recording on a quality vinyl playback system can be glorious. High quality vinyl equipment is always in demand so you shouldn't have much trouble moving it on if you find vinyl isn't for you.
  9. I wish my speakers were bi-wireable, would to give this a shot! GLWTS very reasonable price for a rare piece of ARC history.
  10. abelb

    Turntable purchasing advice

    I believe the lp60 has a phono stage built in so if you're looking at something like the RP6 then you'll definitely need a seperate phono stage. It's worthy of a decent one at that. Cheers
  11. abelb

    Schiits Mani Phono Stage

    Just read your comment properly and noticed you have a Luxman C03. That would be pretty good though I've not heard one. Make sure your not taking a sideways step there with an extra purchase.
  12. abelb

    Schiits Mani Phono Stage

    Don't own one but heard one and thought it pretty good for the price. More transparent than many of the op amp based pre's you typically find at those lower price points which add a bit of an unnatural sheen to the sound IMO.
  13. Just thought I'd share this for anyone who might find it interesting. I work in IT and was tasked with setting up an audio interface for a musician at a media organisation. Installed a Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 and we immediately had some glitches. Namely it would require unplugging and reconnecting the USB cable after each boot before the PC would register the interface. Tried several USB cables (including the original), USB 2 and 3 ports, added a new USB controller card, firmware updates, lots of back and forward with Focusrite support to no avail. The musician was happy to live with it, until it started dropping out randomly during record sessions. I was about to return the Focusrite interface when I thought as a last option I would try an audiophile grade USB cable, thinking that if it didn't work I would just keep the cable for myself. I wanted an audioquest as I've had good experiences with their products in the past but there was no stock of the entry cable so I went with the entry wireworld USB. Installed it and told then musician to report back with how it went. Didn't hear anything for a few days (good sign) but caught him a week later and was told it fixed the drop out issue *and* the startup issue where the cable needed to be reconnected after each boot which I assumed was completely unrelated. Not a typical audio related story but there you have it. Don't underestimate the importance of a quality low impedance USB feed - especially if your device is USB powered.