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  1. Valves now sold, thankyou for your interest.
  2. Valves are on hold at the moment thanks.
  3. Item: Tung-Sol KT120 matched quad set Gold Lion KT 88 matched Quad set Location: BALLARAT Price: $150 for the Tung-Sols Kt120s/ $150 for the Gold Lion Kt88s / OR $250 FOR BOTH SETS / Plus Post for All Item Condition: Used - both sets in very good to excellent condition. Reason for selling: No longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: The KT120s have around 50-100 hrs on them and the KT 88s have around 50hrs on them. Both sets were used for brief periods in my Leben CS 600 Amp Pictures:
  4. HUMBUG89

    KT-120 in Leben CS-600 soooooo good

    @stevenarrow........... will do, will send you a PM if I decide to sell
  5. HUMBUG89

    KT-120 in Leben CS-600 soooooo good

    If you do want more punch and drive go for it @stevenarrow, I was thinking of selling mine (KT120's), but before I do anything I might give them another go as I have changed speakers and a few other things.
  6. Could I get ROXY MUSIC AVALON half speed remaster thanks
  7. HUMBUG89

    Relist: Cocktail Audio X 40

    Yes still available, please PM if interested thanks
  8. Will take the Dire Straits Album DIRE STRAITs add to my small list thanks.
  9. I will take the JULIE CRUISE - FLOATING INTO THE NIGHT if still available please. Will PM you
  10. HUMBUG89

    CD Transport

    You won't go wrong with a Yamaha CD/SACD player, should you choose to go that way.
  11. HUMBUG89

    CD Transport

    Just my Two cents worth, but I have a Ca CXC transport and have used it for 6 months with NO problems, works and sounds fine. I have since brought myself a far more expensive "transport', well not really a transport but a Yamaha CDS2100 and am using it as transport and CD player. Having said that the CXC Transport is a very good and cheap way to get a very good Transport. I will be selling mine at some point, mainly because I cannot afford to keep both and need some cash to cover what I paid for the 2100. It is 'cheap and cheerful', but good for what it is and does. And I was using it with very Expensive Amp, speakers and Dac.
  12. @Razuu, item is in near new condition and still for sale
  13. Yes, well spoken.........err written. it is a good deal and again if you want the amp, I will also be selling the Preamp that matches it as well......soon or make a deal for both.
  14. Dunno, I think the cable that came with the Amp itself also has the same style of plug on the Amp end, so maybe all of that info is right. My friend just wanted a better aftermarket cable for the Amp, so he got the Isotek and had the people he brought the cable off, install the plug on the end. I think he made sure that Isotek checked out good to use with the Amp, he is cautious and careful , I know there are people on here who will frown at using aftermarket cables, but they listen with there eyes and not there ears.