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  1. Aurealis speaker cables now SOLD. Townsend interconnects still available
  2. Item: AUREALIS AUDIO LITZ 201 SPEAKER CABLE ( 2.5 MTRS )- NOW SOLD / TOWNSEND DCT 300 INTERCONNECTS ( 1 MTR ) STILL AVAILABLE Location: BALLARAT Price: Aurealis litz 201 $ 250 Townsend DCT 300 interconnects $200 plus postage Item Condition: both are in very good to excellent condition Reason for selling: moved on Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Aurealis Audio Litz 201 is 1 year old and has had in total around 2 months use. The Townsend DCT300 has been used on and off for 2 years. Reviews and current prices can be found online for extra info. Pictures:
  3. @bmc No I haven't, but I will check it out thanks
  4. @warweary Thanks for that. I should point out I did take it a tech. at a place here in Ballarat that mostly deals with anything from toasters to heaters and anything inbetween. They have done a good on somethings I have taken to them in HiFi but mostly items that don't need too much attendance. However I think it stumped them . they told they weren't able to repair it, I think really they didn't want to have repair something which may take some time. I seem to recall that the amp has a thermal 'control' in it which if the amp reaches a certain temp/point it will cut out, that is why I have not used it for too long a period, well to be honest I haven't tried as I don't wish to put it in the system just in case if it happens or more likely if it dosen't it won't cause any damage anywhere else such as the speakers. I can't afford to replace them!. they did give me the name of a place in Melbourne which I have never heard of, but shipping it would be a costly thing and I don't wish to drive down there. So if I can find out a little more about it, I can maybe find someone up here and provide some info for them to work with.
  5. cafad, Thanks will check it out
  6. I brought a Harmon Karmon HK990 a while back as a back up Amp. It work and sounds good when I used it mostly over the Summer months ( my normal amp is a valve integraded Leben CS600 it gets very hot over the Summer to use) However when I set it up this time the Fans appeared to be not working. I did only leave it on for a short time, but as this amp can get warm to hot sometimes I turned it off. Not bring familiar with this amp, I was wondering if anyone who is can tell me if the Fans come on and off and I may have been misreading the problem or what the problem could be and if it is an easy fix or far more difficult to Fix. Would like to use this amp as it sound very good, but not sure if I have a problem or not and I don't like to use it in case it overheats and may create other problems. I could do with a little bit of help before I start looking around for someone to fix and considering it's weight it would be very expensive to send to Melbourne for repair.
  7. Item: Tung-Sol KT120 matched quad set Gold Lion KT 88 matched Quad set Location: BALLARAT Price: $150 for the Tung-Sols Kt120s/ $150 for the Gold Lion Kt88s / OR $250 FOR BOTH SETS / Plus Post for All Item Condition: Used - both sets in very good to excellent condition. Reason for selling: No longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: The KT120s have around 50-100 hrs on them and the KT 88s have around 50hrs on them. Both sets were used for brief periods in my Leben CS 600 Amp Pictures:
  8. @stevenarrow........... will do, will send you a PM if I decide to sell
  9. If you do want more punch and drive go for it @stevenarrow, I was thinking of selling mine (KT120's), but before I do anything I might give them another go as I have changed speakers and a few other things.
  10. Yes still available, please PM if interested thanks
  11. Will take the Dire Straits Album DIRE STRAITs add to my small list thanks.
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