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  1. would agree about the Alan Parsons and Steely Dans , don’t know about the Simple Minds or Windham Hills , there is many great gems from the early 70’s to the end of the 70’s and even the late 60’s, most of which I have and brought, back then some very well recorded, others not so much so, but great music all the same.
  2. That Thin Lizzy you mention is not a good example of a quality recording from the 70’s, great music terrible recording. Yes some of those thin vinyl records are now viewed as being very good in ‘some ‘ cases, back then they were frowned upon by many as was the recording quality.
  3. @Wimbo Yes I have many as well, but if you were buying back then, you will remember many of the complaints on pressing quality even back then. However considering the price and quality of many of the current pressings I would agree with many of the comments on this thread.
  4. @harfdef yes my comments were meant to be harsh, PM me if you’ d to know why, no comments or story here by me.
  5. Diamond interconnects now sold. Ruby and Speaker cables still available
  6. Further information: Around 4 months old Please Pm me for prices of seperate items if interested. Check out the Robertson Website for further information Pure Silver 99.99% of copper combination Speaker Cables 2MTR pair Pure Silver ultra low capacitance interconnects Diamond Range 1MTR (Grey outer below. Pure Silver interconnects Ruby Range 1MTR (Red outer Below) Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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