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  1. Further information: I have a couple of items from my collection of Lee filters still available for sale. All in excellent condition. 1. Lee Foundation Kit (up to 3 square filters) 2. Lens Adapter Ring - 77mm Wide Angle 3. Front Filter Ring 105mm (for polariser) 4. 3 x lens caps 5. Lee Landscape Circular Polariser (105mm) - best CPL 6. MindShift Filter Hive - filter case (must have for any 100mm filter system) The kit, adapter and filter ring are about 5-6 years old. The circular polariser about 2 years old. I have all the orig
  2. I have for sale my Creek OBH-21 SE headphone amp. This is the SE - special edition. I bought it brand new about 10 years ago, and used lightly as I don't listen to headphones too often. The amp is in great condition. It has a couple of tiny nicks, the biggest one is on the Creek logo (see photos). It comes from a smoke, pet and child -free home. The amp can drive two pairs of low to medium impedance headphones at the same time. I used various headphones over the years, including AKG K702, Sennheiser HD-650 and Hifiman HE-400i. All sounded great with it.
  3. Thanks for all the interest so far. The amp is still available. I also found the power cable that I got with the amp. Was still in the box. Will include it too.
  4. No, it hasn't. Wish I tried to source one over the years. Looks like they were really good phono stages.
  5. Thanks. Those were just some basic ikea stools. Didn't have to do much, as they were perfectly matching the dimensions of the speakers. I just didn't install the top part and added some pads to keep the open construction and let the bottom part of the cabinet breath too (as many stands for Hrabets do). Ikea does not seem to have those stools anymore
  6. Thanks @Erbacher. It has a power amp in. That should bypass the pre-amp and effectively be used as HT bypass. Haven't tried that in that setup though.
  7. I have for sale my Compak E8 OD grinder. I bought it brand new from DiBartoli in Sydney in 2016. It has been used lightly, grinding on average 2 shots of coffee per day. It’s in excellent condition. Selling only because I’m planning to move to a country with wrong voltage. The grinder has large 83mm burrs and a powerful 840W motor (~1300 rpm), which results in a very consistent and quick grind. The burrs are rated for 800kg, and the grinder's counter currently shows 19kg, so they have plenty of life left. The grinder is very convenient and super quick, with easy to use
  8. I have for sale my ECM Technika IV Profi Rotary coffee machine. I bought it brand new from DiBartoli in Sydney in 2015. It has been used lightly, making on average 2 cups of coffee per day. The machine is in excellent condition, regularly cleaned and back-flushed. It was serviced by DiBartoli just a few months ago. The machine has a rotary pump, which is quieter and more reliable. It can also be plumbed for convenience. The build quality is superb, it hasn’t missed a beat, and with such a low mileage and excellent condition this can keep going for a very long time in a home enviro
  9. I have for sale my Creek Destiny integrated amp. This is the original Destiny, which were still made in the UK (not Destiny 2). I bought it from another SNA member, and enjoyed it for the last 3+ years. The amp is in great condition, with some tiny nicks on the chassis, but nothing major (bigger one on the top cover, and a tiny one at the bottom of the front panel, in the middle - see photos). It still plays nicely, and I love it with my Harbeths (also for sale btw). Here is some great review, with specs at the end: https://www.stereophile.com/integratedamps/107creek/index.html
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