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  1. Jeezusss Pete I wish you were my Dad! 😍
  2. Yeah fair enough...but why choose 50hz here and not 60hz?!?
  3. https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/schiit-turntable-the-giant-slayer-that-slays-giants-and-schiit.841060/
  4. I'm still lost with the 50/60 Hz...what is a Hz?!? Why choose 60?!? why not 100hz??! why not 10Hz!?! Is there an optimum number for operation?!? Can you have high HZ on 100V mains?!? Low Hz on 240V mains?!?
  5. Oh yeah the old ear glued to the radio speaker so as not to both miss the strange new wonderful music and the artist's name and record...late at night tucked up cosy in bed! (Please don't let the battery run down now, don't ring! don't knock!) The excitment and magic of the 'new' that only spoke to me as a young teenager and I so avidly listened...I was not alone! I had in my possession an audio compass to help guide me through the intimidating strangeness of 9 to 5 jobs, 30 year house mortgages, marriage, kids...that confronted me as I left High School...but, but, but I'm only 18 years old! You are so right about Chris creating the 'mould' for the emerging nascent community broadcasting stations in decades to come in Australia! Chris was my role-model of a presenter, warm voice and quietly spoken, not so musical knowledgeable but I endeavored...way, way back when the first mud-brick Community FM Radio hit Bellingen NSW. I even helped with 2BBB FM's construction and also the local Steiner School but I digress! It was a long way from Mulgrave to Bellingen and et al and you helped me get started Chris...R.I.P...
  6. LZ the best at whatever they put their collective minds too...the greatest Rock Band ever imo...and that hasn't changed for me in 60 years...they come and they go...but LZ remains!
  7. Needed a woman to write that article so I could understand what that writer was trying to say....overly dense for my ears!
  8. Well for me this is a dazzler...the late departed half of Steely Dan...
  9. Well done! Here's hoping the replacement is a good 'un!
  10. No wonder they are numbered....ahhh could employee 1600/1700 come to the office please...
  11. Well it is nice to have options...
  12. Phew have to be quick, got my copy of frankie this arvo...I did it my wayyyyy!!!!
  13. Paranioa in me says all the rubbishy returns the Yanks get from their local markets get resent here hoping the cost of postage deters returns! But either way....that is appalling rubbish to send out to a customer! After seeing that will not buy any Vinyl from them by post ever!
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