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  1. WOW $130us delivered to good old Australia....I'm tempted to sell you my mint pair...
  2. I see on the Net a pair of US are going for $30aus... Happy to go higher if NOS matched...
  3. Item: Matched RCA 6EM7 Black Plate NOS Vacuum Tubes... Price Range: Negotiable Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: PM me...
  4. Nahhh...I'm patient, I'll wait for one to turn up here with banana plugs eventually...it's a great sounding lil amp, glws!
  5. Just needed banana plugs for me to snaffle it...
  6. I did a similiar jobby and then sent it by Pack and Send...never trust other people to do your packing for you!
  7. I reckon my retro Sansui SP-5000 speakers would blow any cobwebs, records and furniture out of your listening room and still sound nice...a warm tsunami of sound... https://www.stereomanuals.com/ref/sansui_sp5000.htm
  8. Very nice...congratulations...life is better with a Sansui! ♥️
  9. Lost one Sansui SR-929 TT with a tech in South Melbourne...who had the TT for a year then went out of business never to be contacted again...grrrrr... Finally had my Wharfedale E90's refurbished after 2 years wait...tech (North of Melbourne) tech had court issues and was sorry for the delay...I coped... E90's sing beautifully now totally worth the wait..longer than an elephant gestation period... Sansui AU-919 refurbished Interstate after a waiting period of not quiet an elephant's gestation period...tech had some medical issues...finally came good and so did the amp! Still cranky over the SR-929 TT...
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