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  1. Very nice @demoiree thank you for the pics... that Muzishare looks the goods! Will wait for your evaluation of it's performance...
  2. Deano with cricket gave it his all...much too young...R.I.P.
  3. You and another 1000 hopeful whisky aficionados...good luck to all and especially me! 🤭😊👍
  4. Hi @robmid your loaner SC Passive Pre-amp arrived here safely late Friday afternoon courtesy of Australia Post...I wasn't sure what the package contained so opened it up straight away for a quick sticky beak...(had to we were watching Bosch on TV and Bosch takes precedence in our household according to SWMBO! )..voila the SC wrapped in bubble wrap and surrounded by heaps of bright white Styrofoam peanuts! Well Sasha my young cat just had to have one of those peanuts... ... Sash ended up walking around the kitchen with one in his mouth looking just like a kid that had had a glass of milk and still had that ring of unwiped milk from around his lips...a russian blue cat with a white mouth...very weird and unnerving I must say... Come Saddy morning just had to get the weekend chores out of the way (my local Aldi is looking better and better for produce, thinking I will make it our supermarket of choice from now on!)...then only left with the lawn mowing to do (front and back and the neighbour's front as well)...came inside and had a few cooling drinks (definitely summer was in the breezy air) and I felt like a 70yo melting ice-block...drip drip 'ipping from all that exertion! Sixteen years ago we moved in and I laughed at the amount of lawn to be mowed...now I cringe and nearly cry! Watched Danny boy on tv reveal that Victoria was down to 21 infections...well done Vic! That only left the Stereo Coffee and Richmond V Adelaide to make my Weekend complete! Hooked up your Stereo Coffee as per instructions...volume at 12...use the number one rca inlets...fired up the 300B SET...immediate problem...what to listen to on the CDP...?!?! Hum and Haw..hum and haww... finaly decided on The Sermon by Jimmy Smith on Bluenote...original recording done by the genius Rudy Van Gelder. Some observations...this was not a wall of sound experience with smearing of instrument sound...this was more like a wall of detail experience...fat detail with no head/ear fatigue...that revealed details with attentive listening...and that seductive quiet black background from which everything is highlighted with startling precision...the sound coming from my CD collection is sounding different...wtf happened here?!?!? Black (stereo)coffee woke me up from a slumber?!?!...I'm hearing stuff I've never heard before...I like it! Wharfedale E90 speakers...organ with accompanying cymbal decay that I hadn't noticed before...so clean...guitar that faded from left to right with faint traces doubly fading in the right speaker...Wow! Out of nowhere Sax playing pops out of the right speaker...my ears are able to walk in and around the music, follow all the nuances...decaying cymbals, voluptuous fat organ left speaker...sax the right...POP! First time I have been frightened by Organ playing...lets face it one tends to associate Organ with Church...Sermons and safe environments...well Jimmy managed to hit some organ notes that deeply growled with threatening notes and alerted my spider senses...wtf?!??...and scared me...it's only organ i thought as I nervously checked behind me...no growling greebley there?! The Bass sounds were low fat and deep like an ocean blue with the little fishes of cymbals, sax, trumpet and guitar having plenty of room to swim and express themselves...my right foot never stopped tapping once...my ears just gliding past every fishy doing their musical scales... Lee Morgan on trumpet...phew! I even had the strange experience of thinking this is all too much for me to take in...I've had enough what a rich fare to absorb all at once...(not more...more)...but I need a break! Nahhhhh... On came The Dave Brubeck Quartet with Time out...immediately notice the diff in production values...I'm thinking what would of Rudy done with this recording...I'm thinking the better the recording the better the listening experience with the Stereo Coffee... Brubeck's piano's high notes have a metallic zingy ending that I never noticed before and takes me back to ELP's take a pebble...I have had enough of listening but I hesitate to turn off the music I hesitate to interrupt such great playing...it's just not right...
  5. Very nice...👍🤗👍
  6. That's a shame cos I'm always on the look out for a nice Irish drop...
  7. Thank you for the heads up...not going to miss out on this offer either....45 seconds before buying...
  8. What the ad states ...want to buy a Kobo Libra H20 Ereader...not a faulty one...not a banged up one...but a goodun...new would be ideal but I'm prolly getting carried away... You prolly have one your not using any more...lets talk! Reasonable price
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