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  1. Would look good around my glass topped dining table...then again would need a lot of stacked cushions on them to get the seated heads above the table!
  2. Ohh that's a given! I regularly pick and choose the best sounding phrases and opinions to embellish/justify my aural/sonic illusions and then some more! ...and then when I am in the music groove and totally immersed with listening I find time stretches/flexes/disappears like a billowing curtain near an open window I tend to not hear how my equipment performs but am totally besotted with the sound of the music played...as a listener I am either in or out of the listening experience...I find at the best of listening times I have been transported akin to a religious experience and I return
  3. Values 2, 5, 8 and 9 for me...thank you! I have a preference for a deep soundstage...deep bass and analogue sound...with definitive Mid-range...and detail that is not overly uber bright and fatiguing to listen to for more than five CDs...if I like the sound no matter how low in volume it's played I know it will distract my attention from whatever jobby I am currently involved with... I think I swim against the general hi-fi tide with a preference for a musical lushness that does not drown out or blur the various musical details... Being a Sansui Amp fan from way back my listeni
  4. Hi @Snoopy8 I'm not following what you mean by complicating things with a CD transport and a DAC?!?
  5. Love that name! Did not know what to expect when I read the ad! GLWTS...
  6. I never have a chance to showcase my SMW into a large and varied collection..If I like 'em I drink 'em till they are all gone..and even if I don't like 'em the same! Kudos to your restraint!
  7. I think it's a Butcher Bird or a very rough looking Kooka!!! in the backyard... OK guys no fighting and wait your turn...plenty to go around off the seed block!
  8. Hi @muon* I have a Marantz CDP...63 M11 K.I. would be interested to know what your thoughts are in regards to this player?!?
  9. Thank you for your enquiry... Currently I am negotiating with an interested buyer...
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