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  1. Hi SNAers... Thank you all for your enquiries in regards to the Sansui AU-7900...it has now been sold subject to payment! Cheers and stay safe John
  2. Thank you for the background detail on my 7900 @pete_mac much appreciated...you sir have a very good memory!
  3. Hi @lenticularis how are you finding the sound signature of the combined Kompact DAC and Stereocoffee...very interested to know...
  4. Another black faced beauty from Sansui's halcyon days of the 70's... Not getting fully used now that I have dipped the toe into Valves... Very good condition and kept in a smoke free environment... Would prefer pickup as their is a lot of packing involved to get this safely delivered... Otherwise buyer to negotiate postage... 240 Volt unit...
  5. I was confidently told by my workmates when I 'withdrew' from paid work I would be bored within a year and that I would be chaffing at the bit to re-enter the paid work world again... I said nahhhh... I said I would rather sit in my kitchen looking out the window and watching the wind shake tree foliage all day whilst drinking cups of tea..than work. When it comes to paid work of any form I am of the opinion of this Guru...
  6. WOW...that is putting your money where your passion lays...Kudos to you Sir! I love an interesting Hi-Fi valver journey...
  7. And don't forget to drink plenty of chilled beer to keep your retirement strength up! 👌
  8. I never know what I'm going to like until I hear it... And then I have a difficult time trying to work out as to why!!!
  9. I need to slouch...in fact I love to slouch...the deeper the better...if I can lift the feet a tad on a poof even better... Little table for a remote...no higher than hip height when in a slouching prone possie...back light...drinkies...CDs...
  10. Ok had a few snifters of the Lambay... Very smooth drop...pronounced sweetish finish on the tongue with soft hints of vanilla and varioust fruits...but I think the sweetness disguises a confused lingering palette tending to a noticeable Johnny Walker Red roughness...Still has a nice growing fiery glow in the stomach... IMO the 'Redbreast' is a finer and much more smoother drop in comparison...but then the Archie Rose Rye Whisky is an all round killer diller drop! But I canna keep drinking the AR Rye or Redbreast...
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