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  1. Those look beautiful and I would love to hear them in action! GLWTS...
  2. But then try and find another one in similar condish for $1600 here...
  3. Yes both the 101's and 222's sounded easily listening pleasant with the 5000's...extremely efficient speaker rated at 102DB!...but not LOUD! forget LOUD! with 101/222!
  4. Here's Sasha my young Russian Blue kitty giving me the heads up that the Sansui is fired up... Sash is right...so we both turn off the laundry light for our Sansui presentation...tah dahhh...drum roll please... Rescued, repaired, repainted, modded and given a new home the lil Sansui AU-222 is just as big as Sash now... The green just matches sash's expressive eyes beautifully...and they both play exceptionally well... Sometimes good things come in small sizes...
  5. I have the 999 and it sounded flat with the 5000's until I got the 999 modded but still not a good match for the 5000's.. I would reckon the 505 would be an interesting pairing with the 5000's cos the AU-101/222's sounded great...
  6. Have only good words to say about Bill's cables and service...professional and a gentleman... 👍
  7. I love the sound out of a nice AU-101...honeyed warmth...👍😘👍
  8. Just moved into our area...young kookas...and have stayed around for a month so far. Here is one in the bottle-brush shrub watching me as I do some gardening today... Every morning early starts with a hearty chuckle...they keep the local noisy miners honest..
  9. Welcome aboard martinsa...👍
  10. Does it do the heavy lifting in Summer when the heat is on!? 🤭
  11. Is that a Sansui Alpha keeping your tubes company!?
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