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  1. singleendedamp

    Hifi Rack

    Item: Solid tempered glass steal hifi rack and spikes on the bottom. Shelves can handle over 50kg. Location: Melbourne Price: $250 Item Condition: Excellent 9/10 Reason for selling: too many racks Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Pictures: see below
  2. singleendedamp

    Item withdrawn from sale

    PMed with intention of buying. Please reply.
  3. singleendedamp

    FS: (VIC) Manor Veleno 1 MM/MC Phono Stage Preamp

    I will have this. Will send a PM
  4. singleendedamp

    SOLD: Tape Splicing Kit

    I will have this.
  5. You can buy them from Jaycar or Altronic
  6. singleendedamp

    SOLD: FS: A Stack More Jazz LPs

    i will have 2304151 – The Oscar Peterson Trio – Night Train - $15 2310 701 - The Oscar Peterson Trio - The Trio - $10 WRC – R 01941 (3231) – Nat “King Cole Trio: After Midnight - $20 WRC – R. 03854 – The King Cole Trio -$10
  7. singleendedamp

    SOLD: FS: OTARI MX50 MKII Reel to Reel

    I will have this
  8. singleendedamp

    SOLD: FS: Awesome BIG Open Baffle Bass towers

    If this is still available I will have them.
  9. singleendedamp

    FS: Japan Vintage Vocal Lps

    I will have all these
  10. singleendedamp

    FS: HIFI & HEADFI assorted items

    PMed for #7 if it is still available
  11. singleendedamp

    It's Showtime!

    Hey Marc, how do I get SNA members tag. Do I have to get it at the entrance?
  12. Can I have pair of 5 meters? Let me know the cost + post to Melbourne.
  13. singleendedamp

    SOLD: FS: Denon DL-110 High Output MC Cart

    I will have this. Sent a PM.