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  1. Wondering if anyone could help me with a buzzing sound (note not a hissing sound which one expects from studio monitors) coming from my Mackie MR624's. So, as I stated I have a pair of MR624's plugged in via RCA to 3.5MM into the line out on my Fiio K3 which feeds into the USB on my PC. I have it plugged into a USB extension HUB. I thought maybe there's some kind of interference so I unplugged my keyboard from the same HUB and the buzzing halved yet is still persistent. The noise is completely gone when I plug the speakers into my phone or tablet via 3.5MM. I have tried plugging the speakers into a different power source and it makes no difference. I have also used a different USB cord which also didn't make a difference So, I'm assuming the DAC itself is noisy (though I've not had a problem with pops, cracks or buzzing before) or there's some kind of feedback coming from inside my PC? Could anyone else shed some light on what they might be the problem and what a fix would be? Cheers.
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