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  1. FS: Rotel RT-02 AM / FM Radio Tuner with RDS

    I don't use the rotel, the remote is u/s I was hoping that the tuner remote was system wide, I could have put both back into service.
  2. SOLD: FS: Fischer FA-011 Headphones. (SA)

    I'll grab these I always fancied having a play with some nice Russian cans.
  3. FS: Rotel RT-02 AM / FM Radio Tuner with RDS

    A quick question, does the remote also control the preamp? I have the RC03 this might pair up nicely.
  4. SOLD: FS: yamaha ns-1000m

    What about "dazzle paint" like a ww2 destroyer. They might not look as boxy.
  5. SOLD: FS: yamaha ns-1000m

    If you decide to veneer them, I've got sheetloads of the stuff. Cherry, bubinga, waterfall bubinga, wormy chestnut, sycamore, olive ash, etc.etc.....
  6. SOLD: FS: yamaha ns-1000m

    I think she has a point there, they do look a bit seventies shouty black box.
  7. SOLD: FS: yamaha ns-1000m

    Mine told me it was her or the hi fi. I told her how much I'd miss her and hoped she'd be happier in her new life.
  8. Aerolam Plinth for Sony DD

    Damping the outer skin of the aerolam is the secret, it's almost a black art.
  9. Aerolam Plinth for Sony DD

    Aerolam hasn't got any prettier with age. Luckily for me I like the look of the edges without a covering.
  10. Aerolam Plinth for Sony DD

    Lots of progress, I'll write it up as soon as I find the time.
  11. FS: Musical Fidelity M6si amplifier

    Surely the small blemish wouldn't deter the knob polishers on SNA?
  12. As someone that only just got his pen licence, what is nib creep? I have a Montblanc rollerball that soils its environment when it flies. I thought it was just scared of flying.
  13. Aerolam Plinth for Sony DD

    Cellulose bog from Supacrap auto. Sits in well has good adhesion and sands nicely. Just don't push it in as it collapses the aluminium with the heat generated from curing.
  14. Aerolam Plinth for Sony DD

    More pictures. Topside pic
  15. Aerolam Plinth for Sony DD

    Aerolam is an utter bast*rd to work, I have some U beaut special die grinder bits and milling/router bits that I found in a cupboard at Westland Helicopters. The corners are especially hard, after trying various mitreing methods I finally gave up. Now I use a modified corner lock, I don't think I'll ever build a box with it again, just too hard and the sharp edges of the honeycomb cut my fingers like a knife through butter. Drivers are Cabasse 21m for bottom end, 17 NDB for mids and DOM4 tweeter.