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  1. I've read good things, have a nagaoka mp11 in the post now to try but still looking for the dl110 as it sounds from the reviews it might suit my tastes and style of music better than the nagaoka In my search i saw a few weeks back amazon au had 40% off all denon so it was around $250 new people were picking them up for but they back up to $350 or so now
  2. Item: Denon, DL-110 and Ortofon OM20 phono cartridge Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking to try a bunch of different carts to find what i like on my thorens tp16 tonearm and project debut table. Haven't experienced different carts so trying to find a sound that works for my tastes and the tables.
  3. Thanks David, if i don't end up getting one from a member I'll defintely buy through you. Trying to save a few bucks, been spending waaay to much on vinyl and new stereo gear recently (including Bills amp/speakers a few months back) so gotta try reign it in haha. I'm restoring a thorens td160 i just picked up so will order a new thakker belt off you though. Cheers
  4. Item: Nagaoka mp-110 phono cartridge Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Hi Seen historically a few of these pop up as people have tried them and i guess preferred something different. Hoping someone has one with low hours they looking to move on. Thanks!
  5. Item: Thorens TD145 or 160 Turntable Price Range: Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Located in Brisbane, happy to pay for safe packaging and courier from interstate
  6. Hi All, I just picked up a leak 130 amplifier to serve my audio needs in my living room (turntable, bluetooth etc) and to run tv sound through so I can get rid of my soundbar. I have tried to find online but no luck. So on the leak it has 3.5mm 12v trigger in and link so i assume it can take a trigger on the "in" to switch it on. On my tv i only have audio out/head phone in 3.5mm, or a ARC hmdi. ( i will use optical to connect the audio) Can i use the audio out/head phone as a trigger to the amplifier? So when i turn tv on the amp comes out of standby? If no
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