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  1. Cool, thanks mate. PM me your address. I'm thinking maybe mid morning. 10/1030.
  2. Hi mate, Is March 2nd OK to pick up? Cheers Derek
  3. Hi Tom, Will have to be after the 28th, I'm working Saturday. Can we make it Saturday 2nd March? Definitely want it, love that album and I'm down in Mandurah. Cheers Derek
  4. Hi Mate, Is Boo Radleys still available? Can pickup this weekend.
  5. Dboy

    Which 70's Amplifier?

    I found this a few weeks back. Pioneer SA-9500. Goes well.
  6. Dboy

    Which 70's Amplifier?

    Accuphase. Love em.
  7. If you're willing to part with it, I'd definitely be interested. I can't find anyone local who seems to think they can bend it back into shape. Are the 166 and 160 motors essentially the same?
  8. Have a TD160 with a bent motor shaft. Just wondering if anyone has had any success with bending one back into shape? Or, shall I just look for a new motor? If anyone knows where I could source a motor from, that would be helpful to my cause as well.
  9. Dboy

    FS: Sonique 3.5 speakers

    Interested in these little guys. Where are you located? Sent from my HTC 2PS6200 using Tapatalk
  10. Dboy

    Duntech Speakers PCL-25

    They have Morel 30mm soft dome tweeters. Sent from my HTC 2PS6200 using Tapatalk
  11. Dboy

    Duntech Speakers PCL-25

    Cheers for all the input guys. I ended up buying them. Got them for 1k. They sound superb. Very happy. Sent from my HTC 2PS6200 using Tapatalk
  12. Dboy

    Duntech Speakers PCL-25

    I have heard they were Dunlavy designed, which is awesome. In relation to the bass extension, could you live with it? Or did you compensate by adding in a sub? Bass is important to me, but clarity is more important than thump. I do like it punchy though. Did they produce enough bass to keep you happy? Sent from my HTC 2PS6200 using Tapatalk
  13. Dboy

    Duntech Speakers PCL-25

    You are legend! Thanks mate. Sent from my HTC 2PS6200 using Tapatalk
  14. Dboy

    Duntech Speakers PCL-25

    Awesome, thanks mate. There really isn't much info around on them. Even info on the actual speakers or reviews are scarce. I heard a pair of Sovereigns a while back, and they blew me away. Obviously these aren't in the same league, but considering the Duntech pedigree I'm sure they'd be worth having. I haven't heard the PCL-25s yet. Sent from my HTC 2PS6200 using Tapatalk