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  1. Further information: Only used a couple of times. Plastic wraps still on. https://www.whathifi.com/au/arcam/miniblink/review Photos:
  2. Further information: I prefer to sell to someone as whole lot first at a very good price. I separate them based on conditions - Lot 1 is used vinyl that I collected from record fair, Lot 2 is good condition vinyls, Lot 3 is new or near new, only listen once or twice. Title and price break down as below: Lot 1: Carly Simon - Playing Possum Various Artists - Close to You Various Artists - The World’s Great Love Songs Franck Pourcel - The World’s Favourite C
  3. Further information: Length: 1 metre Price: $50 for 1 pair, 2 pairs available. Audiophile/High-End RCA audio interconnect cable made with Belden 8402 cable, terminated with solid heavy-duty Switchcraft 3502ABAU gold-plated RCA connectors, and soldered with Cardas Quad Eutectic Silver Solder. This is the Audio Engineer's Reference Cable. The New Vintage Sound!!! Famous for its vivid musical tone, warm and smooth sonic beauty, natural and live-like sound. An ultimate. Reviews: https://jeffsplace.positive-feedback.com/the-vintage-beat-a-forgotten-voice-from-the-ame
  4. Further information: Acrylic cover for turntable. Very solid. Has cut at the back for cable management. Size is 510mm (width) x 420mm (depth) x 170mm (height). I use this for my Clearaudio Concept but it will fit most of the turntables on the market. Pick up only due to the size. Photos:
  5. Further information: I bought this subwoofer from a fellow SNAer last year to pair it with KEF LS50W, no longer needed now due to moving into apartment. It’s in very good condition, comes with Neutrik Speakon cable and power cable. Pickup only. Photos:
  6. Item: Ikea Gladsax frame for LP/Vinyl Cover Price Range: Free Item Condition: Used Extra Info: I have 3 x Ikea Gladsax frame. Great frame to display your LP/Vinyl. Pick up in Laverton 3028.
  7. Further information: Rarely used, still in mint condition, no scratch or mark. This is a very good headamp, there is an appreciation thread on headfi for all information and reviews: http://www.head-fi.org/t/633006/aune-t1-usb-tube-dac-ss-amp-discussion-thread-see-first-post-for-faq-updated-on-02-14-15 Prefer local buyers due to fragile item and no box. Photos:
  8. Extra Info: Length is 8ft (2.44 m). Very sturdy cable with excellent result. This is my favourite speaker cables among the years. Recently I moved into an apartment and use wireless speakers so this is no longer needed. Bought from US supplier directly. It also comes with screw in spade connectors in case you want to change. Review: http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/tested-argentum-acoustics-aureus-2-speaker-cable-mythos-interconnect/ http://www.argentumacoustics.com/ Geometry: Time-Aligned™ Multi-Core, Circular Array Conductor: 8-Conductor,
  9. Further information: I bought this last year and tried a few times with my Lumin D1 DAC. After I sold the Lumin it has been sitting in the cabinet for the whole time. Comes with everything including box, manuals, adapters, power cable... Happy to ship but it's quite heavy so I prefer local pickup. Photos:
  10. Further information: With six internal antennae, the Apple Airport Extreme router provides dual-band wireless networks across all wireless bands. Setup is extremely easy and the unit connects to the modem through a USB 2.0 port, one of three LAN ports, or an Ethernet port for a WAN connection. The unit's Airport Utility app is built right into OS X, allowing you to configure easily with your Mac or iOS device. Comes with unit and power cable, no box so local pickup only please. Photos:
  11. Hi James, I have one for sale. Please check my sale thread and let me know if you're interested.
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