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  1. Hi peeps, I've got a question and I'm not sure if this is the right place to post it. I've got a pair of monoblocks that sit on the bottom shelf of my rack. Due to my 7 month old starting to crawl around and the missus not letting me use a shock collar on our baby I have decided to not use the rack for a while. I am moving all my bits of hifi and the tv onto two Ikea expedit shelves we have. So my question is how much space do I need to leave around my amps for cooling/ventilation? They are class A amps and do run hot on a good day. My amp measures W-280mm, D-280mm, H-110mm. The shelf space is W-335mm, D-390mm, H-335mm. Is it a good/bad idea to move my amps into the shelves?
  2. Hi Craig, I'm still interested in a shorter length. Happy to take 3 or 4 metres, whichever helps to get the whole roll sold.
  3. Oh wow! Herbies actually make a mat for my silly raised centre VPI platter! Thanks @GregWormald !
  4. Got distracted last night, here are the pics as promised.
  5. Thanks @Peter-C , very interesting, will look into the static gun a bit more.
  6. Thanks @MattyW , I would really love to get a cork mat, have not found one for my VPI Traveler yet .
  7. Thanks for the thread @EV Cali , will check it out. Thanks for the double sided tape suggestion @Graceman , I will try it out. Hope it works, my mat is a holey rubbery thing, kinda like a non slip mat, wish they had more donut shaped replacement mats, the centre of my platter is raised.
  8. Hey peeps, Anyone sick of their cork / felt / high tech space material mat sticking to the bottom of their records when they take the record off the platter? Anyone tried glueing their mat down? Or is there some less drastic way to keep mats on platters? Let me know before I get the superglue out. Regards Brendan
  9. I got a VPI Traveler turntable and a Dynavector 20X2 cart and taxed out my tax return. I also got @lovetube to setup the cartridge and bought a dust cover from him, great work Duc! I will attempt some pics tonight when I get home.
  10. Just thought I'd give an update, I ended up changing my turntable, got one second hand from another SNA'er. I kept the 2M blue cart on the new turntable just so I could compare the difference in sound and I am very happy with the new turntable! Needless to say the 2M blue cart did not last long and I have recently changed it with a second hand cart off another SNA'er. The classified section here is soooo dangerous
  11. Hi peeps, Just wondering if anyone who has the Dynaudio DM 2/7 speaker has tried to use spade connectors on the binding posts? They have this silly plastic guard that is in the way and I am not sure if it is removable. Has anyone managed to remove them?
  12. Hi candyflip, Can I please have: Astrud Gilberto - Now $20 Nitin Sawhney - One Zero box $95 Muddy Waters - Hard Again $30 Neil Young - After The Goldrush $30 Blue Note Trips - Sunday Morning $35 Thanks
  13. I could not agree more Al, because of the quality, most of the time internet radio is background music at home, but it is a great way to listen to new music. There are 2 or 3 shows on RRR and PBS that are so awesome I want to actually sit in front of my hifi and listen to them. Its a shame that everytime mass market technology moves forward into digital, sound quality always suffers. DAB+ was supposed to improve sound quality over FM if they broadcasted at a higher bandwidth but no such luck .
  14. Thanks for another tuner recommendation Andy. I do not believe there will a a difference between wireless and hard wired if the router can support the bandwidth.
  15. Thanks Al, can I ask what DAB+ tuner you use?
  16. Thanks for the station recommendation, listening to it right now!
  17. Hi peeps, I listen to a fair bit of radio over here in sunny Melbourne where we are lucky to have Triple R and PBS. At the moment, radio through my hifi is courtesy of the TuneIn Radio app streaming from my Sonos connect, digitally out putted to a reclocker, a dac, and into my system. The sound is okayish at best. Would a DAB+ tuner connected to the roof antenna, and digitally out putted into the reclocker, dac and hifi sound any better? Or is there a better internet radio app/service that is compatible with the Sonos UI that would improve sound quailty? I understand that the sound quality is limited to what bitrate the station chooses to broadcast at, just hoping to squeeze the most out of it I guess. Thanks peeps. Forgot to say I do not have an analogue antenna on the roof and I probably cannot get analogue FM radio reception fron the roof antenna, unless I can get analogue FM from a digital antenna?
  18. Hi Dave, are the interconnects the blue heaven leif interconnects? An are you willing to split them up?
  19. I would like to take this thanks, PM to buy sent.
  20. Hi Davidro, I would like to take 1 set if JakeyB still wants the other.
  21. Hi Mark, I would like to take them all. PM sent.
  22. I would like the Gotan Project and Chemical Brothers please.
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