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  1. What is the brush you use? My platter is metal.
  2. How do I ground my turntable? I have a cable going from the arm ground connection on the turntable to the earth of a powerpoint. Is this what you mean by grounding the turntable?
  3. Hi @audiofeline , I thought of trying a Milty Zerostat gun first, it is much cheaper than the SK-FILTER, but my static problem seems to get progressively worse the longer the platter spins. I might have to get up and 'shoot' the record halfway through a side, seems like a lot of getting up .
  4. Hi @andyr , I do clean my records with a ultrasonic cleaner, I think its the Herbie Mat that I use (made from silicone?) that generates a lot of static. Unfortunately no one else makes mats for the VPI Traveler (platter has a raised centre, the mat has to be donut shaped). My arm is earthed and I have wooden floorboards. What do you mean by earthing the metal in my TT? I believe my platter has no metal in it just the arm?
  5. Thanks @ophool and @Pegasus that was what I was looking for.
  6. Hey everyone, I'm having a bit of static issues with my turntable when playing. I remember reading somewhere / seeing in the classifieds, an antistatic brush arm that stands beside the turntable, does not touch the record but still removes static. I cannot seem to find anything now with the search bar, can anyone help me with a name? Btw it is not this arm brush Many thanks, Brendan
  7. Great amps, really warm sound, I love mine! GLWTS!
  8. Hi rossb, Can I please have: Chord Cobra 2, 1 x 5m RCA - $60 Chord Crimson Vee 3, 1 x 2m XLR boxed $100 Thanks, Brendan
  9. So I am trying to fit everything from the rack plus a cd player and probably a tv onto the top of 2X cube compartment shelves .
  10. Measured the amps temperature this morning and the ambient temp was 20 degrees and the amps (turned on for 1 hour and not played) were 40 degrees. I will give it a measure after a bit of a crank later today and see how hot they get. Don't think I want to part with the amps @CryptiK , I do have limited space on the top of the shelves that I can play around with if the amps need more breathing space but I cannot fit everything up there. Not too worried about the kids getting behind everything @audiofeline , I did think of getting a piece of ply sawed and sanded up to cover the front but the missus is not sold on my diy efforts. I guess a picture of my set up will clear things up.
  11. Hey everyone, guess I should specify the shelf space is a wooden cube with no front and back and the amps are Monarchy Audio SE-100 MkII. Thanks @rantan and, I will definitely be teaching my second child that playing with the hifi is dangerous/possibly painful, I have done this before with my older child. Just a bit hard to reason with a 7 month old at the moment. Hence the rearranging of hifi for the moment so everything is out of rolling/crawling reach. @Hensa the heat sinks are along the sides of the amp. @CryptiK they do get a lot hotter than my previous NAD amp. Because of uber stiff cables, they have to sit sideways on the rack which exposes the power cords to curious little hands. @Zaphod Beeblebrox I have never measured the temp of the amps, I might give it a go with the kids thermometer. The amps do not have fans, I believe the output is 100W RMS into 8Ohms and power consumption is 400W.
  12. Hi peeps, I've got a question and I'm not sure if this is the right place to post it. I've got a pair of monoblocks that sit on the bottom shelf of my rack. Due to my 7 month old starting to crawl around and the missus not letting me use a shock collar on our baby I have decided to not use the rack for a while. I am moving all my bits of hifi and the tv onto two Ikea expedit shelves we have. So my question is how much space do I need to leave around my amps for cooling/ventilation? They are class A amps and do run hot on a good day. My amp measures W-280mm, D-280mm, H-110mm. The shelf space is W-335mm, D-390mm, H-335mm. Is it a good/bad idea to move my amps into the shelves?
  13. Hi Craig, I'm still interested in a shorter length. Happy to take 3 or 4 metres, whichever helps to get the whole roll sold.
  14. Oh wow! Herbies actually make a mat for my silly raised centre VPI platter! Thanks @GregWormald !
  15. Got distracted last night, here are the pics as promised.
  16. Thanks @Peter-C , very interesting, will look into the static gun a bit more.
  17. Thanks @MattyW , I would really love to get a cork mat, have not found one for my VPI Traveler yet .
  18. Thanks for the thread @EV Cali , will check it out. Thanks for the double sided tape suggestion @Graceman , I will try it out. Hope it works, my mat is a holey rubbery thing, kinda like a non slip mat, wish they had more donut shaped replacement mats, the centre of my platter is raised.
  19. Hey peeps, Anyone sick of their cork / felt / high tech space material mat sticking to the bottom of their records when they take the record off the platter? Anyone tried glueing their mat down? Or is there some less drastic way to keep mats on platters? Let me know before I get the superglue out. Regards Brendan
  20. I got a VPI Traveler turntable and a Dynavector 20X2 cart and taxed out my tax return. I also got @lovetube to setup the cartridge and bought a dust cover from him, great work Duc! I will attempt some pics tonight when I get home.
  21. Just thought I'd give an update, I ended up changing my turntable, got one second hand from another SNA'er. I kept the 2M blue cart on the new turntable just so I could compare the difference in sound and I am very happy with the new turntable! Needless to say the 2M blue cart did not last long and I have recently changed it with a second hand cart off another SNA'er. The classified section here is soooo dangerous
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