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  1. reflux075

    Buzz/Hum Issue from Preamp?

    Not claiming anything, like I said, I love the cables. The furutech connectors are certified. I do not really want to get involved in that sort of discussion ✌️ ⛑️ 🙃
  2. reflux075

    Buzz/Hum Issue from Preamp?

    I believe the Aurealis R1 interconnect cables I have have no shielding.
  3. reflux075

    Buzz/Hum Issue from Preamp?

    Haha, yes, I believe the Audio Principe power cables are not certified, but they sound so good.
  4. reflux075

    Buzz/Hum Issue from Preamp?

    I will pull the hifi rack out next weekend and sort out the rats nest of wires. I think @Zaphod Beeblebrox is right about shielding, my speaker cables are lenehan rtek which I believe do not have much shielding, though my power cables are mostly quite well shielded. Will get to the bottom of it and report back 👍
  5. reflux075

    Buzz/Hum Issue from Preamp?

    I swapped speakers and the buzz has gone ALOT softer, it's at a level that I can live with. Sometimes this hifi business is like some sort of black art 😆 Will probably stay with this combination, thanks everyone for your help!
  6. reflux075

    Buzz/Hum Issue from Preamp?

    Buzz is from all drivers on both speakers.
  7. reflux075

    Buzz/Hum Issue from Preamp?

    No idea about this?
  8. reflux075

    Buzz/Hum Issue from Preamp?

    Will do that. And that as well.
  9. reflux075

    Buzz/Hum Issue from Preamp?

    I will try and rearrange all the cables.
  10. reflux075

    Buzz/Hum Issue from Preamp?

    Nope, no buzz when valve pre connected to classe amp.
  11. reflux075

    Buzz/Hum Issue from Preamp?

    If I had to pick one, I think it is more of a buzz. The sound is coming from all the drivers.
  12. Hi peeps, having a bit of an issue I cannot really work out. I have a primaluna prologue premium preamp that I was using with a classe fifteen power amp. No buzz/hum with this combo. The classe was a stop gap while my monarchy audio se-100 mk2 amps were getting repaired. Got the monarchy back this week and when I plugged them in there was quite a bit of buzz/hum with the volume at zero, it does not get any louder when I turn the music up but it is still there behind the music. I tried using an old ss pre with the monarchy and the buzz/hum goes away. Is it my primaluna that is the issue? or is it the monarchy? or is it something else? All the same cables were used in all the different combinations. Any ideas as to what is causing this buzz/hum, is it safe to use the combos that cause it, and is there anything I can try to reduce or eliminate it? Thanks
  13. reflux075

    Power output on a pair of KT150 Valves

    @Zaphod Beeblebrox can I ask if class a tube amps stay in class a at all outputs? do they switch to class a/b?
  14. reflux075

    Recommendations for a valve preamp

    The PrimaLuna Prologue or Dialogue Premium Preamps have HT bypass and come in black. I love my Prologue Pre, the Dialogue comes up second hand on the classifieds for under well under $4000, the Prologue is much cheaper.
  15. How about the Cyrus One? On sale here https://www.carltonaudiovisual.com.au/cyrus-one-integrated-amplifier-a-new-beginning-from-one-of-our-favourite-brands.html