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  1. May be if I use one large chassis then i can also put in some aluminium face panels between components.
  2. @Mendes Thx. Your pre looks great. What is the pot that you are using?
  3. @Mendes @RoHo ThNK YOU. Ok, may be the bigger chassis is a better/easier way to go. How much minimum space should the components be apart to avoid induced noise due to magnetism ect? How far apart should the transformers be? Thx
  4. @misternavi Yes, it is a small chassis. But everyone's comments are very helpful for me to make the right pkan Luckily, I have another lovely preamp that I can still enjoy music. It has no noise at all. But I think this one has the potential to be better - this has more weight to the sound. I'll persevere and enjoy the journey.
  5. Thx @andyr , i was considering using an extending rod for the attenuator and then the signals wires only need to be 30-40mm. I'm thinking of separating the power and pre to different chassis. see below. Just to be clear, inside the preamp, the wires that I twist together are 1. both channels? 2. both channels plus ground 3. not worth twisting if only a few cms? @misternavi Its a tube pre with power supply inside too. Rectifier tube/transformers and circuitry for caps. The attenuator is 100k. @guru I am thinking of separating the power supply components to a separate chassis. I will not touch the circuitry or their connecting wires except replace rca wiring and redo the grounding. I'll also replace the 'umbilical' as it will need to be longer. This project is really a separation and rearrangement of the components. May be something like this PDF plan I've drawn up: I have not indicated wiring that connects the components as I will keep them intact. Whilst i've had problems with this preamp (noise/ground and induced hum etc), I believe in it. At the heart of it is a great tone. Comments and advice is always gratefully received. Ravel PSU and Preamp Component Layout.pdf
  6. Hi, Can anyone tell what differences to expect between using long and short wires for the inside of my preamp (back RCA sockets to the attenuator in the front panel). Thx so much, Bob
  7. Heifetz

    Soldering classes / lessons in Melbourne

    Thank you, @Bill125812 @juptonstone
  8. Hello, I'd like to have some soldering lessons or attend a class. Does anyone know where I can have classes or lessons? I live in Melbourne eastern suburbs. i'd pay for a couple hours from anyone who is skilled and experienced in this area. Thx so much, Bob
  9. Heifetz

    stepped attenuator differences

    @georgehifi @Addicted to music I tried removing the step up and although my volume knob needs turing further of course, the sound was very thin. Si I'm thinking of George's possible suggestion that the LSpeed could be placed 1: Turntable into step-up 2: Step-up into phono of the preamp 3: Tape output of the preamp into Lightspeed 4: Lightspeed into poweramp. Bob
  10. Heifetz

    stepped attenuator differences

    @georgehifi Hello George, I really enjoyed our conversation a couple of nights ago. I am learning heaps! Thank you again for your 'inputs' @Muon N' thank you for your thoughts too. Bob
  11. Heifetz

    stepped attenuator differences

    Also... Does anyone have an opinion which resistors are best for use in the stepped attenuator? 0.5W Takman Metal Film resistor OR 0.5W Takman Carbon Film resistor OR 0.5W PRP metal film resistor Thx again, Bob
  12. Greetings, Your help would be appreciated. re: stepped attenuator I know the example 1 below is the largest physically but, could anyone tell me what other differences the watts make and the difference in what I would expect to hear between these three attenuators? Thx so much, Bob ex1. 0.5W Shunt version 47 stepped attenuator BODY: width 60mm, depth 60mm, height 43mm (front to back) ex2. 0.25W Shunt version 47 stepped BODY: width 50mm, depth 50mm, height 43mm (front to back) ex3. COMPACT 0.25W Shunt version 47 stepped BODY: width 36mm, depth 36mm, height 43mm (front to back)
  13. Item: TWO PS Audio AC-12 Power Cord 2m US plugs Location: Melbourne Price: $1400 FOR THE PAIR Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank deposit or COD Only Extra Info: PS Audio Perfect Wave AC-12 Power Cord 2 metres Excellent condition Currently new US$1199 from the Cable Company https://www.thecableco.com/perfectwave-ac-12-power-cord.html Original boxes From the PS Audio Website https://www.psaudio.com/products/ac12-power-cable/#tab-reviews The AC12 is our finest power cable ever made. Heavy gauge, low impedance, the finest pure copper available in the world. The AC 12 is perfect for digital, analog, or any application where you want the very best performance possible. PCOCC single crystal construction 8 gauge power cable Quad shielded low noise Hollow tube conductors for treble performance Rectangular conductors for midrange performance Multiple gauge conductors for bass performance Gold plated connectors Welded connector to conductor Quiet for digital Unrestricted for analog I bought these from a fellow SNR member who had purchased them in USA before he returned to Australia. They are US plugs. I am only selling them because I am going to buy a PS Audio AC Regenerator which has Aussie plugs. Therefore, I am letting these go to another deserving SNR member to enjoy. I will post at buyers expense. Pictures:
  14. Heifetz

    ME pre-amp upgrade completed

    Hi, can you tell me Trevor's contact details? Trevor 'who'. Thx so much, Bob
  15. Hello, Can anyone tell me the difference and importance between cross-section and diameter in a speaker cable and which value is more important? Thank you for your help, Bob