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  1. Thank you for your suggestions. I notice that the Craig Deoxit G100 is often described on Rbay as "Caig". It is misspelt. Is this the same product or some devious way of trying to con us into buying something else? Thx
  2. Wow! That nano-liquid is expensive. Is there an alternative?
  3. Hi, Can anyone suggest where I can get a loctite thread locker and Furutech nano-liquid (or Graig G100) or good alternatives? Thx,
  4. You are obviously a very 'neat' guy! - also some artistic and aesthetic qualities. Do you have a little OCD too ? 🤣
  5. UPDATE: Both Blue Cables - Sold One REL - sold Last REL - sold pending on pickup/payment.
  6. I'm happy to sell if I get two buyers who would like a Rel and cable each.
  7. Item: Set of two REL T7i Subwoofers w/ upgraded 3m REL Baseline Blue Rel Cables Location: Melbourne Price: $2200 Item Condition:v 9.5/10 Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Two Rel T7i's plus the 3m pair of REL Baseline Blue subwoofer cables together retail new at over $3740. The Rel's retail new at $1599 each and the cables at $549. Up for sale are my two year old Rel T7i's and Baseline Blue cables that are in next to mint condition. These are highly regarded subwoofers and reviews and specs etc are at https://rel.net/shop/powered-subwoofers/serie-ti/t7i/ The Bassline Blue cables: https://www.stereophonic.com.au/rel-bassline-blue-cable/ Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  8. Is it the power coming through from the mains that is 'dirty' or is it the wall wart that makes the power 'dirty' or is it both?
  9. Hello George, Is the benefit of the battery due to it supplying 'cleaner' power? Thx, Bob
  10. @georgehifi I have read that a battery can be used instead of the mains. Is this something that you advocate and what differences would be noticeable? Which brand/type would you recommend? Thx so much, Bob
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