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  1. Phono consideration--Opinions?

    Hi, thank you for your comment. The unit has blackgate caps and a Hashimoto transformer. It might be hard to improve the power supply any further. Also, it is very hard now to find anything better than blackgates that are in this unit. So it would be difficult to put blackgates into a new ANKiit as they are out of production. Bob
  2. Phono consideration--Opinions?

    Does anyone think $3000 is a fair price?
  3. Phono consideration--Opinions?

    My friend said that this AN L3 phono was originally designed for 12AX7's. I don't know what anyone else thinks on this matter, but with my limited knowledge and now fleeting experience with the 12AY7.s , I think that 12AY7's are just inferior? I think they were in the phono so that the volume on the preamp can be adjusted higher with 12Ay7's in the phono?? My preamp vol is now set at between 9-10 o'clock with 12AX7's whereas with the 12AY7's it was at 11-12 o'clock. Is there a sweet spot on the vol dial that works best?
  4. Phono consideration--Opinions?

    I have changed over the two 12AY7's in the L3 for my two 10M 12AX7's. Now it sounds incredible. Overall the sound is more forward, Inner voices in the mid range are transparent. Upper range beautiful.
  5. Hi, attached are photos of the insides of AudioNote Phono that I am considering. Its a used one. I think its L3 but sure. I'm also listening to an L2 and comparing. L2 I can hear the inner musical details in the mid range so well. Upper range is very good too and never harsh. Bass is ok. The caps are 2xAudio Note. Overall, it has a lightness about it but still balanced throughout. Not quite a s stable as L3. L3? Incredibly stable. Very pronounced bass. Overall it is quite dark sounding and the mid range is more congested than the L2. Caps are 2xJensen and 2xAudioNote My question is: What may be the reason it sounds contested in the midrange? Would a modification 'somewhere' make difference. Different caps? Is the Hashimoto transformer known for a 'darker' sound? Thx for any comments.
  6. Hi, Can anyone recommend a technician (I'm in Melbourne eastern suburbs) that will build an Audio Note phono stage that uses 12AX7's. Is that even possible? Thx,Bob
  7. My preamp is the TS Lim M7 and the phono is the 'no brand'. I'll change my gear list - sorry for that confusion.
  8. Thank you. With the Audio Note Phono: 1. I had to set my preamp at a high volume setting to acheive the same output volume. 2. The system yeilded a greater transparancy. I could hear musical lines/instruments more easily. However, the sound is not so full. Sometimes it is slightly leaner when I wanted a fuller sound and In other musical passages it is less congested which was a positive. 3. The sound stage not quite so wide. May be my Mullard 10M's would improve that? I don't know. The AN doesn't take 12AX7's. Thx so much, Bob
  9. Hi, they were the sine waves on the scope.
  10. Hello, I have been using a phono amp (no brand name) with tubes 12 AX7's. Two of the tubes are the Mullard 10M Master Series. I was having the switch replaced by my technician and he checked the circuitry and tubes. After repairing the switch, he showed me that the phono amp was producing a curve that was 'cut off' at the top. He lent me an Audio Note phono stage (with different tubes) so that I could compare the 'smoothness' of the sound. Sure enough, the sound was sweeter and smoother! He said that the anamoly could be the design of the phono stage otherwise maybe difficult to say. The tubes are all in excellent condition. My question: 1. Does anyone have another suggestion as to why the upper end of the curve is 'cut off' that produces a less than smooth sound? 2. If I were to upgrade my phono to solve this problem, then I would like to keep using my own tubes ie12AX7's Which brands/makes would anyone recommend that uses 12AX7's. Can Audio Note phonos use 12AX7's? Thx for any comments, Bob
  11. Trump starts WWIII. Will it happen?

    I think the Left is at war with USA. Also the extreme Right is at war. Howveer, its good to see people helping eachother in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. We see the good side of people when they forget politics and focus on the real needs.
  12. "Saturn" from Holst's The Planets
  13. There sems to be three JPS LABS SUPERCONDUCTOR 3 INTERCONNECTS RCA Is the one you are selling 1. Analog Audio RCA Cable or 2.balanced XLR, or 3. digital audio interconnects ? Thx, Bob
  14. are these fir analogue? Are they good for preamp/power amp or what is the recommendation? thx