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  1. Thank you Colin, I'll have a good search on the internet of the different brands/ specs. Kind regards, Bob
  2. Hello, I have a Pioneer Plasma TV and the bluray player is not functioning - jamming up and its so slow to open and load up. It was a Gen 2 Panasonic bluray player that is at least 12 years old. So, I want a new bluray player that will play my 'normal' blurays onto my plasma tv. I link them through a Yamaha Amplifier VSX920. Would anyone be able to recommendation a new bluray player that sounds great and produces great images - better than my previous Panasonic player. I'm not into 3D or 4K tvs. Thank you so much. Bob
  3. Yes. Hello Will, Thank you so much for your suggestion. I gave Optimum Electronics a call and I will take it to them (after the 5km travel limit is lifted) and they will assess the tv for a $70 fee. Then I will know the full extent of the repair/cost. Thank you again, Bob
  4. Hello, When watching tv, my Pioneer PDP 50LX8A made a 'fairly loud 'click/crack' sound and turned off. I plugged it out from the power point. I plugged it back in and the red standby light came on. and when I pressed the power button, the red light turns to blue and then back to red and repeated blinking twice. The screen is blank. I have tried resetting using the recommended procedure but can not bring the 'service screen' to work. I am using the Info button instead of the Display button. I am wondering of the power supply board needs replacing. Is this a possibility e
  5. Best TV series I have ever watched- The Bureau I have read that it is based on now declassified real espionage events that the writer weaved together to make into this riveting and so-real drama masterpiece. IMO The Bureau is better than other shows that I loved such as Line of Duty and the Nordic Noirs.
  6. @Tarzan Thank you. The photo looks nice. Where did you purchase form? Have you tried using it as a preamp setup to drive speakers? Thank you, Bob
  7. @Tarzan Thank you for your comment. Do you mean live 'online' concerts? What kind fo music do you listen to with your setup. Does the Woo add substantially to just plugging the Hp into a day? Thx
  8. Hello, Has anyone had any experience with these amps? If you have heard both, can you make any comments about how they compare? Thx,
  9. Item: Woo Audio WA22 Headphone Amp (updated version) Price Range: $2,000 - $2,600 depending on condition Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
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