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  1. We watched "The Counterfeiters" movie, Excellent WW2 about Nazi C.Camp. Bob
  2. My wife and I just binge watched - well over 3 days _ "Face to face" It is just incredible !!! Possibly the very best Nordic Noir we have watched. Totally gripping and you can not get any darker then this.
  3. We are watching Modus. There are two series. Thoroughly enjoyed Series 1- set in Sweden. We are on episode 3 of series 2. The US President visits Sweden. It looks like they have written the part for Hilary 🤣
  4. Yes, We finished it. Very good. Dark and suspenseful. Enjoy it. We are now watching Trapped - excellent.
  5. @BlueOceanBoy Thank you for your comments. I'll be streaming mostly from Idagio (classical music). I'll connect through to my tube power amp then my speakers. The Mytek Dac + will give me the option to later add a tube headphone amp although the Mytek does have a h/p output which I will try. The Mytek seems to have a lot of options available such as a t/table input. I'll have a look at the Mytek and Innous Zen Mark 3 tomorrow. Thank you,
  6. Hi, I'm researching possibilities for streaming. Would any in Melbourne have one or both of these units in their set up that I might have a listen to? Any comments on these products would also be appreciated. Thx so much for any replies,
  7. Thank you for your replies. I will start a 'listening tour'. Addicted to Audio and then Tivoli Hifi. Any other suggestions in Melbourne? Bob
  8. Greetings! I love my vinyl and turntable and tubes. I have been all in with analogue for a long time and love it. However ... there are a number of recordings that are either not available on vinyl or sound terrible on vinyl for various reasons. So I am interested in been able to listen to cd's, SACD's and even streaming. I would like to get as close as possible to a 'tube sound' but don't know the set up I would need to acheive this. I know very little but think I would need a 1. transport/streaming capability unit 2. DAC 3 Headphone tube amp. Am I on the right track? Might anyone start me off with suggestions - brand/equiptment name that would help me get started? Thank you for your help, Kind regards, Bob
  9. Thank you for your suggestions. I notice that the Craig Deoxit G100 is often described on Rbay as "Caig". It is misspelt. Is this the same product or some devious way of trying to con us into buying something else? Thx
  10. Wow! That nano-liquid is expensive. Is there an alternative?
  11. Hi, Can anyone suggest where I can get a loctite thread locker and Furutech nano-liquid (or Graig G100) or good alternatives? Thx,
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