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  1. Come on @betty boop.... shouldn't being too busy mean that you don't have time to eat ??? 😜
  2. Strange, I guess that must be the body having a mini craving for the sugar that have been reintroduced the day before ?? How have you found adapting to the fasting hunger-wise? For me that's been a strange thing as my body seemed to adapt and hunger really isn't an issue for me on the days I only have one meal.
  3. Happy Birthday !! Absolutely no judgment here if you have a cheat day !!
  4. Great work getting past the halfway point @blybo. Good time to ask how are you feeling overall with the reduced weight and change of diet?
  5. "Commer" is misspelt !!! 😡 It's spelt C O M M A !!!!! Get it right !!!!!!! 🤬
  6. To be fair my speakers do have a legit 102dB efficiency rating.
  7. Yikes, my ears are only good for my measly 24 watts per channel.... Do we need to start referring to you as "Eardrums of Steel" from now on TB... ??? 😜
  8. It's a good thing @joz has us around, I reckon we've practically got his Sony Thingey sold !!!
  9. Wasn't that John Farnham.... ?? @joz you might have better luck with the if you throw a Johnny CD in the stacker along with @Yngvi's Celene Dion Bootlegs....
  10. From one article I've read Caffeine effects the flow of blood in the brain by constricting the blood vessels. The withdrawal headaches from stopping drinking coffee are from the brain adapting to the increased flow of blood in the brain. The article I read quoted one study which found that 250 grams of caffeine or about 2-3 cups (the same as you have.... ) of coffee will decrease cerebral blood flow by as much as 27%. I'm guessing that the headaches from drinking too much Coffee are to do with the constriction of blood flow in the brain. All of which is actually pretty scary if you think about it... 😬 https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/caffeine-withdrawal-symptoms#section10 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2748160/
  11. We're with you Addicted, give it your best. The first few days are the worst so pack some headache tablets. If you can make it to the The first week you'll be cruising.
  12. My first proper audiophile amplifier was a TACT Millenium MK2. (Which later went to the Lyngdorf brand) It was a very good sounding amplifier and being pure digital in it was very much ahead of its time. The build quality was exceptional too.
  13. Great work getting on top of that one Cafad. I think soft drinks in general are a big issue. I was brought up to believe that soft drinks are a treat but far too often it's treated as a main dehydration tool even to the point where some children won't even drink water straight.
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