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  1. Martykt

    Fetch Mighty Aaaargh!

    @betty boop Prediction of Optus advice..... "Have you tried turning it off and then back on ??.....
  2. Martykt

    Add more speakers lose power ?

    Very well said, we were all beginners once !!!
  3. Martykt

    Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    Some more Mobile Fidelity.... I just can't help myself...... My favourite Billy Joel album though !!!
  4. Martykt

    Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    That's the problem with these things..... Here ya go @Guzzista, this might help !! https://www.audiophilereferencerecordings.com.au/carole-king-tapestry-mfsl-1-414.html I'd be grabbing it too while you still can. As far as SQ goes I can definitely say I highly recommend it.
  5. Martykt

    Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    Great idea @Guzzista, don't mind if I do !!! My copy of Tapestry.... it's heavyweight vinyl too.....
  6. Martykt

    Currently Spinning

    That better be a Japanese Pressing you're showing here AJ !!!
  7. Martykt

    Magnapan speakers

    That's pretty rough, are they twisted or are they teared? Hope the fix isn't too painful, I know how hard you've worked to get your system where you want it.
  8. Martykt

    Currently Spinning

    Big fan of his last album Playmates. Was also lucky enough to go and see them live with another couple of SNA members, were great live too !! Will have to chech this new album out.
  9. Martykt

    Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    Sometimes we Australians do actually get it right.... sounds really good !!!
  10. @Luc, I feel strongly that the elder citizens here on SNA have not been catered for properly in this thread. 😡 Please rectify this situation immediately with the following voting option !!! 😤 "Radiowhatsit.... ???? And what kind of silly name is Yes.... ??? .....What's this bloody noise... what's wrong with the kids of today....what utter rubbish !!!! Turn it off and go put on some nice Englebert Humperdinck instead !!!!"
  11. Nice pickup HG !! I always especially enjoy Pearlman's playing, amazing violinist.
  12. Opposite for me, I grew up with Radiohead and yes like like them. Yes on the other hand I only discovered recently and yes I like them also !! Unfortunately that second button was just way too tempting.... !!! 😜
  13. Martykt

    Vinyl Enlightenment and Celebration

    Thank you. I have to say I'm extremely happy I bought the Rockport when I had the chance. It sounds incredibly special, and easily exceeded all of my expectations. I feel very privileged to own such a special and rare tonearm.
  14. Martykt

    Vinyl Enlightenment and Celebration

    This is the only Kind of blue record I have which I happened to purchase today so can't do any comparisons but all I can say is..... WOW !!!! Don't think I need to buy any different vinyl versions !!!