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  1. Maybe I should breakout the tin of Boot Polish and the lighter to make them real shiny like my other cables.... Added benefit they'll definitely be fully burned in that way too !!! 😜
  2. Martykt

    The Definitive Stylus Cleaner thread.

    I have been given the same advice against using a Zerodust or equivalent by one of the most knowledgeable person in the industry when it comes to vinyl. The reason given is many people use the Zerodust by lifting it up by hand onto the stylus and as some of the expensive styluses these days can be quite fragile and easily damaged this way. His advice is that the only safe way to use a Zerodust or equivalent is to have it fixed on a mount and to lower the stylus gently with the tonearm lift. His recommendation for stylus cleaning actually goes against the common advice in this thread with a particular wet cleaner. The specific wet cleaner he recommendeds is the Lyra SPT. While expensive it is solvent free and is formulated so it won't damage the glue holding the diamond or stylus.
  3. Here ya go Pops !! And some slightly less shiny speaker cables...
  4. PSC cables. My PSC speaker cables are a little less shiny being just straight black leather !!
  5. I suppose I can't talk.... my interconnects are shiny silver leather.... they sound amazing though !!
  6. You're right they do look pretty boring with all that white !! Amazing how white always seems to turn slightly brown with age too....
  7. What no pictures.... ???
  8. Martykt

    DarkNark's System

    Great work @DarkNark, welcome to the darkside !! I've heard very good things about the Trans Rotors.
  9. Also at CES this year is Australia's very own Döhmann Helix One Turntable. "A Helix One with a new PowerBase and carbon fibre top plate along with a Schroder CB tonearm and MySonic Labs Ultra Eminent EX cartridge teamed up with top of the line Lamm electronics, the Kharma Exquisite Classique loudspeakers and a full range of Kubala-Sosna cables to produce a very enjoyable sound at CES 2019. The music flowed and good times were had by attendees. Dohmann Audio would like to thank our exhibit partners for the opportunity to work with them & create some special memories."
  10. A Driveway instead of Hifi gear ??? Really Daz, your shiny new Measurin' tape should be utilised better than that !!!
  11. I was going to ask Daz what the first thing he measured with his shiny new measurin' tap.....
  12. I also have a US Pressing of Roberta Flack - Feel like Makin' Love, highly recommended @sloper !! I really only discovered her recently when I found this album in one of my vinyl bulk lots. A truly wonderful singer !!
  13. Aussie Pressing too hey Bruce !!! 😜
  14. Martykt

    My Custom made turntable

    Beautiful work on your turntable @Calcom !! If you're looking for something like the Gaia feet @petng has a set of Combak Harmonix for sale. Very trustworthy seller too and his gear is always topnotch and immaculate.
  15. I seem to remember we had this conversation about your measuring tape a few speakers back.....