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  1. You definitely missed out on that one, I found parking for free out on the street pretty easily yesterday.
  2. The Contrast Floor-standers with the 300b Nano Amp was one of the standouts for me. Sitting in the right spot it was such a sweet sound.
  3. I was extremely impressed with Nano Audio Technology Amps, though listening to the really sweet Contrast Floor-standers. Speaking with the designer I found him extremely knowledgeable and we're extremely lucky to have such a very talented amp builder new here in Australia.
  4. I would just like to put in a word for the Audio Influence Room. The Acoustique Quality speakers for $2500 with $2500 Clef Audio Class A Integrated System was astonishingly good for such an affordable price. It was really great to such a great system that is in the reach of those with a lesser budget. @Marc this definitely deserves an SNA award as it was very much one of the better sounding systems in the show !! If anyone at the show hasn't gotten to that room yet I would highly recommend getting down there, worth hearing !! (Sorry @theking, had to steal your photos !! )
  5. I had to get a certain Chrysler SRT Wagon out of that car park one year.... Let's just say my truck driving skills came in very handy.... 😬
  6. Careful Red... Panzer is a vicious killer....
  7. I can report that everyone who stayed right through to the end were extremely civilised and gentlemanly.....
  8. Yes the 1394 interface is required for SACD playback. More importantly it must be a DCS dac due to the encryption.
  9. I think I only had one drink last year so probably close enough to being on the non-drinking table with you and Stump as well..... 😬
  10. I don't believe so. I think it just needs to be listed on the shipping declaration coming back in. Might be worth giving Australia Border Force a call to confirm. https://www.abf.gov.au/imports/Pages/How-to-import/Import-declarations.aspx
  11. Shouldn't be an issue @petng. Warranty repairs are exempt from gst and duties when being shipped back into the country. Just make sure it is labeled as such when shipped back and you have the appropriate paperwork to prove it's a warranty repair as they might call you to question it. https://www.ato.gov.au/Business/GST/In-detail/Rules-for-specific-transactions/International-transactions/GST-and-imported-goods/?page=2
  12. I already have a copy of the Nautilus Half Speed The Cars and can highly recommend it. Great buying here !!
  13. Few weeks.... ?? Might want to check the calendar there @scuzzii.... Jeez what did you put in that record cleaner @darth vader..... scuzzii still has no comprehension of date or time..... 😬
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