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  1. Give the timber a rustic distressed paint job and pretend it's a new designer lamp....
  2. A google image search is usually one of the best ways to discover that an ad is false. @Marc, was this seller one of the 4 scammers? I'm just curious as that "member" that has "sold" the Kef ls50w still appears to be active, I assume it is the policy to ban scammers immediately from SNA?
  3. I know West Wyalong well (if memory serves from another thread.... 🤔) as I used to drive through it regularly.... well until my B-Double burnt to the ground up at Marsden just north of there.....
  4. Personally I find the foam expandables a pain as far as fit, getting them to expand in just the right way to work properly can be tricky. If fit is a concern, I'd get a pair of Earmolds. I have a pair and they are very good. Not the cheapest but definitely worth the money. I got mine from Andy Strapz in Seaford. www.earmold.com.au
  5. Flash sale apparently, $39.50 AUD for the Isolate Pro reduced from $99. Seems pretty well priced especially considering they use titanium in the construction. https://www.flareaudio.com/collections/earplugs-1/products/isolate-pro-titanium
  6. @BuzzzFuzzz, it's really great to see you having such an open mind to experiencing other people's systems. You're more than welcome to come out to my place to hear my system and meet my Zoe dog if you do get down in May. (She will think that's the main reason for the visit of course !!) I have a Classic Records version of Houses of the Holy to see if I can give@furtherpalea run for his money with his strong effort !! Your system and collection looks to be coming along nicely. I'm sorry to say it would be well worth saving up for a good pair of speakers to replace those white van jobs. Dodgy knock offs I'm afraid, they copy the name Harman from Harman Kardon and Logan from Martin Logan to make them sound like they are something special when they are really the cheapest of the cheap. If you're unsure don't be afraid to ask.
  7. Felt like you needed a bit more green in your life hey..... I'm a bit disappointed that you didn't start your introduction by asking "How do you access the classifieds....??"
  8. @Stump, AV Gallery in Ringwood are the distributors for Esoteric and are the guys to speak to. I got them to put a new laser and service my P-03 a while back and it was surprisingly affordable. They have full access to all of the required parts and expertise to service the Esoteric transports so should be able to help. They are great guys to deal with too. https://www.avgallery.com.au/pages/contact-with-map/
  9. As long as it's only the ring being removed the actual construction of the plug is still intact and it's safety is not compromised. Obviously if you're not comfortable with it or don't know what you're doing it's best to find a different option.
  10. You can get two of them next to each other, you just need to grind down the side of the ring which the now superfluous captive ring normally sit against.
  11. I use Sandstone under my turntable and find no issue with grit and would be my recommendation for vibration absorbing. @Red MacKay knows the best place to get sandstone cut to your desired size and thickness.
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