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  1. Has the LM got the edge over the AM that you tried as well? What was the different sound signatures of the different amps? Any particular strengths and weaknesses of note?
  2. @SBM, the NZ site was reincorporated back into this site by @Marc a while back as I believe the majority of our NZ members preferred to be part of the larger community here on the original SNA site.
  3. 300 is not too bad, only a couple of weeks if you set them up to run 24/7. Difficult speakers to move around to set them up that way though... How's the introductory workout sounding?
  4. Look great Marc. Is there much running in time with the JBLs?
  5. I think if you go back and read the OP's post he's actually measured the noise getting to his system with a noise meter and not just been told of the issue by "people who have a solution at hand and for sale". From what I can see it would actually be worth your time to read what the OP has to say and seeing what you can learn from what he has experimented with and researched.
  6. For someone who is a "flood hydrologist and know almost nothing about electronics" you really seem to be getting to grips with noise and how different power cables and conditioners etc effect things. Well done on all the work and research you've done. In my experience I've found similar findings where different filters and conditioners may reduce noise they can also reduce dynamics. One point you seem to have discovered which Mr Gabriel seems to be getting at is that the source of noise that is more of an issue is the noise that is closest to your system rather than what comes into your house as by my understanding is naturally attenuated by distance. Keep up the great work !!
  7. Toby is very cute, worth the wait !! Perfect ears for listening to jazz !!
  8. Congratulations on the new pup @hugo_wilco. What's his name?
  9. Nope just a sleepy German Shepherd above... very strange....
  10. Errr no duplicate post you might have just deleted your post of your little audiophile entirely....
  11. That looks a bit more impressive and less like a passive radiator !!
  12. That looks like a weird design, it looks like it has no magnet or voice coil ??
  13. It's my understanding that implementation is is quite often more important than what particular DAC chip is used. It does raise the question though would you get much advantage from a substantially more expensive chip like the AK4497 or the flagship AK4499?
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