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  1. No a Placebo doesn't have to be specifically a sugar tablet however that is commonly used. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Placebo
  2. No you didn't "trash anybody's personal findings" and I believe you to be more of a gentleman than that anyway. My original post however (and further clarification of) was in reply to another post which was essentially trying to dictate what a member should state in their personal findings and using the term 'Placebo Effect' to do so. There is indeed a thing called 'Expectation Bias' which to put it simply is to "The tendency to search for, interpret, focus on and remember information in a way that confirms one's preconceptions." This is not a Placebo or Placebo Effect rather a Cognative Bias. Cognitive Biases are indeed a well known and studied part of psychology and very useful to understand when looking at our own psychology when purchasing, though I will add it's worth looking at all of the relevant Cognitive Biases and not just focusing on Confirmation Bias. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_cognitive_biases https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Confirmation_bias
  3. To further my post my use of Placebo is correct in that the scientific term 'Placebo Effect' is in reference to the physiological response to said sugar tablet. There is some very interesting actual science going on into this and is well worth reading about. To reinforce my point this is not a scientific tool to trash or dismiss a members personal findings. Also any theory that the member must be suffering from some psychological effect when comparing power cables is a question and should not be used as a statement of fact.
  4. No to be more accurate we call a Placebo a sugar tablet which I fail to see how can be used as evidence to suggest whether @dbastin has experienced a difference from power cables or not !!
  5. Yes @evil c you figured out my devious plan.... I read this and immediately thought after carefully reviewing all the cryptic clues within.... Local Taphouse.... better steal this idea.... Have to say Al.... genius idea that converting a pub into a.... pub !!! 😜
  6. Here ya go Al !! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hYt3HkuXwZbEZDrkp6FQ87l30pARVIrs/view
  7. "The Local Taphouse opened in 2008 and is one of the most awarded craft beer venues in Australia. It is currently ranked #2 in the Beer & Brewer magazine's Best Beer Venues in 2016 list. We tap more than 400 different beers every year and have a rotating and curated bottle list showcasing the best breweries from Australia and around the world." If it doesn't have something beer-wise that you like then you probably should just give up drinking...... 😝 You never know there might even be a couple of beers good enough to even tempt me !!!
  8. Not sure how much help I would be with suggestions Clive as you've probably already looked at anything I could come up with. I did just stumble on this which might be worth looking at. https://thelocal.com.au/functions/ https://thelocal.com.au/about/ Specialises in craft beers and also has different banquet dinner options as well able to cater for more than 20 people. Being in St Kilda it's also closer to the Pullman than Southbank or Federation Square. Looks to me like it could be a great option all round.
  9. Restricting the number to 20 could well be a problem. What did the actual restaurants in the are have to offer rather than bars offering cocktail menus? Great work trying to organise this again Clive, appears to be not a very easy task. I'm keen for a proper sit down dinner but not being much of a drinker I'd feel a bit strange just standing around for a few cocktail nibbles.
  10. Happy to go with whatever venue you decide @evil c. The only caveat I would suggest is wouldn't a proper dinner menu be more appropriate than a cocktail menu? Last year I seem to remember one of the criticisms of the Belgium Beer Cafe was the limited size of the meals for the amount of people there, I can only imagine a cocktail menu would be even smaller??
  11. @Bunno77, Out of that list I would highly recommend going and listening to the DCS. While I haven't heard the new Bartók I am an extremely happy Paganini owner and have heard the Rossini as well. My personal opinion is that DCS tend to be something pretty special and their sound connects with me in a way other DACs I've heard don't. One of the biggest things I've found that they do is when you listen to a recording suddenly different things in the production suddenly make sense for what the sounds actually are. The quality of DCS is also top notch and another advantage of the Bartók is it also has a word clock input which further down the track can be a huge advantage being able to add a good external clock.
  12. Martykt

    Single Ended amplifiers

    I really can't argue with that logic !!!
  13. Martykt

    Single Ended amplifiers

    I think the SE might actually stand for Special Edition Happy...... But never mind here's some Single Ended goodness to replace your Sugden with for when you feel like burning some transistors...... http://ypsilonelectronics.com/set-100-ultimate/#iLightbox[gallery_image_1]/1 .....p.s. your little Sugden is actually a very nice amp indeed regardless !!
  14. Phew... for a moment I thought I was seeing double..... Seriously though folks if anyone is looking for a high-end sub this Wilson-Benesch is about as good as they get and will integrate well when most other subs fail. This is an extremely good price too. Best of luck with it Eggy !!
  15. Martykt

    The church's new layout

    Definitely a tech job or get money back if possible job there Doug. Was this a local amp or were you using a step-down transformer for 110v?