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  1. "It is hoped the new advanced camera system will be an effective way to stem these road fatalities." Oh dear.... where do you start with statements like this.... There is so much wrong with a lot of the driving on the roads these days that cause accidents which have very little to do with speed. I guess all we have to do to fix the road toll is drop the speed limit down from 100 to 80..... Errrr yep that'll do it....
  2. Looks great @GroovyGuru. I like the Avantgardes. Was always curious to hear the high end Ortofons. I'm surprised about the Trio's only going down to 200 hz, I would have thought they'd go a lot lower. How do Avantgarde go about running these speakers? Do they run separate woofers?
  3. Not too late to get back into the coffee business again TB.....
  4. I think the way it works is just tap on the Follow banner at the bottom of the thread and choose whichever notification method that suits. To access followed content tap on the drop down menu then "My activity Streams" then "Content I Follow". Hope that helps.
  5. 2 ohm stable at 1500 watts.... yeah that should be able to keep the Duntechs honest !!
  6. Tap on the 3 lines at the top right hand corner, then you'll see the earth symbol for notifications and the PM messages next to it. Just tap on this
  7. I've been using the browser version on my iPhone the whole time and have found it very good, in fact preferable to tapatalk or the app as it has almost full functionality.
  8. Now that's just plain greedy.....
  9. Only talking about the prototype chic, rare timber veneer from wheresthatagain and shiny fixings they ain't !! The actual design itself looks very cool and I'm sure once @unclemack finishes prettying them up I'm sure they'll present very well.
  10. Do I win a prize @unclemack... ?? Congrats on the new speakers M !! I won't say they look great but as long as they deliver the goods sound-wise who really cares !!
  11. That looks like it might be a My Sonic Labs cart on there too, my favourite !!
  12. Thankyou! I don't know if it will work but has to be worth trying.
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