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  1. As an update I'm still off the coffee and the better for it. I just woke up just before and a glass of water and I'm good to go. It's great to not be tied to something to get me going of a morning (now afternoon). Overall I'm more alert and I also very rarely get headaches which used to be relatively common. I'm very happy with my decision to quit coffee and don't miss it.
  2. Damn that's some pretty scary symptoms there @DrSK. I'm glad it was as simple as dropping the coffee.
  3. Item: Astell & Kern SP1000 Amp Price Range: Negotiable Item Condition: Used Extra Info: After a SP1000 Amp to go with my SP1000 Dap. Please let me know if you have one that you are interested in selling. Not worried about colour.
  4. Put your glasses on Red... it's a wanted to buy not classifieds ad... 🤓
  5. I can't speak for the Utopia or other Focals but I find the Stellia do pretty natural tonality. I have read that they have a slightly different voicing to Focals though can't confirm this personally. I have to agree a natural timbre is very important to me. Thank you all for your replies, I'll have to make a point of having a listen to a pair when the opportunity arises.
  6. At the moment I have a pair of Focal Stellia and previously have owned a pair of original Audeze LCD3.
  7. Out of interest how would you describe the sound signature of the Final headphones?
  8. Have you thought about Moving Iron TB?
  9. I think they start from about A$138 plus shipping for their entry level cable though the ones I'd be looking at are would be the ones with Cardas wire which start from A$260 plus shipping or one of their higher end cables.
  10. It definitely is a stunning thing. I hope you are going okay.
  11. You should have. They definitely are a wonderful thing and despite being closed backs still manage to sound spacious without the usual nasties from being a closed back design. Focal really have done a great job with these. Unfortunately Addicted to Audio seems to have withdrawn the offer or are all the B-Stock Focals are now sold out.
  12. Koala Cables? Can't seem to find anything on them. The other cables that seem to be pretty good value and can be made custom to length and conductor are the Arctic Cables available through fleabay though based in the US rather than locally.
  13. @dolphy, sorry to rain on your parade a little bit but it may be worth a rethink about this particular cable as I'm not sure it would be a good match with the Focal Clear and may actually be a downgrade from the stock Focal cable. Silver plated copper can sometimes have the tendency to sound a little bright. The Meze Classic 99 is apparently is a pretty warm set of headphones so silver/copper makes sense as it may add a little more clarity while being affordable. A better match would be good quality copper which will maintain a little warmth with the Clear or a well designed pure silver cable which will give better extension and detail though obviously will be much more expensive. For a more affordable option for an upgrade from the stock cable I would be looking at either an Aurealis cable or seeing whether @Bill125812 is able to design a good headphone cable to match. https://www.aurealisaudio.com.au/headphone-and-adaptor-cables/
  14. Thank you, I think the Stellia looks great. I don't mind Focal going for a more fashionable look and different colours than the usual black techy style headphones. My previous setup a few years back was a pair of Audeze LCD3 with a Sugden HA4 Amp and Audio Research Dac8. Of recent times I've just been suffering through the lesser sound quality of noise-cancelling headphones. Oh yeah... $1375 actually....
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