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  1. Not exactly.... more of a collector than seller.... However Red does have a pretty good knowledge of where the best places would be to source this sort of stuff from.
  2. Very sorry to hear that @Bill125812, I wish you all the best with your fight. With all the kindness and generosity you've shown here on SNA it should be us giving back to you. If there's anything I can do or donate to help you with what you're going through I would be more than happy to do so.
  3. Happy to help if I can. Let me know if you require my assistance.
  4. This is definitely no surprise going on my previous experience with Kevin at Class A Audio, obviously I don't want to go into detail here in the public forum (you are welcome to PM me if you do wish to know further). I will however suggest that you may unfortunately have trouble dealing with this using "good faith" so @betty boop's suggestion is a great one. A further suggestion if you go with Al's suggestion is to get someone you trust here in Melbourne to help doing this to save shipping back and forth from Perth. Also it may be worth speaking to George (owner) at Busisoft whom I know to be a gentleman and while it may be the retailers responsibility I'm sure will push for a good resolution. Best of luck with it, that's a horrible position to be in.
  5. So far all are sounding great. Listening to the Listening like Thieves. I was worried about this on being a little hot as the original version that I have (CD) is not very pleasant to listen to at all but mofi have done this one perfectly.
  6. I haven't heard that album but it looks very tasty !!
  7. The absolutely stunning Nina Simone. RCA Victor ORG 45rpm pressing.
  8. Selling the 47 labs @petng ??? I am shocked..... This is a very rare combination and sounds absolutely stunning. Anyone looking for a dac and spinner combo I highly recommend jumping on this !!
  9. Looks like you're doing a pretty decent job with the limited experience and lack of professional tools. The fibreglass is a curious choice ?? I would have thought metal or body filler would be the way to go?
  10. Silly question but for that kind of money why wouldn't you just go buy a Tesla S ?? On the looks front I reckon the styling team have a fetish for the Citroen DS and 70s sci-fi !!
  11. Completely agree, the seller is a great person and pleasure to deal with. I can also vouch that his equipment is taken care of fastidiously so the Miyajima should be exactly as described. Actually kind of tempted myself....
  12. To answer your question he's a small boutique manufacturer who makes to order and is happy to ship to Australia. Send me a PM to discuss organising a listening session.
  13. You'll be right, just don't crash !!!
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