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  1. Good Quality Classical CD's?

    Here you go @Darren69, give these a shot !! All excellent recordings (especially that first one) and musically brilliant..... well, according to this single guy with dog anyway....... !!
  2. Repairs?

    http://www.watsonelectronics.com.au/ Watson Electronics at Sumner Park
  3. Good Quality Classical CD's?

    Possible photographic sighting of the elusive Mr. Spyne..... 🤔
  4. Good Quality Classical CD's?

    I thought so. Daz was there too at the dinner, he was the shy retiring type sitting in the middle...... easily missed to be fair.....
  5. Yeah I reckon those things weigh a ton, would do yourself an injury lugging them to the curb.... !!!
  6. Repairs?

    Yes I would imagine he's pretty flat out with his own stuff but he might have a good idea on who's who up in Brisbane. GW seems like a pretty good place to start, his threads have shown some pretty decent work !!
  7. Good Quality Classical CD's?

    Memories might be a little fuzzy.....but weren't you at the dinner too Spyne ??
  8. Good Quality Classical CD's?

    Hehe you can start off with this one Daz !!!
  9. Good Quality Classical CD's?

    Does a non-beige jacket wearing audiophile that owns a dog and lives alone (except for the pup) good enough ?? I'll post a few of my favs when I get home for you Daz !!
  10. Repairs?

    @Noum do you know of anyone up in Brisbane to recommend? You could also ask @Green Wagon. He hasn't been online for quite a while so maybe try and contact him through his website. https://speakerbug.com.au/index.php?route=information/contact A couple of our commercial members up that way might be able to recommend someone too. @Gieseler Audio @Brisbane HiFi
  11. Replacing a USB port on a DAC

    Shouldn't be too much of an issue to wield a soldering iron for you @Armitage and am in Melbourne. The part is readily available so as long as nothing has shorted like @Noum suggested (then it might need a new board) I should be able to help you.
  12. Berning/ ZOTL amps

    From what I can gather the audio signal is modulated on a carrier signal in the same way that FM or AM radio works. (Not sure whether Berning modulates amplitude or frequency ??) A much smaller transformer that doesn't have the deficiencies of bulky transformers then can be used for the impedance conversion. The carrier wave is then filtered out giving the original audio signal. I think that's roughly how it works...... There is also the patent on his website which goes into more detail on how it works. Pretty heady reading though....... 😬 http://davidberning.com/technology http://davidberning.com/technology/patent5612646
  13. Berning/ ZOTL amps

    See Wavac 833 frequency response....... 😬 Hopefully you're threads safe Sir Sanders, I don't think Wavac make an OTL..... 😏
  14. Berning/ ZOTL amps

    BTW Sir Sanders you're looking at the wrong Berning too....... He also makes some monoblocks with our favourite tube !!! http://davidberning.com/products/zh_211_845