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  1. People quite often put too much credence on the spec sheet. I've heard a measly 25 watt class a amp happily drive a pair of speakers that a 100 watt amp couldn't manage and a 500 watt class d amp that really couldn't do much at all.
  2. BTW @Marc, great initiative for every post in a recent Great Audio Debate thread requiring to be approved by a moderator. The Great Audio Debate has been way too toxic for quite a while now and not a good reflection on SNA. For quite a while now I have generally avoided posting there and I don't think I'm alone in this. While a lot of work for you and the mods I hope the effort will be worthwhile in hopefully pushing SNA back to being a positive place to be with a strong community where people feel comfortable in posting in any thread.
  3. Seemed longer than that at the time... I remember at the time one member decided to 'Dislike' every post another member made in welcoming new members...
  4. Which comes to the other problem associated with the 'Like' button...
  5. Yeah that can be the problem with needing big power... big amps tend to come with a big price tag too....
  6. The 'Dislike' button on the other hand was always asking for trouble... 😬 Probably a good decision to remove that one !!
  7. The Sanders should definitely have enough grunt to drive the Duntech's and from personal experience a Sanders Preamp I have heard was quite good. I should add a word of caution though you want to be careful with fanboi products as they get tend to get strongly raved about by a vocal few but in reality they don't always meet that high expectation or necessarily have the right sound signature for your tastes. I seem to remember something about a Krell amp and @Tubularbells who might have some additional insight for you with his Duntechs. Once you figure out the amp t
  8. I wouldn't take that personally if I were you, it just means the people liking posts with a different view to yours more likely share the view in which they're liking. If anything it can be a useful tool to see which particular members like a particular toxic post to understand what they're particular views may be. Another point to make is a different view should also not necessarily be something to take offence at rather someone just happens to have a different set of experiences and have come to see a different view of things.
  9. Try them all, best way to learn something. The general rule is yes use the filter with the exception of power amps which can sometimes lose dynamics with conditioners. Obviously can't hurt to try but one thing I've read is that it's the metre or so from the components power supply that is most important due to noise attenuation.
  10. @kelossus, I have a couple of observations that hopefully might help with your situation. Firstly yes absolutely the change in turntable could be the culprit or at least a contributing factor. The wrong tonearm for a particular cart or setup could easily lead to a poor bass response. It would be well worth throwing the dac into to mix to see what it does may help to figure out if you're current turntable is working well or not. The next point that is important to note is synergy in a system is extremely important and it sounds like all the changes have basical
  11. Sure, it probably helps to know that you're capable of hearing what you're testing for with sighted tests too, though if all you're doing is listening to see if a particular ethernet cable makes a difference in your system then if you can't hear a difference either way then there's probably not much point in spending the extra money anyway. Yes, a test should be applicable for whatever you happen to be testing for and be able to provide a valid result. So in this particular case if you're testing to prove or disprove whether an ethernet cable can make a difference then if you
  12. I agree bias will not effect every listening test. Everyone will have different biases and may not even have a particular bias that could influence a sighted test. It's not that all listening tests will be effected by bias only that you need to be aware of your own biases and how they may effect the result if you personally are conducting a sighted test. My understanding is that the brain uses context to help make it easier to sort visual and aural information. In DBT studies if you remove context a lot of people struggle to be able to properly identify a change crea
  13. The ear is still just a transducer converting sound waves to electrical signals. Regardless of whether it happens to be more complex than a basic microphone it still operates on this basic principle.
  14. A proper DBT test needs to be able to demonstrate that it has the ability to reliably test for what is being tested otherwise the result is not valid. There is more detail on this in the thread that @frednork linked earlier.
  15. Not exactly. The brain is highly adaptive so if it doesn't have a visual context it will rewire itself (as referred to in your first link) to be better able to focus and process the signals from the ear. Another example of this in regards to DBTs is people are able to be trained to better identify changes in a DBT without that visual context. In a proper DBT study participants are screened for their ability to identify changes being tested for while in blind conditions to ensure a valid result.
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