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  1. Yes, I may consider to buy at a full price considering I got an oppo 205 which I believe I can sell and still get some money back...
  2. No.. didn't expect that at all as you mentioned they have a few units. Guess there must be a lot of people reading this thread.
  3. Really grateful for your video proof. I think I shall give it a try...
  4. maybe I shall just take a leap of faith. By the way, do you know why these stocks are having the "G" grade which means there were some "water event"? I don't mind the tiniest mark but this "G" grade makes me a bit worried.
  5. Thank you so much for your input already. I am just concerned that Arcam is outputting the cd layer instead of the Sacd one (but the bit rate is 22/88 seems encouraging). the ps audio player can only output Sacd steam to its own brand DAC and not other players due to the Sony copyright rules. So if Arcam can do digital output to any DAC even only in PCM format, it is a breakthrough that I will be buying one.
  6. Really appreciate your sharing as user. Do you have any single layer SACD? If yes, can you do me a favour to see whether the digital output is working when playing the disc. Like the other posters above, I am still amazed that Arcam bypass Sony’s rules to allow digital output even it is in PCM. If the digital output works, I am buying it. Using it as a SACD transport already worth it.
  7. How does it handle the digital output for SACD? Will it downstream and output as DSD? Thanks!
  8. Any chance there will be promotion for P12 or P15 in near future?
  9. Wow, must take some effort to import it yourself. Wish I have the chance to listen to them. I like the D&D a lot but of course one always itching for something "better"
  10. Any dealer for Grimm in Australia actually? I am a D&D owner and do you have any chance to compare them?
  11. For Optoma P1, the price is USD5400 (Australia) vs USD3299 (US). Even I want to support "local" dealer, the difference is too much to swallow.
  12. I have been really interested at it but sorry to say the RRP here is simply ridiculous.
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