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  1. Item: Original Vintage Knosti Disco-Antistat Record Washing Device Location: Lindfield, NSW Price: $70 Item Condition: Like new - hardly used - except for the box - it was made about 20 years ago! Reason for selling: I have a VPI record cleaning machine Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is the German-made - pre-unification (says Made in W. Germany) - original version of probably the most economical record cleaning device on the market! Cleans 7", 10" and 12" Records All fluids etc are supplied in the box. Manual Record Cleaner. This is a very cost effective wet cleaning system for LP’s. Supplied with Full instructions and 1.0 Litres of Cleaning Fluid Easy To Use Excellent Value Extra Cleaning Fluid Easily obtainable Submerges a record in a bath of cleaning fluid. The principle is simple, two discs with a 100mm diameter, clamp each side of the record's label, thus protecting it during cleaning, this then rests in a groove at the top of the rectangular cleaning bath, the bath is topped up with supplied cleaning fluid, the record is then rotated around its central axis. As the record passes through the bath, two sets of brushes clean each side of the album. Once you’re happy with the results simply remove the record and centre clamps, and place your clean album on the rack to dry. Because the cleaning solution contains wetting agent, records dry without smears. When cleaning is complete, pour your used cleaning fluid from the bath through a filtering funnel back into you cleaning fluid bottle for re-use. Read Marc Rushton's reveiw here: https://www.stereo.net.au/reviews/review-knosti-disco-antistat-record-cleaner Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Not to mention all the digital equipment...notoriously bad for noise
  3. These IsoTek units really clean up the power...I was shocked how noisy my mains was, even my dedicated line! I'm trying a friend's out at the moment and it makes substantial sonic performance improvements!
  4. Still available? Delivery to Sydney?
  5. My first entry into this crazy hobby - read obsession! - started with a pair of ProAc Tablette Signatures...I paired them with a Jadis Orchestra integrated tube amp and, man!, did they sound good! These however have that lovely bottom-ported bass slam. i personally like the silk-dome tweeter relative to the ribbon version. To me it’s a bit more integrated into the character of this particular brand’s speaker design and sound. If I only had another room...and the money! 😋
  6. Wow! Makes me wish a had room for a second system...
  7. Screw it! If nobody else will say it, I will! I'm JEALOUS! I will pay you good money for a copy of that Needle Droppers poster! "How mush for yur 'Poster'? I vant to buy your 'Poster'..."
  8. So? What happened??? What did you get to drive your D28s??? I was going to suggest Primaluna Dialogue Premium HP...I've tried it with my Response D2s...very nice match with the right tube selection to match your individual taste...call it "fine tuning"
  9. Item: Geneva Model L in RED - CD Player, iPod / iPhone Dock, FM Radio with remote and with original stand Perfect for that second system or spare room Amazing room-filling sound Can be used for quick, easy and unobtrusive Home Theatre - unbelievable surround sound from 1 box! Multi-spatial imaging...it sounds like you're in the sweet-spot anywhere in the room! Swiss quality build and finish Location: Sydney - will sell anywhere you pay to send Price: AUD$1,000 ONO now $600 Will buy SNA shirt! Item Condition: Excellent condition, piano-red finish with matte silver Geneva stand Reason for selling: Need the ca$h Payment Method: Paypal, Cash - Pickup, or Australia Post COD Extra Info: Geneva Sound System Model L is the system that convinced audio critics to declare the arrival of a design that finally “lifts the iPod into the realms of Hi-Fi status.†(Record Collector, UK). The first in the world to fuse an iPod/iPhone connector to a high-end system, the Model L has two full-sized speakers, a premium amplifier, radio, and CD player, to make a true Hi-Fi multi-functional sound system. From the Swiss firm that invented Hi-Fi for the iPod, the Geneva Sound System Model L is a complete stereo system crafted in a single cabinet made out of piano-lacquered wood. Despite its compact design, Model L is engineered in a way similar to traditional studio speakers, which ensures exceptional sound delivery from the deepest bass to crystal clear highs. Visually, Geneva is a classic design statement. But beyond its striking simplicity, Geneva’s clean lines embody an advanced acoustical array that’s won the highest marks from leading audio reviewers. In a review, Hi-Fi World, the UK audiophile magazine, gave Geneva Sound System Model L its highest rating and said that it, “lifts itself up from being a ‘mere’ iPod dock to become a viable and feisty competitor in the music center market.†Model L – iPod/iPhone, CD, FM, Speakers, Amplifier. All-in-One. • Two 1†tweeters • Two full-range 5¼†woofers • Two bass ports • Each speaker individually powered and chambered for accurate acoustics • Four powerful Class D digital amplifiers, 100 watts total – extremely efficient, low-power consumption • Digital FM radio with 6 presets • LED display for volume/mode/track/frequency • iPod/iPhone Universal Dock • CD player – slot loading • Stereo mini line-in jack for external audio • Stereo RCA line-in jack for external audio • Remote control • Floor stand Model L Specifications • Engineered in Switzerland by the Geneva Lab in-house design team • Cabinet: Piano-lacquered wood in red color Features • Speaker System: 2 × 1†tweeters and 2 × 5¼†woofers • Power Amplifier: Digital Hi-Fi amplifiers (Class D) with 100 (4 × 25) watt output • Frequency Range: 40 Hz to 20 kHz (-3 dB) Built-in Audio • iPod/iPhone Universal Dock: supports all iPod and iPhone models pre-Lightning (excludes iPod Third Generation) - can be used with adaptor • CD-Player: slot loading CD player supporting CD-Audio and CD-R/RW • FM Radio: digital tuner with 6 presets Connectivity • Analog Audio in: 1 × stereo mini line-in with 3.5 mm (â…› inch) plug for external inputs like PC, DVD, game console, and TV; 1 × stereo RCA plug for external inputs like PC, DVD, game console, and TV Electrical Requirements • Power Supply: 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz • Power Consumption: maximum 100 W, standby 0.8 W Size and Weight • Width × height × depth: 44.8 cm × 29.1 cm × 36.5 cm (17.6†× 11.5†× 14.2â€) • Weight: 17.2 kg (38 pounds) Included Accessories • Remote control • iPod/iPhone Universal Dock adapters • Adapter cable for stereo mini line-in: 3.5 mm (â…› inch) plugs on both ends • Line-in cable: RCA jacks, 3 meters long (9 feet) • AC power cable • External FM antenna • Floor stand Pictures:
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