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  1. I found the hectic rainbows more objectionable on the BenQ to be honest
  2. That all depends on your scaling algorithms. It seems the BenQ one is very bad when using 3d... I'm not sure which, nearest neighbour, bicubic etc... The JVC in 3d mode is in native resolution technically. No scaling at all, no image enhancements used, I have them all off on the JVC these days. Both overlaid images paused playing same exact source. I walked right up to the screen too, the JVC had proper hard edges on detail such as Jake in his wheelchair. There was a guy's face in the background just a blurry mess on the BenQ and I could make out facial features on the JVC. It was the shot where he is getting a briefing from Quatrich while looking at the Holo map. The XPR upscaling when using 4k input though in 2d is very very sharp and easily beats JVC eshift hands down. It's just horrible in 3D. No way around it.
  3. Jason (Zombie) says the 3D on the new 4K models is as good as the old ones. Also being native 4K it can very simply and cleanly use pixel doubling to display 1080p. The BenQ with its XPR chips (and any other brand which uses them) is having to scale 1080p to some odd 2400x something resolution which is not clean, thus ends up looking super soft.
  4. Its funny you mention Avatar because that's the film where I notice the BenQ looked horrible and my JVC looked sharp, it was night and day. I dont use image sharpening on the JVC either so it was a fair match. The JVC has zero crosstalk at crosstalk cancel -4 on my screen anyway so its a non issue there. If you are brightness starved then you might need the extra brightness of the BenQ. Trust me mate, you would notice the image just looked really soft. The BenQ is 120hz and the JVC is 96hz.
  5. The BenQ will not have good 3D at all because of the XPR chip-set not being a clean multiple of 1080p so it will be scaling (badly) in 3D and look all soft and blurry. My JVC X9500 absolutely destroyed the BenQ LK990 I had here in 3D, it was drastic, because the JVC will just go into its sharp native 1080p mode and display proper 1:1 pixel mapping in 3D. So, based on that, the Epson would have far better 3D. But it will also have ghosting. The BenQ has no ghosting at all being DLP. but for me, the blurriness made all that useless anyway.
  6. All the eshift JVCs are 12bit end to end. This seems to affect the new 4K models only, and its a bug.
  7. Yeah i just don't have space for a double wall. I wish I did though. But looks like I'm entering the realm of diminishing returns there anyway.
  8. Nah I was actually pretty against using acoustiblok (MLV) and using the images to try and help Al understand why greenglue is better Definitely not using any MLV. Clip and channel. Double drywall + greenglue. Proven method. I'll definitely stay mindful of how the baffle wall will need to be insulated in the voids. Kinda seems like an ideal spot for ~2ft bass traps though. The other ideal spot would be building a small riser in the back half of the room and have that filled with pink fluffy and some vents on the boundary walls leading into it. Room Sims tell me I'm going to have decent room mode right at 30hz which extends harmonics right through the frequency range (60,90,120 etc...), can probably tune the riser for that frequency.
  9. I'm 99% sure flex from the clips and channel doesn't damp in the same manner as GG. Are you DIY'ing the soundproofing? that MLV board is HEAVY. Its easier to handle gyprock and GG....thought I'd mention it. Good luck with the build, looks great! I wont be mounting drywall myself, no. Whats mlv board? Did you see the images I posted. There are articles on soundproofing company website if you want to read up on how the clip and channel system works in relation to greenglue.
  10. The depth of the void is about 55cm. I don't see in your post where they put a limit on that? Also. There is a hard wall behind it, if there is nothing there, it's going to reflect, if there is something there and it goes through 1ft or so then reflects, I don't get the issue here? This is similar to superchunk bass traps in the corners, the depth is relatively similar ? By having something there I end up with absorbtion in some way rather than none at all.
  11. Thanks. Yeah the screen baffle wall is not actually a solid wall. It's a couple posts with fabric panels over it so no worry of triple leaf effect. The speakers are going to be surrounded by deep acoustic insulation where there is any void. I've been modelling the room dimensions including the screen wall as in, assuming it's acoustically invisible because it will be. Or are you suggesting that if the speaker stack is so large and wide that in itself may induce triple leaf effect? I guess that makes sense as a possibility. I will be reading every build thread on AVS over the next year, already been doing so in the past couple years and have quite a lot of insight from over there too.
  12. Thanks man! I am not quite there with a full on tender with McDonald Jones just yet, I have a preliminary one from them, they know about the room because we sat down and tried to troubleshoot how to do it with the floorplan. But only got as far as physically fitting the size that works for me in the space. I have spoken with Hotondo a few times previously (all of them actually), but the Como 390 is probably the closest plan I would build, but that front living room is not really condusive to what I wanna do, (I would flip the study and living so the theatre is not the front room for one) but I would need to both widen and extend the house, which is not really easy on my plot as mine is only 15m and extensions sideways past that and the plan I chose wont really work due to building height. Also they come out a fair bit more expensive than MDJ for square size. We looked at the Saxonville at homeworld and we really loved all the MDJ houses we looked at, we took a drive up to Newcastle too and looked there. Essentially we thought the Saxonville was perfect. Was really well done. Almost went with Tullipan but they are $$$. I guess I will have to put it to them that I would like it done at build. Or put something in the contract to say that I can have people come and do that part... The guy I am dealing with is really knowledgeable, and seems to be more of a 'yes' man than most of the people we have chatted with, and he was pretty no BS. He did say they can do soundproofing etc but I dont think he understood just how much I want to do, but I think that's a conversation for a bit later when we go down the path of actually paying a design fee to include the modifications we have done internally, because there is a lot of them. Almost the entire upstairs is different, we have half the floor for our Master essentially. Laura at Hotondo is awesome though when I have spoken with her a few times, shes super helpful. What area are you building in? I will be in the new Glades development in Glenning Valley. We live in a rental right now in Berkeley Vale. I hear you regarding ripping drywall out, that's definitely a last resort I guess. Your idea on the incoming and return being lined up for a bulk head is just about exactly what I would like to do. Curious, where you planning on sourcing your clips and channel etc from? I would definitely like to keep in touch with those details. Seems the Rotul Australian equivalents to the Soundproofing company products are a little different. All different sizing. I am basing my STC ratings and such from the US company, so I hope I can find an option here with availability (furring channels etc) which performs as good.
  13. I would not be selling a 9 series JVC to buy a BenQ especially if you got a good deal on the JVC. They have a lot of work to do on firmware and it's possible that some of that will only materialise in the form of a new model. Then you should consider it if feedback is good.
  14. You don't want to go past brightness +2 max on the JVC, you will totally kill it's contrast ability. Make sure the room is very dark too. Also Auto 1 is very agressive, with game of thrones being well under 1% ADL for the whole episode it would have clamped the iris for almost the whole show. That would have clipped blacks. Best to use Auto 2. It's less agressive and won't so much have that issue. Also what gamma are you using? Normal? If so that's ok. That's gamma 2.2. if using 2.4 and that show is dark you could try 2.2 and it will look better.
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