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  1. Javs

    2019 projector releases ?

    That was the first time he turned it on though (at his work), he did say when it warmed up it got better, and he only needed one vertical click of red and it was fine. TBH my current 9500 needs one click of blue vertically, so long as the convergence error is uniform, as in, you dont need Zone, I think its not really an issue. When you have 1/3rd amazing, and 1/3rd complete rubbish like I did on both my 9900's that's when you are up shits creek because you will have to do extensive zone corrections.
  2. Javs

    2019 projector releases ?

    You are generalising, I am specifying an actual person. That guy is a huge dick. Don't know if you have seen the crap he has been posting in the past 3-4 years. Good people were also banned because of him.
  3. Javs

    2019 projector releases ?

    Not worth a damn to bother reading. Joerod is a HUGE Sony fanboy, he would never 'fairly' critique a Sony other than to say its the greatest thing he has ever seen. Which, surprise surprise, is what he says in the 'review'. his extreme bias is incredibly known on AVS. Ekki can formulate much more informative feedback which is actually worth something, even though he himself is quite bias these days too.
  4. Javs

    2019 projector releases ?

    Yeah as Al says, just going to sit this one out. I am still really happy with my 9500, and I dont think its worth the price jump right now personally (for my current scenario). I am not far off building a house, which will have a new theatre, and by the time that is done, I will see what NX9 level machine is around at that point, hopefully something similar to the Z1 specs honestly and laser... My projector use in the last few months has taken a spectacular nose dive for no specific reason too. Only really use it a few hours a week maybe two movies. The rest is just the 75" in the living room for random stuff and Netflix...
  5. Javs

    2019 projector releases ?

    Not so fast... https://www.avsforum.com/forum/24-digital-hi-end-projectors-3-000-usd-msrp/2996950-new-jvc-rs3000-nx9-rs2000-n7-rs1000-n5-native-4k-projectors-anticipation-thread-367.html#post57244656
  6. Javs

    2019 projector releases ?

    BT2020 is the colour space of UHD Bluray, its just that they are generally targeting P3 within that.
  7. Javs

    Javelin Audio Custom Centre Speaker

    Hi, a few people have asked, so a little more info on this particular speaker... The final price on this particular speaker when it becomes available will be in the neighbourhood of $4,000. The Drivers are: 2x 12" Faital 12FH520 16ohm in Parallel Low Freq Woofers - https://faitalpro.com/en/products/LF_Loudspeakers/product_details/index.php?id=151050111 2x Faital 6PR160 8ohm in Parallel Mids - https://faitalpro.com/en/products/LF_Loudspeakers/product_details/index.php?id=151050110 1x Beyma TPL150H AMT Tweeter. - http://beyma.com/products/diapharagmtweeters/1TPL15H8 Speaker impedance is about 4ohm, lowest it drops is about 3.5ohm. It would probably be able to handle north of 1000w. Its final sensitivity would be extremely close to 100db/watt, so by the time you throw 25 watts at the speaker, you are already well over 105db reference levels. Your ears are going to give up before this speaker will, it should be good for 125db+. The Box is constructed of 25mm MDF, with a 36mm front baffle, and a fair bit of internal bracing using 18mm MDF. 76KG Weight loaded with drivers. The box itself is about 60KG. The Crossover points are 300 and 1800hz. In room, its pretty much -3db at 35hz and has a steady decline over the whole range downward (a little like the harman curve) and a bit steeper roll off in the tweeter at about 8khz. This is a Home Theatre Center obviously, with a tweeter like this being behind a waveguide I have found its best to have it a bit more laid back in the very top end. Final Crossover Measurement - In my room, so please ignore under about 250hz since that would be room modes. At various smoothing levels. Raw Driver In Box Measurements - Outdoors LF (Does not include Port Summation - Actual Port Response -3db is 35hz) Mid Tweeter I have been building using this tweeter and these LF Woofers for some time now, I believe this is a really exceptional AMT tweeter. I currently use 7 of them all around me in my modest home theatre room. My L/R consist of a large scale modular tower system which is fully active 3-way, standing 2m tall. I am using 2x Faital 15FH520's for LF in that build, a Beyma 12p80Ndv2 for the Mid (amazing mid woofer) and the TPL 150H Tweeter. The crossover points for that speaker is 200/1200hz. My current personal Center is using the same Beyma mid as mu large towers, and the same 12FH520's from Woofers, Center. Here is my room, and my other speakers currently, The 6-point averaged response of that particular active speaker. The 'Rears' (Which are easily big enough to be a lot of peoples L/R) are an MTM configuration using the TPL150H Crossing at 1200hz to 2x Faital 8PR200 Woofers. https://faitalpro.com/en/products/LF_Loudspeakers/product_details/index.php?id=101030200 Previous towers (My Own Current Centre): I will also have a range of Modules available in couple of different sizes, which could be used for Dolby Atmos Enabled speakers, designed to sit on top of your L/R towers and your rear L/R speakers to facilitate Dolby Atmos and DTS:X effects. For those who are looking for a smaller surround, and even Atmos Ceiling solution, I am also working on a slanted 8" Ported Coax Speaker which should be excellent for those duties. These will all be available for sale direct very shortly along with a wider range of speakers and even large subwoofers. Whatever your needs we should have a full line up suitable to service every speaker in your system in a couple of different levels of size. The aim here is to provide people with a serious home theatre solution right here in Australia, without the need to import from the likes of the US Factory Direct manufacturers. The idea is to give people tremendous performance for price ratio, but also taking no shortcuts in terms of driver selection, these are all very serious pro audio drivers designed for pretty extreme levels of SPL, some of these same drivers can be found in concerts and cinema applications, the aim here is to bring that level of effortless and clean performance into the home theatre segment. There are a couple of factory direct brands in the US who are doing it right and delivering incredible performance over there into customer hands for a fraction of what the big name and flashy brands are doing. However, bringing their products into Australia end up costing about 30-40% premiums based purely on the weight of the goods, this is what led me down my own path to end up here. You should have a very comparable option to those companies right here in Australia very soon. Pricing will follow shortly, hopefully in early 2019 I can open the doors to everybody and take orders for those interested in the upcoming product line. Paul, happy to hear you are enjoying your speaker!, Thanks for the positive feedback Thanks for looking. Matthew.
  8. Al, the 760ES has full 18gbps chipsets... It has laser dimming, no fixed or mechanical iris. The 570ES has a full dynamic mechanical iris. The 870ES has laser dimming and a full dynamic mechanical iris, and of course the ARC-F lens.
  9. Javs

    2019 projector releases ?

    Latest call to JVC this morning... Shipment is not due in country until the end of November, even that is not 'certain'. Pricing still up in the air.
  10. Javs

    2019 projector releases ?

    Yep I did note that on the other forum.
  11. Javs

    2019 projector releases ?

    Chip manufacturers are doing it every day with CPU's and GPUs etc. Its not new. The 9 series JVC's have always had considerably more contrast than the 7 series, everything else is pretty much a wash. So, the DILA panels were clearly graded appropriately.
  12. Javs

    2019 projector releases ?

    I want motion exactly as it was shot. So, yes I will take it. Sony's Extreme chips (even better ones actually) are in their $4000 TV's too, I think you are jumping too neck deep into the marketing material... Here you go... Nice reading. I side with Christopher Nolan, Paul Thomas Anderson, James Gunn, Christopher Mcquarrie, Tom Cruise, Matt Reeves, Edgar Wright.. https://www.slashfilm.com/war-on-motion-smoothing/ https://www.change.org/p/hdtv-manufacturers-please-stop-making-smooth-motion-the-default-setting-on-all-hdtvs
  13. Javs

    2019 projector releases ?

    You must have loved Billy Lynns Long Half time Walk and the Hobbit movies shot at higher frame rates. I cant watch either of them at all in native frame rates. 24p is the only way I can view movies. Peoples opinions are their own of course, and to be respected so I am not saying anybody is wrong. However I am not going to shoot down a display technology because it can show exactly every frame which is in the source. FI is mostly fake frames, you are watching more interpolated frames than you are real frames. I dont get it. You should see Mastering Monitors, people would be laughed out of the room if they asked to see movies with FI during mastering process. If the film makers intend you to experience the content differently, they will shoot it differently.