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  1. I dont sell projectors mate, have not for a couple years... even then at the time it was maybe a dozen, might want to reconsider the pigeon hole you seem to put me in. Thats all from me, I made my point so others can hopefully see the errors in your original statement, even though you refuse to accept it and wont walk back on your comments.
  2. Thanks, but its really of no consequence, as I said, the system we are installing is variable speed both in fan speed and compressor, it can drop to as low as 10% output if the room is at temp, it can cool one room only if I want and shut off all other zones, up to 8 zones, its not the cheapest system out there, we upgraded it. Actron Air ESP Platinum. I am not going to install/waste money on a whole separate system for just that room when the house system will more than suffice.
  3. There is no convincing you, especially if it comes from me as history would show, but lets be clear, you made a ridiculous statement without actual substantiation and I called you on it. You haven't submitted findings and research of the SMTPE, you have quoted a comment from the comments section on the bottom of an internet article which is exactly the thing you were initially condemning and took it totally at face value without fact checking, where is the link to the white-paper of this 'study'? I gave you several white-papers some of which are actually done by 3rd party not the m
  4. Mate if you can send some ideas through would always appreciate it. Yes I have definitely given it some thought, everything must be hidden though behind the panels on the walls. So anywhere in the room, I have 5cm depth to play with. The columns are deeper, about 15cm.
  5. Hi, thanks. The AC system is a pretty good one in that it can drop to 10% output and also service one room only, we will also have solar and battery, I am not concerned about power bills because there probably wont be any, its certainly much cleaner to just use the big expensive AC system in the house we are paying for, so definitely wont be doing mini split. As much as I would love to permanently drywall the windows, its much more likely they will be very large window plugs, also we are doing this room after handover, which means after the OC is issues. Otherwise I agr
  6. I dont have it backwards, I knew you were going to reply in a quite dismissive manner, to the point I almost didn't even bother posting in the first place, however you have slightly misunderstood the article you are quoting, I found the article and quote referencing the SMTPE 'observations' (a few people sitting in a commercial cinema???) and they are talking about PERF not MICROPERF. There is a huge difference between the two. ! I take issue mostly with the 'matter of fact' nature of your comment, its simply not correct whatsoever. You act like any perf scree
  7. You have that totally backwards. Woven screens will 'eat' the pixel grid. MiroPerf will clearly show the pixels. They are still mostly a flat surface after all. Some of the better woven ones may still retain the grid properly.
  8. Yeah I am also a Javelin Amazon AU seller has some bulbs I want to try, havent jumped in yet though. Scroll up to my last post for links.
  9. Those things are really not important to me. I have a JVC X9500 right now that I love, with a new lamp and good tone mapping the screen-size and gain I want, I would still get decent brightness on it with a fresh lamp probably 22-25fl, which is honestly what I am already using in low lamp for HDR with MadVR, so will just go to high lamp. I also have a Panasonic RZ660 6000lm laser projector for a 'B' machine, so that will do things like tv shows and such. I will look at a high end projector in another year or so. Receiver, I will want a 16ch one, so right now
  10. Original design was done in Sketchup I believe, and then I took it into Cinema 4D and carried on with the colours and render. Do you mind editing your post to take out all the images, no need to include the images in your quote. Thanks.
  11. Just scrolling back in this thread and realised I hadn't shared anything for ages in regards to plans etc. We have full house plans now and the cinema has been thought out a fair bit more... Here is what it all looks like at the moment. So the builder didn't want the angle of the entry to be exactly 45degrees due to not encroaching on the entry way to our house, and I am OK with this, was annoyed at first as I lost a little bit of precious internal space to theatre, but after thinking on it, its totally fine. This means the entry to the cinema is a little on
  12. Will be using the bigger rondo channel, not sure 16mm is enough to really work properly so dont want to lose performance based on 10mm. Will probably use 129. Also might look at price on Rondo STWC clips. Also want to make sure I am getting all the performance I can.
  13. Not there yet... Land is about to register then all systems go, still a ways off from being able to make sawdust in the theatre...
  14. Here are some tests... Oblivion: Oblivion : Screenshot Comparison Oblivion : Screenshot Comparison Oblivion : Screenshot Comparison Oblivion : Screenshot Comparison Game of Thrones: GoT : Screenshot Comparison GoT : Screenshot Comparison GoT : Screenshot Comparison Samsara: Samsara : Screenshot Comparison Samsara : Screenshot Comparison Samsara : Screenshot Comparison Samsara : Screenshot Comparison Samsara : Screenshot Comparison Skyfall: Skyfall : Screenshot Comparison Skyfall : Screenshot Comparison Skyfall : Screenshot
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