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  1. Mate, I have set myself a bit of a goal next year... If nothing worthy comes out at a good price point, I am going to have to really start the campaign of convince the wife its ok to spend >$30k on a PJ. She is actually getting equally frustrated with my frustration haha, she wants an end to it as much as me now.
  2. I dont think I totally agree with that. On the edges of the lens maybe. But these issues are in the dead center too. Here is another thing to think about. When you use minimum throw, each pixel passing through the lens has MORE glass surface area to pass through, MTF is higher, it actually requires less perfect glass if you think about it. If you had extreme telephoto zoom, more than what is actually possible, the surface area of glass per pixel would reduce to such a small size that the micro imperfections in the glass will totally destroy the pixel delineation. So, as you can see, I really dont agree that short throw is bad for lens sharpness per se, Focus uniformity yes maybe I see that. I cant get ANY of the pixels close to as sharp as my 9500, that's my main issue here. Clearly I have a 20LTD lens in my 9500. Thats a tough pill to swallow to be swapping that out for a unit with inferior optics but a tiny step forward (or sideways) in eshift. Conundrum indeed. I was really open to keeping this unit if the lens was equal, or, far closer to equal but with excellent convergence etc... none of that is the case here at all. Here is the funny thing, I dont even think the lens in my 9500 is THAT good, I can see plenty of things that could improve, hell the right bottom corner is not great, smears a little but the rest of the screen is just weapon like in sharpness compared to the two 9900's I have had and the X7000 I used to own.
  3. Just an update on my issues... Got my replacement 9900 finally... Lens is arguably worse than the last sample I had. Convergence is identical to the last sample I had also, requires Zone corrections, not uniform convergence, Red is out on the right hand half of the screen. I can see red from the chair. Brightness is good though, 1770 lumens. Ok its not 2000 but its not horrible. Really don't know what to do here, I think I am tapping out for this round. Can you guys guess which of these is my 9500? Projector A bottom left, Projector B top right Cross. Images taken across multiple points on the screen all over.
  4. JVC DLA Z1 Arrives..

    I know right? Woofer, whats the hold up mate, deets mate, deets! Hows it look??? Guess you are too busy being stunned by fricken laserbeams.
  5. JVC DLA Z1 Arrives..

    Not me, I would love to, never seen a Z1! Congrats Woofer! Call me when you have collected some thoughts!
  6. Read the sentence again... 'However its important to note that in person, you CANNOT tell the difference if you close your eyes for about 5 seconds and the image is switched and the colour was identical.' No, not at all, Good luck identifying much of anything that has changed in an image on any display after 5 seconds of black, unless you have literally superhuman photographic memory. Doesn't change the fact there there is a difference there, the photos I took prove it, as I said. Does it matter GREATLY? No. But its there. As I said, I have owned both, put thousands of hours on them, done shootouts with both, as such I am qualified to comment on it, have you? Enjoy your eshift 3 unit and all the wisdom is seems to provide you.
  7. [quote post="3793779" timestamp="1510132704" name="Owen" userid="164463" As for video, the screen shots you posted that would seem to show 1080 Bluray upscaled via MadVR look REALLY bad. The movie "Lucy" on 1080 Bluray properly upscaled and sharpened looks DRAMATICALLY better in full motion on a JVC then your photos portray, it looks like your 4K screen shots. That is why they can only be used to compare other projectors photographed at the very same moment in time with the same conditions, not whet you think it looks like on your own projector. If that is all you saw then you entirely missed the point, big surprise. When you have multiple projectors/brands in the same room at the same time I would be happy to listen to your opinion. If I recall you are still on an eshift 3 unit?
  8. 3D has zero to do with eshift projectors in comparison to others, its not even functional in 3d.
  9. Thats my specific unit. I am yet to receive my replacement, hopefully its better, I Have posted some thoughts from a friend overseas who has done a similar shootout with a 9500 and 9900 and he found the lens focus issue to be reversed in his test! His 9500 was the soft one. Sample variance is real indeed.
  10. Is there a dealer near you at all? Or forum members who own some projectors? If you are in Brisbane, take a ride to Rich from OZTS's showroom? Hes somewhere between the GC and Brisbane as far as I recall? These questions are all going to end with the same recommendation to go see them yourself and decide. I don't recall anybody spending as much time deliberating brands as you do, It has been months now? Sony and JVC are both excellent for 3D. Sony has marginally more crosstalk, the JVC is brighter overall, The JVC's have WAY more contrast in 3d which in my opinion crushes the flatter looking Sony. Sony still can use Reality Creation in 3d, so there is the appearance of a possibly sharper picture there despite the lacking contrast, despite what anybody may tell you though, the Sony is NOT up-scaling to 4k, no projector will do that with 3D.. 1080p Frame Packed resolution on both Sony and JVC if you look at it with a PC Desktop has a FAR lower visible resolution than straight 1080p, there is something very off about it, obviously its only designed for 3D though. Just making it clear. The JVC's have a very subtle flicker in 3d due to slower refresh rates on the glasses, but again with the contrast, the depth is far greater IMO, Sony also has a flicker to it, but the JVC will be worse to those sensitive to the Sony flicker, I remember being floored by Gravity in 3d when I first plugged in my JVC X7000 which was stacked with my old Sony 300ES, the depth and contrast was unreal, the flicker was definitely noticeable though. I demo'd that film to a fellow forum member who actually had bought my old 300ES, sold it, bought a 320ES, sold it, bought an Epson LS10k... then came and saw Gravity on my X7000 and left saying it was the best 3D he had ever seen... says something. He now owns a JVC X9500 and has held on to it longer than the three projectors that preceded it.
  11. LOL Xpand sorry, had my colour calibration meter in my head I guess. Xpand 105. They actually make the JVC branded glasses too, the only difference is the JVC ones are horizontally polarised, but it doesn't matter as long as your PJ screen does not retain polarisation, mine from Rich at OZTS does not, so spending extra money on the JVC branded glasses is needless. I think i recall getting 4 pairs of Xpands for the price of one pair of JVC glasses.
  12. Thanks, I know what to look for, but It actually depends where you are looking, your eyes are in the center of the lenses in the glasses, these photographs are taken with a big camera lens pushed up to the glasses, the glasses fail on the far outer edges of the lenses, so in actual fact, when I say I cant see any crosstalk at all when I view the images for real its because my eye is in the center of the lens and they seem to work better there, if I move my head and look in the top corner of the frame, what crosstalk is there in this photo, is gone, its easy to test with any display, something I noticed with the Xrite glasses (which in my opinion are the best glasses).
  13. Yeah the settings I use, there is completely zero crosstalk. But they are the maximum 'Crosstalk Cancel' settings on the projector, which results in the dimmest 3d image, but I have enough brightness and screen gain where its not a problem for me, still getting 12fl or so in 3d mode through the glasses. If I want to go brighter I would get a very mild amount of crosstalk, definitely not as bad as the one I posted second.
  14. Here is what the JVC can do with a 3D test pattern and optimal 3D settings in the projector: Here is what the same test looks like when you change the settings in a way that induces crosstalk...
  15. Still waiting on JVC to decide what is happening with my 9900 unit... Japan has been extremely slow to respond with steps to take, and we are now waiting on reply #2 from them as reply #1 seemed to indicate my original email was never even read in the first place. When I get a new sample to try, I will definitely be updating this thread again with those findings good or bad, and will compare the unit once again to my 9500 and see if we can see more of a difference this time around, or not. In the mean time, here are some user thoughts from ARROW-AV from AVS, who I chat to about these units, he has done a similar shootout to me, yet ironically, his findings were the reverse of mine, that is to say it turns out his 9500 was a less than perfect sample, and his 9900 was a great sample. It just highlights the importance of attaining a great sample unit. We also have quite a few new owners now in the AVS threads, and in general people seem to be happy, definitely a couple instances that mirror mine in the 7 series though. JVC needs to put stricter tolerances on the 9 series in general it seems based on what Arrow has to say here.