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  1. Tempting! I currently have a Power Plant Premiere. Despite offering lower total wattage, would the P3 offer a notable increase in sound quality over the premiere? Only issue is my premiere is US plugs, and I’ve got lots of US power cables, and it looks like PS audio would be unable to supply a P3 with US sockets, which sucks as that has 6 outputs instead of only 4. any specials on the Stella Phono coming up?
  2. Further information: I have two pairs, using one, other not needed. Brand new in sealed box. pickup in Mitchell, ACT, or can post for the asking price. Photos:
  3. If it’s still available later on I’ll be interested just need to recover some funds! Grabbed some ps audio stellar stuff so this will match nicely. Although will be interested to see what makes the Stellar phono stage worth 4K, as the Nuwave is meant to be fantastic!
  4. This is the third one of these I’ve seen for sale recently. They were both black, this is silver, tempting....what phono stage are you planning to use instead?
  5. Item: JL audio F110 subwoofer - V1 or V2 Price Range: 0-$1500 Item Condition: used Extra Info: Found one locally for sale, was organising the time to pick up and the seller backed out. So on the hunt again! V1 preferred as its cheaper, but can do a V2 if price is right. I'm in Canberra, since we can't really travel interstate atm, one in Canberra would be great, but if you have one and are interstate, and have the box and can post, brilliant, if not I can organise a courier. Cheers Saad
  6. Yhea, I was thinking spikes just to stop them from sliding around and get them higher away from dust
  7. Ive seen the iso acoustics ones, but they need to be on a solid surface, whereas as my block will be on carpet. Whats the benefit of the anti vibration blocks? Thats genius, and costs about $2. Thanks!
  8. Hey guys So i've just got some monoblocks, and they wont fit on my equipment rack, so I was thinking of placing them on the floor, high end audiophile style Anyway, hifi equipment stands tend to be very expensive, my current rack I got secondhand for a bargain and is awesome, and I've placed my equipment on Ikea bamboo chopping boards. I was thinking of using chopping boards on the floor, and placing my amps on them, but I need spikes or similar to put underneath the boards, mostly just to lift the amps up a bit and away from dust, but also because I have carpet floors, with concrete underneath, so spikes would be good to stop them from moving around. Can anyone recommend any spikes or cones that dont cost an arm and leg? Or any other bright ideas? Cheers Saad
  9. Precisely. Theres a reason motorsport wiring harnesses dont use solder. I actually just bought an 8 tonne hydraulic crimp tool. Now its a cheap chinese tool, so is it really that much? Probably not. I was looking at the tool Chord Company sell for crimping/cold welding their plugs, and it compresses with 1.5 tonnes of force. Similar to QED airlock connectors
  10. The wide bit at the bottom is a ferrule and that’s the bit that gets crimped. These are a crimp type not solder or screw. I’ve got a crimp tool with multiple dies so just seeing which is the best die to use
  11. Hey Guys I've got a bunch of silver audioquest banana plugs with a sleeve, like the following. What sort of crimp die should I be using, what length do I insert the wire into the plug? Thanks Saad
  12. Still looking guys had someone local with a JL F110, but hes gone MIA!
  13. Flexible on price guys, need these gone to keep the wife happy!
  14. Further information: Ive had these monitors for years, however when I moved back to Canberra I never really pulled them out and used them. For the money they are fantastic, add a DAC with a volume control and you've got an incredible sounding system for peanuts. I just pulled them out and set them up, and had a good listen, everything is working and they sound brilliant. I was planning to keep these, but honestly they have just been sitting around not being used, the money could be better put to use elsewhere. Unfortunately I dont have the boxes anymore as I through them out, but if you really wanted them shipped, I could securely pack and ship via e-go or similar. Photos:
  15. There's no XLR adapter that came with the unit, the 4 pin XLR is for balanced headphones. It came with a 3.5mm to 1/4" adapter, which every pair of serious headphones which uses 3.5mm connectors do, so if the buyers needs one I can supply, I have the remote, the manual is probably still in the box, so yep I think we have all the original accesories!
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