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  1. Hi. I would like the harmony and the yds-11 would you be willing to post to Kincumber NSW 2251?
  2. Hi there. My son has done the other switch and has an Apple Watch Sport series 1 which was replaced about 6 months ago under warranty. It does have some scuff marks on the screen though, visible in certain lighting. I’m sure he would love to swap. If you are interested I will pm some pics
  3. Item: Midnight Oil Complete Vinyl Record Box Set. New and sealed Location: Green Point Pick up preferred but can post Price: 375 ono plus postage if reqd Item Condition: New Sealed Reason for selling: Wife Bought me one as well Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is the new Midnight oil box set as follows. It is still in the shrink wrap. Introducing the Complete Midnight Oil Vinyl Collection from Sony Legacy and Sony Music Australia. This definitive Oils collection includes all of Midnight Oils’ 11 classic studio LP’s, plus their two 12” EP’s on 180gsm vinyl in one complete box. Each vinyl has been remastered from the original tapes by Steve Smart at Studios 301, Sydney and then mastered for Vinyl at Abbey Road Studios, London. The artwork has been painstakingly restored to match the original releases and this deluxe box set includes the original alternative album cover for Capricornia. Midnight Oil is more than just a rock & roll band. From their beginnings as an inner city punk group gigging around Australian pubs in the late 70’s they grew into one of Australia’s most successful international rock bands in the 80’s and 90’s. Midnight Oil followed nobody else’s rules. They blazed trails, they took stands and they pushed all boundaries. Most importantly, across a quarter of a century this iconic band created a uniquely Australian sound that is captured here in one complete vinyl collection for the very first time. ALBUMS INCLUDED Midnight Oil Head Injuries Bird Noises EP Place Without a Postcard 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Red Sails in the Sunset Species Deceases EP Diesel and Dust Blue Sky Mining Earth and Sun and Moon Breathe Redneck Wonderland Capricornia Pictures:
  4. Hi all Everything is going well with the room now. We had an issue where the new Yamaha was dropping signal as well though when playing movies via the projector. So I went out and bought better HDMi cables , same thing happened. Then I hooked the HDMi directly to the projector, no issues. Anyway reaching the end of my rope I rang the HiFi shop to discuss. After a lot of back and forth and troubleshooting we realised that the Receiver has the option to display on HDMI 1 out, HDMI 2 out or HDMI 1+2. So I pressed the button for HDMI 2 only and the problem disappeared. So after at least 10 hours of troubleshooting, I have now concluded that the 4K tv is sometimes working in 4K via the dodgy HDMi cable , sort of. Then the amp gets confused and tries to send 4K to the TV but the cable wont let it work properly. The morale to my long winded story is , A:- Buy a good cable for more than 10m runs, and B:- Switch of the HDMi you aren't using if cable is dodgy. I am going to order the Ruprio Cable soon and I think there will never be an issue again. In other news, it seems that my neighbours have been unintentionally enjoying my home theatre as well , one of them came over on Sunday and said he could feel the movie in his bed. My daughter reckons that was a bit of exaggeration but I got the message. So in the interest of being a good neighbour I agreed to lower the volume and put in place a 10pm curfew on movies like Tron Legacy haha.. Cheers Chris
  5. Thanks Al. Yeah the 10m would work in a pinch. It just doesn't leave me much room to play with at the receiver end. At the moment I have to put the reciever on the middle shelf of the rack due to the short cable length. I could cut another hole with another cable plate but the wall will be more hole than wall hahaha. I think I will save for the ruipro and just wait a little while.
  6. That’s good to know. I was tossing up getting an active cable but I had some concerns thank you
  7. Thanks Quark Thats not cheap but nothing is really. I will likely get that , there’s no rush but I am missing the 4K a little bit. I appreciate the link. ?
  8. Hi all, so some interesting/annoying developments. The Onkyo receiver i bought , which was only 580 down from $1400 was rubbish, I installed it over Australia day weekend , within one week the HDMI board was on the fritz. It would play video to the projector for 5 or 10 or 15mins then sound and picture would drop right out , then come back , sometimes with audio, sometimes not. Anyway it wasn't my first rodeo so I did some troubleshooting, and located the amp as the problem. I took it back to JB HIFI and they refunded me no questions, They offered me a deal on the sony 1080 but I declined and got my refund. Then I went to Eastwood HiFi and picked up the Yamaha RX-V3083. We have an old RXV3900 in the front room so I knew the quality would (hopefully) be better and it was. After re hooking everything up everything works as it should, We watched The Empire Strikes Back. Flawless. I did come across one issue where our Fetch TV box wasn't showing a picture on the TV so i looked into the settings on the Yamaha and turns out it has a setting to check the TV for max resolution. It was trying to send 4k to my 4k tv but the 10m cable I used is , well , rubbish. I did a double check with the Xbox which actually has a resolution test page in the settings. So , my question is . Does anyone know of a good brand HDMI cable for 12m run. I dont want to run a cable for a third time. lol Am I better off going for HDMi over Cat6 or use an active HDMI cable? I prefer the single cable solution if its viable. Ideally I want to put a cable in that can do 4k/60 if there is such a thing. Besty
  9. Thanks mate. Yeah the dark ceiling will be a while I think. We watched Passengers last night. Wife was so impressed. (So was I ) haha some pics of the maniac dog. ?
  10. Thanks mate. Yeah the dark ceiling will be a while I think. We watched Passengers last night. Wife was so impressed. (So was I ) haha some pics of the maniac dog. ?
  11. Yes the ceiling is very white. I didn’t realise how much it would reflect the light. Something to consider after a few good movies. Slowly slowly with the dark ceiling idea. Haha We got some recliner home theatre lounges from A mart. Millenia or something. My mate has them very comfy, all powered for minimum effort. Lol
  12. Thanks. Yep even my wife agrees now. We watched Avatar in 2 channel the other day and it was pretty amazing.
  13. So. Carpet went in and stereo installed as well as home theatre. There are a few issues to sort out but generally very happy. 4k won’t go from the Xbox one S to the tv through the amp. I think it’s a cable limitation rather than an amp problem. I didn’t lash out on the hdmi but looks like I might have to re run a proper one direction cable with built in amplifier or some other nonsense. Perhaps hdmi to Ethernet. Set top box and Xbox won’t transmit to the projector through the amp. Everything else works fine though, crazy and annoying. Anyway, all things that can get sorted out in good time. Blinds go in on the 19th , lounges on the 3rd march then it’s pretty much done until I can save for a decent Martin Logan centre and surround. Some pics for your enjoyment.
  14. Carpet going in today. So ready to clean up the whole house. Got gear in every room. Lol heres some before shots.
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