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  1. Well i missed out on the orpheus speakers, someone snaked them under me haha, would love to find a set of paradigum studio 60 or 100's, the plan i think now is to find a decent set of speakers and hopefully yeh be able to do without a sub, so that would increase the overall speaker budget a little
  2. looking at a pair under $200 so seems a good buy
  3. well i did go listen to some soundbars in my price range today, was not overly impressed, did come across some orpheus aurora 3 speakers for cheap, aussie made seem to have some good reviews and well under budget, any thoughts?
  4. Hi guys and gals, Been browsing the for sale sections on facebook, gumtree and on here for a used set of speakers and have narrowed down my budget and choice, the room size isn't huge, i have a tv mounted on a drop down tv mount above a fire place on a 3m wide wall, room size total is 3x4.5 meters total. Budget is around $1000 total. (not including a sub if i added one in the future). Option 1. Used set of front L and R speakers and amp. Add in a subwoofer down the track (would end up being a martysub diy build). Option 2. Soundbar. Option 3. Used Front Center Right set of speakers. Onto of this I really need help on what to look for, there are so many used speakers out there and sound bars and could really really use some suggestions on what to look for new and used. I look every day and think owww that looks good but then dont know what im looking at or for, is it to big, to small, good brand, Im lost.
  5. is the martycube the full marty?
  6. I missed this comment, what would the box look like? im hoping to follow something thats already been done as i didnt want to put any guess work into it. I like the idea but just not sure how to build it?
  7. thanks everyone for all the inputs highly appreciate it, I have had the tuba ht sub plans for a while but its just way to big, Even though i didnt want to have ordered two dayton woofers from the states to build two micro martys, the rooms only 3m x 4.5 m so i have a feeling that are gonna be off the hook.
  8. Thanks for the input guys, was hoping there might be a cheaper option out there to build 2x 15" subs under $1000, any other known drivers or sub builds that might fit my budget and want
  9. To add as for the subs, considering running 2x 15's in a micro marty and have them in the direct centre of the wall instead of 1 large cabinet 18" subwoofer
  10. So my seating distance at the moment is about 2.1 meters from my current 55inch tv, so if i want it to be "optimal it has to be a perfect triangle persay does it meaning 2.1 from the tv and 2.1m for the speakers apart?
  11. So the speakers i am looking at are 90DB at 1 meter, as for the tv it will sit nice and high and out of the way daily and at night its able to be brought down off the wall to be at perfect viewing height.
  12. haha mad man idea but that wont work, its all sealed up and that and i like the idea of building a sub that can move with me
  13. Budget isnt huge, maybe a grand for the speakers and a grand for a diy sub. When i move to a bigger house in the coming years i will easily drop 20k+ into a dedicated HT but this is just a starter. Yeh im likeing the idea more and more of just a 2.1 or 3.1 system with a big ass sub. I have heard some orpheus aurora 3 speakers before and they were great so might look for a second hand pair of those.
  14. Appreciate the feedback mate, firstly, what a dang great idea for using the fireplace cut to keep the electronics thats a winner right there. i like the idea of the hanging something on the opposite wall so considered making an accoustic wall panel like shown in the picture added. As for the Speakers in the wall that wouldnt work as it seems like a brick wall along the fireplace and dont wanna go through the hard work of doing so so floor standing speakers will be the choice i have thought about seeing if i can get away with only 2 mains. Will eventually start a build thread once the wall mount arrives and go from there. As for the sub im planning something big, a mini marty, maybe a tuba HT, have made another thread to see what might be the best subwoofer option. Thanks again for the input.
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