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  1. if it falls through, I will take it. Paul.
  2. Is there something I am doing wrong? I have confirmed that I would like to purchase these cables, I just need your preferred payment method. Paul
  3. I will take it. My postal address is 2780. Can you let me know your best payment method. Cheers, Paul.
  4. So can I get your account details? I'll pay and get Simon to contact you, if I can get your mobile number.
  5. Details? I might get my brother to pick up - he's in St Kilda, that might save a hassle.
  6. I am interested - are you prepared to post to NSW 2780? I can arrange pick-up if necessary. Cheers, Paul. What payment would you prefer?
  7. Any chance of seeing a pic of the fronts Max - I am interested. Paul
  8. I will take them please. Post to 2780. What is your preferred payment method? Cheers, Paul.
  9. My brother lives near St Kilda so that is also a possibility for pick up. Paul
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