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  1. Sunday tunes...... Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa - Don’t Explain Highly recommended album
  2. Love em.......Great combination. Just ordered their first 2 albums on vinyl 🙂
  3. Sunday tunes .......A Classic to kick off Tracy Chapman ST
  4. For lovers of Tom Petty, this is a must ! Superb mastering by Chris Bellman 😀
  5. Being from EMI, and the era, would these be "Maxicut"?
  6. Superb mate. I’ve played the cover off the cd and to me this sounds better
  7. One of my favourites. Atlantic First Press.
  8. Hi everyone Just thought I’d share a tip in regards to flattening warped vinyl. Pretty simple really. I place the warped records on top of my wine fridge and put some heavy books on top. The gentle heat emitted from the fridge seems to be just right. I had reservations about posting this because of how basic it is but I’ve had some shocking warps that I thought I’d never get out out. Leave it for a week and sure enough flat as a tack. Now I don’t know if it’s just my wine fridge but i would imagine it’s the same with any fridge. Worth a shot. See how you go. Cheers Mark
  9. Just bought some thanks April 😀
  10. I recently bought this as well JJ. Love it. Mastered at Sterling Sound.. Sounds great
  11. Thanks.......yes it’s a Rega Planar 6. A solid performer
  12. I'd have to say new from the old analog tapes.......
  13. I have to agree Tim. I recently bought 4 CCR records and JJ Cale Troubadour from AP. Absolutely stunning recordings.
  14. Has anyone tried the inner sleeves from JB HiFi? I find them great
  15. I went for 2.4 with my P6 Troy. More so for flexibility with other carts I feel
  16. These are great headphones for anyone that’s wondering..........
  17. That Maxicut thread had me fascinated. A great read. I picked up a 2nd hand Bob Seger album “Nine Tonight” the other day and low and behold a Maxicut. Sounds great !
  18. Jon.....I'll add the below please. Now invoice me before i buy anything else please!! Boz Scaggs - Silk Degrees - 2012 US Friday Music Ltd repress in gatefold (829421339205) Cover has some light storage wear on front and inside, with bumped top right corner. Back pretty clean and slick. The record is as brand new- just perfect. $38 $35
  19. I received my 4 yesterday.......In short ...."STUNNING". The detail is fantastic and it takes the recordings to another level, on my system anyway. Worthwhile purchase if your serious about Audiophile quality vinyl. I have Maxicuts and Pallas pressings but these mofi's blow me away. Very happy 😁
  20. There seems to be some positive reviews on the Steve Hoffman forum
  21. I don’t think anybody has a date yet mate. Supposed to be shipping this month though
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