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  1. giddyup1

    Bad pressing ??

    The rest of the album is not too bad. Ramble On sounds fine. Some songs are just mixed horribly. Namely the first 2 which spoils the whole record. The hit and miss of vinyl I guess
  2. giddyup1

    Bad pressing ??

    Thanks for that Candyflip. Very disappointing actually. I have lV and it sounds pretty good which is why I bought LZ ll. Should’ve done a bit more research
  3. giddyup1

    Bad pressing ??

    Hi everyone New to the vinyl game and need some help. I’ve bought a brand new pressing of Led Zep ll (2014 version). After listening to the first 2 tracks, there are some guitar parts that are really quiet compared to the rest of the band, namely JP,s solo on Whole Lotta Love. The next song, What Is and What Should Never Be has the same issue towards the end of the song where JP,s guitar should alternate between the left & right speaker. One guitar part is loud & the other is quiet. Almost like the balance is out. I haven’t listened to the rest of the album yet. Is this just a bad pressing? I have a Rega Planar 6 with an Exact cart which is new. Thanks Mark
  4. Hi I'll grab it if not already gone. Thanks
  5. Wow. Gorgeous turntable..... GLWS mate
  6. Luckily bought the box set from Amazon last night- No good this morning. With the reviews I’ve read I’m looking forward to a listen 👍
  7. Does anyone know it’s true that Amazon will ban Australians from buying from their US store because of the new GST rules? Looks like I might have to purchase this box set quick
  8. Ah my very first amp. Brought back some memories. If I had a man cave I’d grab it. GLWS
  9. Big Bad Noise - Choirboys Bondi Road -Dragon East - Chisel
  10. giddyup1

    Your favourite cover versions?

    Love a good cover. Have seen songs murdered though. Some of my favs are below. Nothing Compares to You - Chris Cornell The Boxer - Mumford & Sons/Jerry Douglas It’s All Over Now Baby Blue - Graham Bonnet Friend Of The Devil - Tom Petty & Heartbreakers (Live Anthology) Nutbush City Limits - Beth Hart/ Joe Bonamassa Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat - John Mellencamp (Dylan Tribute Concert) I’ve Been Down So Long - The Party Boys
  11. giddyup1

    Dragonfly Red/MQA

    Any distortion issues with your Node 2 Sime?
  12. giddyup1

    Dragonfly Red/MQA

    Hi guys Need some help. I’ve just bought a dragonfly red to listen to some Tidal MQA’s. Everything works fine however there seems a fair bit of distortion when I listen to MQA tracks through my B&W MM1’s. Any ideas? Listening to same song through Roon is fine
  13. giddyup1

    Bluesound Node 2 MQA

    Thanks for all your replies guys. I’ve bought the Node 2 so will have a trial with a few combo’s.
  14. giddyup1

    Bluesound Node 2 MQA

    Not quite Sime. My speakers have amps in them
  15. giddyup1

    Bluesound Node 2 MQA

    Thanks Tarkan. That explains a lot. I always thought analog meant a loss of quality