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  1. What an interesting article. I like the way ATC didn't try and overreach. They kept it small and stayed in control.
  2. Yeah, funny you posted that. I just read a Stereophile article about it. Apparently Andy Whittle approached the Hong Kong based owner of Rogers and persuaded him to start building the LS3/5a in England again. Given that Rogers have no manufacturing base left in the UK anymore; I wonder how this is being achieved. I suggest Rogers have subcontracted the manufacturing to someone else. Maybe Stirling Broadcast or Spendor?
  3. The LS3/6 sounds very similar to the LS3/5a but goes much louder and has way more dynamics. There's a surprising amount of punch in the bass. I sold them because I've upgraded to ATC SCM100asl speakers.
  4. LOL! I wouldn't say 'insiders knowledge' but I have bought some speakers from Stirling Broadcast. Doug Stirling is great to deal with.
  5. It's not looking good for Bowers and Wilkins. I did question the design of the new 800 series - I thought it was too polarising. Plus the over reliance on Chinese based manufacturing for the cheaper lines (not the 800 series) hasn't helped them long term. B&W will probably end up being absorbed into the bottomless pit which has swallowed countless British brands never to be seen again - RIP: Rogers, Wharfedale, Quad etc. Some British HiFi brands have survived by not over-reaching and keeping their manufacturing base in the UK.
  6. Sorry to hear of your trouble. What a bind! If the Accuphase is repaired; would it be reliable? It's too risky. I would stick it on eBay for parts and buy something else.
  7. Hi AuDrew. No, I haven't heard the V3, but I was chatting to Doug Stirling recently about the V3. He reckons they're the LS3/5a he wanted to make in the first place, but he thought the price would scare prospective buyers off. The V2 is still being offered for those that aren't stock brokers.
  8. Having owned both the The Stirling Broadcast version of the Ls3/5a and a pair of original Rogers LS3/5a speakers, I believe the Stirling is a much better buy these days mainly because they're new, sound nearly the same and go louder. I do admit the original Rogers LS3/5a had something special going on - but they're just so old now! I've never heard the current Rogers LS3/5a knockoff, but I wouldn't be paying Stirling prices for a pair.
  9. SOLD! Thanks everyone for your interest. Fastest sale I have ever had. Edwin
  10. t_mike, you are very kind. Hopefully a stereonet member will take advantage of a bargain. I promise I will upload pics of my new arrival(s) - due in about 6 weeks.
  11. Thanks, Dave. I didn't listen to them for very long. An (expensive) active loudspeaker option came up and I'm currently waiting for delivery. If the new speakers weren't so costly, I'd keep the Stirlings. Edwin
  12. Further information: I have for sale a pair of Stirling LS3/6 BBC broadcast monitors in stunning English Oak finish. These speakers are in absolutely mint condition - less than a year old. The speakers are sold with a pair of Something Solid Stands. All original packaging and boxes are included in the sale. The first two images are sourced from a dealer and the final three images are of the actual speakers. They were posted from Stirling Broadcast in the UK on 31/8/2019 and on arrival in Australia were unpacked and placed on the stands. Prior to repacking, 3 x images were taken (not for selling purposes and are thus of not great quality) and then they were repacked soon after. They have remained sealed in their original shipping boxes since then. I can unpack them for a genuine prospective buyer who can personally examine the speakers prior to parting with their hard earned money. I have included some pics of the actual speakers out of the box and repacked. THE GRILLS HAVE NEVER BEEN TAKEN OFF THESE SPEAKERS - They have been kept as they arrived fresh from the factory. The English Oak finish is awesome. Australian retail price for the speakers is $7990. The Something Solid speaker stands are valued at around $700 - so the grand total would be well over $8000 retail. I will consider offers over $3500 for both speakers and stands together. The speakers ship in 4 x packages totaling 66 kg. Courier to Sydney will be around $120. Anywhere else I will negotiate with the buyer. Stirling Broadcast says: Built under license from the BBC the Stirling Broadcast LS3/6 Reference Loudspeaker is a 3-way loudspeaker designed by Derek Hughes to be as close to the original BBC LS3/6 specification as possible with modern components.We have taken advantage of the greater consistency and linearity of modern drive units and use a very high quality crossover to mesh the custom made drive units, including a super-tweeter, into thin wall (9mm), damped construction,birch plywood cabinets finished in pair matched wood veneer with a matt lacquer finish. The cabinets utilise double thickness rubber damping pads to tame cabinet wall resonances and foam for internal standing wave dampening. The cabinets feature screw-on, removable front and rear panels as per the BBC "lossy" cabinet design ideal. Our version of the LS3/6 offers greater power-handling than the original, with a smoother frequency response, much lower coloration and better dispersion.The LS3/6 was listed as a Stereophile Class B speaker for 2014 and they summed them up with “the LS3/6 produced a natural, compelling sound, with a good sense of space and an especially warm, rich, textured midrange - Heartily recommended”. Robert E Green of The Absolute Sound said “To say that I like and admire the LS3/6 is to understate the case. This speaker seems to me a true realization of a dream that many audiophiles have held for a long time: a modern (and available) speaker with the unique virtues of the Spendor BC-1/ BBC LS3/6”. The LS3/6 comes with our standard 5 year warranty on the drive units and crossovers. Power handling: 90w continuous, 150w short term, IEC268 Max sound level: 107dB, pair @2m Input impedance: 8ohm nominal Input connections: Bi-wire, 4mm terminals (plugs/wires to 4mm cross sectional area) Frequency response: 45Hz to 18kHz +/-3dB (on HF axis @1m) Crossover frequencies: 3kHz, 13kHz Sensitivity: 87dB/1watt/1m Cabinet details: Reflex loaded. 303mm (w) x 303mm (d) x 638mm (h) Weight: 18.5kg (shipping weight 26kg each) Veneers available: Cherry, Walnut, Zebrano, Ebony, Rosewood Photos:
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