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  1. I wanna plug it to a p10 but that could work. Thanks
  2. I know this sounds petty does it have an on off switch?
  3. Unfortunately Schiit only. I'm not so sure about their online business - I could be wrong but looks a few years ago their "sale" was limited to one item in quantity only, and it looked to me like that was an ex-demo without acknowledging that. Stopped checking by after that. Not sure what its like now. The Melbourne and Sydney one are same franchise at least I think.
  4. The A2A store in Sydney is nothing to write home about. Very money driven. I wanted to place an order of Abyss once and they wanted me to buy it straight, they didnt even want to demo it (had to be shipped from Melb). Maybe Im small fish. . Who buys things blind?
  5. Item: BNIB, sealed with stylus + Warranty information provided. Optus model Location: SYDNEY and will be in CANBERRA this weekend and can deliver anywhere along the route Price: $699 NEG. RRP~$1000 Item Condition: New Reason for selling: Got a 256Gb Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Will post pictures tonight. Thank you for your consideration. Roughly 30% off RRP. BNIB model (Sealed) Very useful device to have, easy to charge and long lasting battery Along with cloud services I do not need to carry the laptop around, can access my documents quickly and cleanly anywhere. Can take notes with the included stylus which is very useful. Has taken my reading to another level. No slouch in entertainment either - Good responsive screen, very fast. I am selling as I need the money and bought myself a 256Gb model as I will definitely be using this device LT. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  6. The thing with an AV processor is that it will be on most of the time (as the computer is used much more often than just the occasional TV) and I am not sure about the longevity of an AV processor with heavy usage. Secondly, I was thinking an internal sound card like an Asus Xonar - But not sure whether that would do the trick - These are active speakers so it doesn't seem like the card would need to give them power. But not sure if that would work.
  7. What is the correct output on a PC and cable/adaptors needed? Since this has an XLR input.
  8. Can I ask where to get a Dune HD 4k plus. I want my HDD media box to have an inbuilt HDD. Thanks
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