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  1. Nice looking amp. Similar styling to the model 18 that was in Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.
  2. The floor at Apollo is hollow as well so I Always found it impossible to truely evaluate speakers there. I brought my own amp for testing.
  3. Did you check them out? Curious what you thought? I only compared them with the Klipsch rp6000f while I was there. I much preferred the Wharfedale.
  4. Where are you located? I just listened to the 4.4 at Apollo Hifi Sydney and liked what I heard.
  5. I’m considering buying a pair of the Valve series but hesitant without hearing them. Anyone on the central coast or Sydney able to let me hear there valve series if they have a pair?
  6. Interesting . . . I wonder who makes the amp section?
  7. Were these paired with the Schiit Vidars or Aegirs? How well did they match with the REL sub?
  8. I’m interested in the Silverbacks and Rio said the are looking to import them. No indication of AU price yet however. I think the A700’s from Buchardt are going to be a significant jump up in price from the A500’s.
  9. Can’t wait till the day I can get a $30k secondary system. Would love to see what you listen to on the toilet.
  10. Yeah that hub and remote are exactly the same too! Someone needs to do a teardown to see what else they share.
  11. Has anyone noticed that the Buchardt A500 and the SA Silverback share the same back plate? Does anyone know what this might mean and how much they might share with one another. Also, they both do not have a subwoofer out. So while the Buchardt appears to have in-room correction with a phone speaker, would it still require something like a MiniDSP SHD or a NAD C 658 to integrate a subwoofer well for time alignment and crossover?
  12. Elac BS 403 come up now and then for around $1400 used.
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