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  1. This is the mic that came with the Velodyne. It is very small. It also has no model or serial number on it. I might pick up a a UMIK-1 when I get the chance as it appears to be widely supported.
  2. Yes, you misread. Sorry I have the habit of calling small speakers bookshelves, but they are not kept in a bookshelf. They are currently sitting on the ends of a two meter entertainment unit. It is a deeper unit (60cm) and there is also a gap behind it. When I am ready for a critical listen I move the speaker up to the very front edge to so there is no immediate downward reflection point and more space from the rear wall. Due to a small room stands will not work and it would also place one of the speakers too close to the corner and sidewall, so I have to accept a narrower placement (although I am not that far from the speakers actually). I have plugged the rear ports due to the proximity of the rear wall. They are LS50's and I have some sealed ATC SMC 7's coming this week which I will be comparing. I am very limited to any treatment but I am aware that treating first, EQ'ing after is the best method. I have a three meter canvas painting coming soon for the right side which has a close reflection wall. I was intending on possibly also putting some absorbing panels behind and inside the canvas. Until I have a dedicated room I am living with compromise so I wonder if a full digital EQ of the room would hold me over. I guess I really need to measure it to see what I am dealing with. Does anyone know if the mic from the Velodyne has a profile for REW? I'm not sure there is a serial number or anything on it. Maybe a new mic and a laptop measurement are my next step?
  3. Please do not apologise as that tangent was pure gold. I can only imagine your wife’s face when she saw your new listening area. I can see why she did not let you touch the living room! I am getting this image in my head of her reaction as you were creating it all and it’s kind of like Roy's wife in Close Encounters of the Third Kind when he is building up his mashed potatoes at the dinner table. 😂😂😂
  4. I can attest that Eric's 300B amps sound great. I can just relax and enjoy the music when I listen to one. GLWTS.
  5. Item: Nord One SE Power Amplifier (class D) 700 wpc / 4ohms Location: Erina NSW Price: $2200 + Shipping (Negotiable) Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Wife says sell it Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: True Dual Mono Design In One Case 550W / 2ohm 700W / 4ohm 400W pc / 8ohm Latest Rev D buffer boards fitted ($950 upgrade to make it MKII) Sonic Imagery op amp fitted (can be changed DIY) 12v trigger fitted (was optional upgrade) Switchable ON OFF DIM front LED Excellent condition, no marks, no scratches, dents, as new. Original box Functioning perfectly Balanced input Case W 430mm D 335mm H 70mm With Feet and Binding Posts W430mm D375mm H81mm Weight 9Kg Nord info. https://www.nordacoustics.co.uk/product-page/nord-one-se-nc500dm-mkii-dual-mono-stereo-amp Reviews. https://6moons.com/audioreviews2/nord/2.html https://hifipig.com/nord-one-up-nc500-dmst-power-amplifier/ 208 pages of forum discussion starting from the first revision to the latest D (knock yourself out!): https://www.audioshark.org/amplifiers-8/nord-one-up-ncore-nc500-amps-class-d-ready-prime-time-9369.html Purchased this amp from fellow SN'er who had it from new. This is the same amp that was used with Hulgich speakers to win best sound in show at 2017 Melbourne Hi Fi Show (minus the new Rev D buffer upgrade which provides even better performance). Handmade in the UK this is one of the most well known iterations of the Hypex NCore amplifiers as it offers great value and comparable sound when compared to the alternatives offered by big name brands like the NAD M22. With high quality class A op amps it adds warmth and depth as apposed to the stock Hypex version available as DIY. Op amp rolling is possible for a different sound like the Sparkos op amp which is said to have a more valve amp sound. This one comes with the slightly more expensive Sonic Imagery op amp which is more neutral and revealing. Extremely clean sounding amplification with virtually imperceptible distortion at high listening levels and with this much power it will drive almost any speaker thrown at it. Purchase this new and you will find that after exchange and shipping it will cost $3800+ au
  6. Thanks so much everyone I am really getting a better understanding of it all and will consider all the help and advice given.
  7. Just spotted and old Marantz in Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. Not sure what it was but it looked beautiful!
  8. My current setup is not allowing any EQ to the main speakers (other than a calculated high pass filter). Are these higher frequencies generally in need of EQ as well, or is it mostly required in the lower frequencies usually?
  9. Yes, I currently have the sub set to the highest setting called "direct" and use the Oppo to control the crossover of both the main speakers and sub so there is no conflicting crossovers. Unfortunately it's a pretty rudimentary subwoofer that auto adjusts for flatness with a single button press, and it does not allow any more manual tinkering and neither does the Oppo. The Oppo does however allow for delay. My speakers are all on the same plane with the subwoofer in the middle of the two bookshelves so should I be changing this at all? Are there any DAC's that have manual EQ I might be able to try?
  10. Yes true, it wouldn't make much sense to buy a top of the range player and then be limited in features.
  11. Could it be for people that want to just forgo a receiver or pre-amp altogether? These flagships can be connected directly to power amps (multichannel or separates for each channel). They also include multiple HDMI inputs, therefore essentially making it the AV pre-amp (but with a built in disc player). Hook whatever device up to them (although limited in number), use them as an input switch, volume control and DAC.
  12. Current music is great, current “mainstream” music is not. You just have to dig a little.
  13. I am interested in room correction with something like a Dirac Live product however I am wondering how much there is for me to gain from my current setup, which actually has some of the features already. My subwoofer (Velodyne SPL-800) has a calibration microphone so it is able to correct for the room, but from one position only. My digital preamp (Oppo 105) has a crossover function so it is able to act as an active crossover, but with not much more than crossover point, delay, and trim to play with. So far I have been able to integrate my subwoofer easily and successfully with a few different speakers that I have tried. I have an SPL meter to test basic levels of the mains to the sub. What other benefits might I gain from something like a MiniDSP and how significant would they be? Is there still a lot more for me to gain?
  14. Can I be third backup? Is that a thing?
  15. So in summary, streaming services due to their level matching should put an end to the loudness war and instead encourage recordings with more rich dynamic range? Recordings with more dynamic range can actually sound louder on these services? If so this all sounds pretty good!
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