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  1. Essentially, yes you do. There’s not much of an option for running it from anything else. Cheers, Jason.
  2. These can be upgraded to the 24/96 version by replacing the DSP boards. Cheers, Jason.
  3. This would make a fantastic Roon Core, or stand alone Roon Core/Source as per my post here. GLWTS. Cheers, Jason.
  4. I’d guess it’s a 1/4 track, not a 1/2 track. A77’s were a consumer deck. Two channels (stereo) in one direction, turn your tape over, then another two channels (stereo) in the other direction. A lot of people get this wrong. A picture of the heads from straight on would clear it up. Cheers, Jason.
  5. Sometimes I love to sit back and listen to John Denver. Cheers, Jason.
  6. I've dealt with Andy quite a lot in the past. As you say, he's very thorough and professional. Cheers, Jason.
  7. There's a lot of things in life that can kill you. Some people are able to use common sense and manage to survive. Others need to be mollycoddled. Cheers, Jason.
  8. 60/40 Sn/Pb solder is still readily and widely available. Jaycar, RS, E14, Altronics, anywhere really. Cheers, Jason.
  9. It isn't that they're trying to rip you off, the tweeters in coaxial drivers are generally not replaceable (some are, most are not). When you buy speakers with coaxial drivers, you've got to expect have to replace the whole drive unit. As for availability, try overseas. The Kef importer to Australia changed in 2013 IIRC, and as part of the deal (as is often the case) the old importer had to destroy all of the spare parts they held in stock. Cheers, Jason.
  10. I reckon it's just deterioration over time Felix. I think these issues will become more prevalent with the use of cheap rubbish solders coming out of China. Always use the best solder you can find! Cheers, Jason.
  11. Very sad to lose such a great talent. The first time I saw the Rifles was Christmas eve 1985, when I was 17,, at ‘Evil’ in the Evening Star Hotel in Surry Hills, what a top night, with their last song being ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’. Jason.
  12. A good Sydney band from the late 70's - early 80's. Jimmy And The Boys - Not Like Everybody Else Cheers, Jason.
  13. A nice topic and great posts, thanks. I'm not trying to bust your theory, far from it, just a couple of points that might be worth discussion: 1.) Reducing the wire diameter to try to force the skin effect is interesting. The skin depth in Silver at 1kHz is only 0.002mm, so you'd have to be using inordinately small wire to make any meaningful change, and by that stage I suspect the current handling capacity of the wire could become a point to consider. 2.) Couldn't the drain wire (singly connected earth) feed the noise signal back via the common connection, with some frequencies in phase, some out of phase into the doubly connected earth? Therefore being both a help and a hindrance? Regards, Jason.
  14. How about the Sigma Turbo from about 1980? Or maybe various Saab 900's? Back at that time, the term supercharger included turbos, which was a turbosupercharger. Cheers, Jason.
  15. @Bunno77, There's a bit, and from my olde worlde spinning USB HDD. The dodgy phone noise-o-meter on my phone says 34 db. I guess in the dead of night you'll hear it, but if there's music playing, you won't. Cheers, Jason.
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