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  1. The I guess (actually I know) I’m very lucky that I can ride 5 minutes from my front door to the highest concentration of good mtb tracks in the country. For me, a proper mtb is not a w**k, it’s the right tool for the riding that I do several times a week. Yes, I use 160mm of travel most times I go out. So really, the right bike is the bike that suits what you do, and where you do it. But, would a gravel bike not be more controllable, more comfortable, safer, and indeed more usable if it had flat bars, rather than roadie drop bars? Cheers,
  2. I agree @blybo, I was taking the proverbial. Though to be honest I think that any use case is better served by something other than a Gravel or Cyclocross bike. Any bike is a good thing. People still ride other archaic bikes like Penny Farthings, and we don’t pay out on them! Cheers, Jason.
  3. Gravel bike: Grav-el | bi~k /noun . a marketing term used to sell previously unwanted bikes know as 'Hybrids'. Owned exclusively by roadies, as mtb'ers would never own such a conveyance. /usage . I don't want to get my Colnago/Fondriest/Bianchi dirty when I ride on wet bike paths, I simply must have a Gravel Bike. Cheers, Jason.
  4. Many years ago when moving overseas for a while, I threw away all the cases and put the CDs in wallets/folders. I've always regretted it, even more so since I built custom furniture to hold the ones I'de bought since. Cheers, Jason.
  5. I agree with @blybo . I reckon for your use case, a hardtail would fit the bill quite nicely. I hate to say it, but as you’re 6’ tall, and not going seriously off-road, a 29er might be right for you too. A Trek Roscoe 7 at $1,900 (or 8 from last year) is a very nice bike, and well under your budget. One of my riding mates has a Roscoe and it’s a very capable bike, and awesome value for money. From Giant, maybe the Fathom 29 1 at $2,300. Similar spec to the Roscoe 7, but $400 more, I can’t see why. The 29 2 has cheap shitty parts on it, avoid. Specialized don
  6. Firstly, what sort of ‘mountain biking’ are you wanting to do? Be aware that just about every bike shop will want to sell you a bike with 29 inch wheels, and a Large size frame, even if you’re 5’ 6” tall. The bike industry would like everyone to be on the same size bike, and they are on a push to get everyone on 29 inch wheels so they only have to make one size. If you’re intending to ride in the bush, smaller wheels are much more manoeuvrable. Go for 27.5” aka 650B. Buy a frame size you feel comfortable on, if you’re stretching out to reach the bars, or can’t easily pu
  7. Oops sorry, I missed that. Back to your normal viewing............
  8. The first thing you should do @candyflip is change your HDD for a 2.5” SATA SSD. This will be the biggest improvement you can do, and costs bugger all. Grab a Samsung 860, and they have free software for doing the change over. I was thinking I just had to get a new machine, mine is a 2011 i7, but after changing the old spinning drive for the SSD, I don’t need a new machine, the speed up is phenomenal. If for some reason you end up building a new machine anyway, you can use this drive in it, so you won’t have wasted your money. Cheers, Jason.
  9. It sounds like the others. Sorry, couldn’t help myself. Cheers, Jason.
  10. Item: Onkyo TX-SR876B Receiver Price Range: Free (would be nice if you made a donation to Stereonet) Item Condition: Used. Cosmetically pretty good. Extra Info: I've had this since new, used it a bit for a few years, then very occasionally for the past five years. Issue 1: Intermittantly has no sound after switching on. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. This is NOT the classic Onkyo HDMI board issue, as this unit pre-dates that. I suspect it's a sticky relay or a dodgy connection. Issue 2: Front door push latch is busted. The door still stays open or closed, just
  11. Sorry @blybo, I missed this post. My bad. I just checked that disk, it has 272 FLAC albums which take up 101Gb, so around 1350 FLAC albums. But hey, a little 500Gb drive was what I had sitting around not used. Cheers, Jason.
  12. Not for me. This search finds pretty much the same as my search, and not the one we’re looking for. Cheers, Jason.
  13. @Marc, when you say Google site search, do you mean this: ”Who makes really good socket sets?” site:stereo.net.au I’ve tried that and it doesn’t find the thread. Cheers, Jason.
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