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  1. Don't forget, if you use a specifically designed directional trigger cable, it will transform your system. Oh yeah, Cheers, Jason.
  2. Have a look at this: If you want to be extra sure of ongoing performance, upspec the NUC to an i5 or i7 instead of the Celeron I used. Cheers, Jason.
  3. Welcome KKim, There are a few of us Meridian owners around here. Used Meridian gear tends to be great value for money, as long as you filter out the occasional overpriced dreamer. What sort of set up are you planning, stereo, 2.1, 3.1, 5.1 etc? The beauty of the G68 is that you can have any setup you like from 2.0 (stereo) to 7.2 With your DSP5200HC and G68, DSP5200 mains would be ideal, but you could go with anything from DSP5000’s up. You could actually use smaller mains and still have a nice sounding system. I’ve used DSP3100HC’s as mains with a DSP5200HC centre, and it was certainly no slouch. The G68 plays nicely with analogue subwoofers from any vendor, to integrate with your digital speakers, or you can go with Meridian’s own DSW digital subwoofer. Cheers, Jason.
  4. Hey Mr Mission, Collaroy Plateau is in Sydney! Cheers, Jason.
  5. Further information: Up for grabs are two Otari MX-5050BII decks. I bought them a while ago to make one good one out of two, but will never get around to it. They came out of 2CBA radio. They look a bit worse for wear, but I was told one worked well, the other not so well. Yes, the NAB hubs are included. Sorry, no shipping. Pick-up, or I can meet somewhere a reasonable distance from Collaroy. Photos:
  6. Down at Darling Harbour the exhibition area used to sit at 275 volts when there were only small shows on. Our old Yamaha amps used to burn quite often, and we lost a lot of gear through being cooked. In Japan the standard voltage is 100v, but we used to get 75v mains quite a lot. Not good for PSU’s. I guess the moral of the story is, gear should be designed to handle wide swings in mains voltage. Cheers, Jason.
  7. The psu is an easy thing to obtain and replace. Unfortunately, other things usually get blown up when the psu dies. It will be likely that some of your cards will also be dead. One of mine even had the display get taken out as well. It will cost you around $100 and an hour of time to replace your psu, then you'll find out what else doesn't work. Cheers, Jason.
  8. I’ve listened to an untold number of Dynaudio’s, but only pro stuff, not consumer, so can’t comment on those. I’ve listened to a number of the Fyne’s and thought they were very impressive. Definitely wait until you’ve listened to the Fyne’s. Cheers, Jason.
  9. An excellent buy at the price. I’ve had the TX-SR876 (essentially the same machine) running home theatre duties for 10 years without a hiccup. I did run it bi-amped into a pair of Kef Q90s for a while, which was great. A solid unit. Cheers, Jason.
  10. Mine is 23 degree tilt, all panels in the same plane, north. 26 panels, 330W QCells QPeak Duo G5. Total 8.58kW. Inverter is Fronius Primo 8.2kW. Two identical strings. His is similar tilt, but on three planes, east, north, west. 35 panels 315W, for 11kW total. Fronius Symo 10kW inverter. Two strings spread over three planes. It would seem that as his spreads its view widely across the sky he gets a higher average insolation over his whole system than mine does with a purely north facing array. Cheers, Jason.
  11. The classic ‘perfect’ north facing roof is a fallacy. My system is totally north facing, and totally unshaded, theoretically perfect. My brother in law’s system has panels facing east, north, and west. His daily total output runs around 15% better than mine kWh/kW. They were installed a couple of months apart, and use the same brand of inverter. My system has the better panels. Cheers, Jason.
  12. Very nice. We had a system put on our place in December, and I'm obsessed watching its performance. I've made up a spreadsheet so I can analyse everything I can. So far, it has paid back over 10% of its total cost. It's a Fronius 8.2kW inverter, 26x QCells Q-Peak Duo-G5 330W panels (8.56kW of panels), and a Fronius Smart Meter. On Fronius systems, the Fronius Smart Meter is in addition to the power company's installed smart meter, and gives you quite a lot of extra data. We've been out of the country since early January, but I still update my spreadsheet every day. I've also bought three extra smart meters so I can put them on certain power circuits for even more usage analysis! The first quarterly bill after installation, which included a period before the install, changed our bill from $1,050 to $250 for that quarter. I expect the next one to be even better even though the production will be down as we move towards winter. Cheers, Jason.
  13. Essentially, yes you do. There’s not much of an option for running it from anything else. Cheers, Jason.
  14. These can be upgraded to the 24/96 version by replacing the DSP boards. Cheers, Jason.
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