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  1. One of my old originals from the metal days. The first time I heard of Twisted Sister was when John Torv played the title track from this album on 'John Torv's Music Video' in the early am one weekend back in about 1983. I went out and bought this record soon after, then all of their releases over the next couple of years, and saw them live a couple of times, right down the front against the barrier at the Hordern. Top stuff. At the first gig, before the gates opened, the crowd outside started bashing on the roller doors and chanting "Twisted Fxxxking Sister, Twisted Fxxxking Sister". Funny as. Cheers, Jason.
  2. Please, All Echo and the Bunnymen Warren Zevon Thanks, Jason.
  3. Thanks @catman. As mentioned above, I previously built a P06 on your recommendation, and it’s very nice. So, which one do you reckon is the goods, P06, Bruce Heran, or this new one? Cheers, Jason.
  4. Started with this rolicking score by Erich Korngold, The Sea Hawk: Now, some Julian Cope - Saint Julian. Cheers, Jason.
  5. Thanks for all the suggestions guys, some great stuff there. At the moment, I think my available space precludes a tube pre. When I'm back in Sydney in 2 years I'll definitely be looking at one though. That Akitika looks very interesting @Batty, thanks for the tip. Cheers, Jason.
  6. Thanks Andy. I've actually built a P06 in the past, and it's fitted inside another Meridian preamp that is currently in storage back in Sydney. That one was built without much regard to the quality of the parts, and it runs off the existing power rails inside the Meridian. If I built another I would definitely take more time to source top end parts, and build a nice PSU for it as well. Cheers, Jason.
  7. Hi All, I'm thinking of upgrading my phono pre, which is currently a Pro-ject Phono Box. My turntable is a Michell Tecnodec, and my new cart, an Ortofon 2m Bronze is due to arrive tomorrow. The phono pre feeds straight in to a Meridian 24/96 A to D converter. The rest of the system is Meridian digital all the way to DSP speakers. I don't want to spend a lot, maybe $500, so I'm thinking I'll get the best performance for the money by building it myself. Either a kit, or plans that I can build from would be acceptable, with a build price up to around $500. What are your recommendations please? Thanks, Jason.
  8. I don’t see why not. Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll see if I can find it and give it a listen. Slowing down someone else’s work just to make it take longer, to me, is not art. It’s not really anything actually. Writing a slow, or one note per century type of thing, is art, but only the first time it was done. Since then it’s fairly irrelevant, and pretty much me-too-ism. Still after suggestions for something to actually sit down and listen to, whether it be beautiful, thought provoking, mind bending, or just plain weird. Cheers, Jason.
  9. Folks, I’m after recommendations for longer listening sessions. I love Laurie Anderson’s 4.5 hour work ‘United States ‘, and would like to hear more of these kind of works. I’m not locked in to any particular style or period, and don’t mind experimental stuff. What have you got to recommend? Thanks, Jason.
  10. The last of today's pick ups, Sparks - Indiscreet. A great album. From Sparks, how could it not be great! This was marked as Near Mint. The jacket is, but the plastic is a bit noisy, hopefully it just needs a good clean. Cheers, Jason.
  11. Second of today's pick ups, Mink Deville - Return To Magenta Another great record in good nick for $15. Cheers, Jason.
  12. One of three pickups from Dynomite today. I got this one for my wife, honest! Disco Fever. The cover isn't pristine, but the records are pretty much. Not bad for $15. Cheers, Jason.
  13. It appears that Wavetrain didn't last very long as the Aussie distributor for Meridian. I suspect they got sick of the bad support from the factory and the never ending delays on product delivery. I fear the end is nigh for Meridian, all of the old engineering team have left (the people who developed all of the good products of the past), and they don't seem to be able to develop new product any more. They may survive off their IP royalties, but as far as being a high end HiFi company, those days seem to be over. Cheers, Jason.
  14. These come up very rarely, and usually from a deceased estate. Nice machine, and a fair price. GLWTS. Cheers, Jason.
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