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  1. Eggcup The Daft

    Really bad static/noise problems

    It's optical.
  2. Eggcup The Daft

    Really bad static/noise problems

    So if we say that he fixed the problem, purchased an ultra-expensive 3m toslink cable from JB Hifi - does it automatically sound better to you? Maybe we could get them to set up an audiophile corner, sell the same leads for ten times the price in a different box and we can all shop there in future, because we'll know they are expensive and therefore sound better!
  3. Eggcup The Daft

    Really bad static/noise problems

    You can have higher jitter with cheap Toslink cables. Whether it's audible or not I don't know. It's a good idea to avoid sharp bends and kinks in the cable and make sure everything is clean, the plugs are in properly and there's no damage around them. Glass is supposed to be better, but there's the usual lack of evidence for that in comparison with modern plastic cables, so I wouldn't worry too much - unless the laptop/USB combination sounds much, much better.
  4. Eggcup The Daft

    Plinius 8150 Amp question

    Another device recommended to be always on. There are a few out there. It's probably best to weigh up the different viewpoints in this thread before deciding what's best for you, your equipment and how you use it - but get the facts straight first.
  5. Eggcup The Daft

    How quiet is your background?

    I'm in a relatively well built unit and AM the "noisy neighbour"... sometimes the people next door are a bit loud as well, but OK loud. We get quite a lot of sound from the street but nothing that can't be lived with, you learn to have the volume up just loud enough... ...except that we are under a flight path for the airport. When the planes are coming over to land every few minutes, it's time to do something else.
  6. Eggcup The Daft

    Really bad static/noise problems

    True - also worth updating the chipset drivers and maybe the BIOS. It's also worth trying a different player. I've seen a report of this problem where the problem was Windows 7 installed on a motherboard where some drivers were Windows 10 only. I doubt that's the case here, but it's worth noting anyway I suppose. Other devices plugged into USB sockets could also be the cause. I'm not aware of any occasion where USB to coaxial SPDIF has been reported as curing a noise problem of this type. I wouldn't rule it out as a fix though - but would start with optical here, especially as it's available.
  7. Eggcup The Daft

    Really bad static/noise problems

    Definitely worth trying.
  8. Eggcup The Daft

    Really bad static/noise problems

    There are a number of PCI-E sound cards supporting optical out that may also help. I have no experience so wouldn't know which to recommend, but trying a cheap one off ebay or similar would tell you if optical is a viable solution, before spending more if it's needed. You'll only get 24/96 out, but that should be OK as it's likely to be what the Mojo supports on optical as well.
  9. Eggcup The Daft

    Really bad static/noise problems

    Without a preamp I wouldn't try line level. This appears to be a problem within the desktop computer as Luc has described, they are the hardest to solve.
  10. Eggcup The Daft

    Really bad static/noise problems

    That MIGHT be fixed by getting a PCI-E adaptor card to add additional USB sockets, depending on how the noise is leaking. I remember reading somewhere where someone had that problem and defeated it by connecting to a USB socket on their video card. The only problem was that they got different noise from that socket! I have a Gigabyte gaming board with the "audio USB" socket which is separately regulated, and it is quiet with my Dragonfly Red than the other USB sockets on the computer, though the noise is hiss, rather than what is described here. Changing the PSU has been reported as helpful in a couple of cases, but generally not, from what I recall. Otherwise, radical surgery or replacement of the computer has been the (expensive!) fix.
  11. Eggcup The Daft

    Really bad static/noise problems

    OK. Next... Is the USB cable plugged into a USB2 or USB3 socket on the desktop? (this is a real long shot, but USB2 might be quieter) Are you switching to line level output when using the Mojo with the desktop? (in case the noise is something being amplified in the Mojo) As asked by others, does your desktop have a 3 pin cable connected, and is everything connected to the same plugboard or mains socket pair?
  12. Eggcup The Daft

    Really bad static/noise problems

    Essentially, because the Mojo is battery powered, it isn't connected to the mains earth. "Floating ground" means it isn't earthed. So any stray current in either the computer or the amplifier may run directly through the Mojo to the other, rather than to its own ground. There could also be a ground loop if the mains earth connections can complete a circuit between the two through the Mojo. Headphones may work OK because they are only connected to the Mojo and not powered from the mains like the amplifier. The headphone amp may include an isolation transformer or similar for safety reasons as well to stop you becoming the ground when wearing the headphones. (I hope I've got that right, I'm no expert!)
  13. Eggcup The Daft

    Really bad static/noise problems

    Was the desktop computer turned on when you tested from the laptop though? What I'm on about is the possibility that the Mojo is picking up noise from the desktop via RFI, which may be easier to deal with than a grounding issue (changing cables or the position of the Mojo). RFI with Mojos (and Hugos) have been reported elsewhere with desktop PCs, so this is worth following up quickly before trying to deal with the PC grounding if that is the cause.
  14. Eggcup The Daft

    Really bad static/noise problems

    Where is the Mojo positioned when using the desktop, and are you using a screened cable to connect to the amp? Did you move the Mojo when you tested with the laptop and phone? Can you connect the Mojo to the laptop while it is in the same place as when you use it with the desktop, and test it with the desktop turned on? This will rule in or out RFI from the desktop computer as the cause, which is the other possibility here.
  15. Eggcup The Daft

    Great electric guitar solos in music!

    And the years of practice, learning and experience lying behind it, of course.