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  1. Eggcup The Daft

    Bureaucracy gone mad in the nanny state

    As I read it, the law says that this is a new dwelling even though it's an old building. Presumably they regard it as a building site until it meets the minimum requirements? As you say, the rest of it all seems reasonable... until you hit the point where you have to move into a worse building. What concerned me reading this, though, was the other side of the equation. So your old building is a new dwelling. Where does that leave someone renovating something like this if you hit an old problem, such as bad foundations, damage from its previous life? Or worst of all, something like lead paint or asbestos that it would be illegal for you to use in a new dwelling? Do they lock you up for that? Seems like they need a different classification at the start here.
  2. Eggcup The Daft

    Where is my bar?

    And is back to 1,273 as I write... this site is popular, and that wasn't a fault after all!
  3. Eggcup The Daft

    Archimago blog on MQA (guess what, he's not a fan )

    I've been doing some more listening to test tones (that makes me a sad case) and it looks like the blame may go elsewhere. What I discovered initially was that playing high frequency tones from Tidal at a high volume (higher than I would listen to through the headphones I have available) caused the pitch of the tone to lower, or a loud artefact, so that there is an audible tone - for a 20kHz test tone, at full volume, the audible tone at full volume is lower than an 8kHz tone in pitch. This is quite a shock. Closer listening reveals that the tone starts to become audible at the sort of volume level I'm listening at normally with my EL-8s. If I go much above that volume level with music from Tidal, then the sound becomes blurred and "shouty", so I suspect that the effect I'm hearing with the tones is there with music also. The effect is not there if I play back files (normal or hi-res) through other players - I can turn up the sound and it is clean up to dangerous listening levels. If I go through the same routine with the SoundBlaster Recon3Di chipset on my PC, I get static from Tidal at the moment, but it's intermittent and I can report similar if less dramatic effects than with the Dragonfly. The low tone is different. Again, this does not happen with files played back from other players. As an aside, the volume control in the Tidal player is worse in terms of producing the lower tones than if I force maximum volume and let the Windows volume control (which I understand uses the control in the Dragonfly) control volume. The tones I'm using in Tidal are the "HERMES PH1 SOUND-EFFECTS / ULTRA HIGH FREQUENCIES (HEARING TEST HI PITCH)" files. These like all the test tone discs on Tidal are not available in MQA/Master format. You may want to try checking these from Tidal through your DAC to see if you have similar potential faults. I have to point the finger in part at the Tidal player...
  4. Eggcup The Daft

    The end of packaged media ?

    By the time 5G becomes ubiquitious, the government may well be selling or have sold the NBN into the private sector anyway. 5G is another example (like the various DOCSiS and DSL technologies) of the need to go out again and again to new technologies. One advantage of the original FTTP scheme was that technology upgrades would be a lot simpler. You have a touching faith in the private telecommunications sector, judging by your last sentence. That's misplaced. The private telcos have their own special place among those responsible for the NBN fiasco.
  5. Eggcup The Daft

    Banking Royal Commission (2018).

    I guess even our banks could be worse... http://dilbert.com/strip/2018-04-24
  6. Eggcup The Daft

    The end of packaged media ?

    Probably. But if it's anything like audio, we'll probably get a Betamax revival, not streaming.
  7. Eggcup The Daft

    The end of packaged media ?

    You wouldn't say that if you lived in our unit. 4G hasn't reached into our living room yet at anything like a decent speed, and I doubt 5G will either. We're in suburban Sydney, not the middle of nowhere! I doubt 5G will outrun a good NBN connection (see below) in many areas most of the time either. I don't see mobile data being cheaper on 5G than the equivalent on NBN for a while either. Only some of the NBN will go "full throttle". I'll take a solid connection over wireless in most instances, but let's face it, for some at the outer limits of FTTN first gear is a fantasy...
  8. Eggcup The Daft

    Tubes vs solid state

    Mostly the British reviewers say nothing about the technical measurements. Indeed, HiFi World reviewers (other than Noel Keywood who performs the measurements) normally don't see the measurements until after they hand in their purple prose, so that their review is not affected by them.
  9. Eggcup The Daft

    What's with listed prices of HFi from Japan?

    The UK magazines have had small ads from companies looking to buy used Garrards and Tannoy dual concentrics to sell to Japan since the late 1970s. I believe that at one time they were paying well over the market price, though the British have caught up in the paying lots of money for old hifi game.
  10. Eggcup The Daft

    Tubes vs solid state

    Fair enough, since some of my earlier posts were about YouTube samples. Which is why I went to Tidal and some other sources.
  11. Eggcup The Daft

    Archimago blog on MQA (guess what, he's not a fan )

    Sorry, everyone, I haven't been paying full attention. I know @legend is using a Project S2, but how are the rest of you decoding MQA when testing? I have a Dragonfly Red and am a bit dubious about some of the things it is doing, enough to be concerned about whether I'm hearing MQA in anything like a good light.
  12. Eggcup The Daft

    Banking Royal Commission (2018).

    The banks asked for it - that's the worrying part. Is what has happened in the last few weeks primarily for show? I still suspect the targets that will be hit are the industry super funds, ME Bank, the credit unions. It looks like the RC will be extended - maybe in part so we all forget about these opening sessions and get upset about something else.
  13. If you can find the relevant numbers for the output and input, ask a question in the amplifiers and pre-amps forum and I'm sure someone will quickly answer.
  14. If using the Elex R preamp output, make sure the power amps match to it. I remember a thread from a couple of years ago, where the Rega Brio preamp output levels were too low for some power amps.