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  1. That's true, and I've warned about the losses that streaming companies are making in other threads. That's no reason to be down on streaming though. It's a reason to continue buying as well. There are others, like supporting the artist who may get a larger royalty from a purchase. Getting hung up on where music is coming from is worse than getting hung up on gear. This may be a short golden age for accessing music, but a golden age it is.
  2. So? I can't play CDs I haven't bought, either. What I notice is that the newer item often tends not to work either in those circumstances and for people who do such. On the other hand, most days are "won" in terms of likes on the forum these days by people posting in the currently spinning threads. Maybe there's a different balance to what you might think...
  3. Eggcup The Daft

    Aussie Politics

    Worse off, definitely. But I don't see why we should let Labor off the hook, they are the party that is supposed to improve conditions and they didn't. And the arguments they used were the basis for the following attacks by Abbott and Hockey in particular.
  4. Eggcup The Daft

    Aussie Politics

    I consider myself duly educated in something... an article that condemns people from part of the world associated with a particular religion, whose only actual reference is a link to an early report on the infamous New Years Eve attacks in Germany and I'm saddened that you would promote it in the way you have. No figures to back up that map: I'm not going to trust it, let alone go anywhere near the conclusion or the assertion that the left should not associate with Australian residents and citizens from the communities concerned, without the hard numbers. And I'm well aware that the Australian left used to be racist, and pleased that it is less so now. That's my last word on the subject - I'm not going to get myself warned again, and you should also know better.
  5. Eggcup The Daft

    Aussie Politics

    No. You said it. You explain.
  6. Eggcup The Daft

    Aussie Politics

    There was a drip, drip, drip of cuts made under Gillard across a wide range of areas, including the public service itself, and a failure to increase pensions and some benefits like Newstart. All in the desperate attempt to reach a surplus under pressure from the opposition (who we now know were not prepared to chase the surplus themselves). The cuts were called "efficiency dividends" and in some areas these cuts were expanded under Hockey.
  7. Eggcup The Daft

    Aussie Politics

  8. Eggcup The Daft

    Aussie Politics

    To be honest, that's not a windfall, that is money that should be paying off the debt. The whole point is that we should be saving money and restoring the worst of the cuts made in the years immediately following the GFC. I'm sure that the finance ministers in charge of most of the Western economies in 2008-2011 would absolutely confirm that Aside from that, this doesn't half look like the money we didn't have for the Rudd/Gillard education and health spending increases. Abbott and co. weren't wrong in their modelling. They were lying.
  9. Eggcup The Daft

    Aussie Politics

    It's owned by the 100% and ultimately controlled by the elected representatives of the 100% on our behalf. I said no such thing, and you know it. My, you're on form for deliberate misunderstanding today. The radio services to the Pacific region went as part of the Abbott cuts to the ABC. You know, the cuts he promised, point blank, would not happen. At least they don't accept paid "not advertisements at all, no, honest" as part of the news and current affairs programmes, and I haven't seen the ABC promoting racist groups or paying for kidnappings as their commercial rivals have done in very recent times. Let us not forget, for example, which network broke the actual, fact based story of CFMEU corruption, either - no doubt a story you would be very concerned with. The ABC's importance goes way beyond what the viewing figures for any particular programme are. That's not tragic at all.
  10. Eggcup The Daft


    True. I seem to remember that the hifi business in the US made quite a lot of money from all those rich stockmarket traders that suddenly needed other things to amuse them in 2008.
  11. Eggcup The Daft


    You're assuming that only the Russians hacked the DNC server. If they got in, then it's not impossible everyone from MI5 to a couple of Anonymous splinter groups were in there as well... and the FBI, CIA and a few others, including some "security company" working for the Republicans. Maybe the reason Trump didn't need to see the results of the Russian hack was because he already had them...
  12. Eggcup The Daft


    @MLXXX https://medium.com/@caityjohnstone/five-things-that-would-make-the-cia-cnn-russia-narrative-more-believable-bd8187b601c0 1) Caitlin is a she... 2) Stating that some Russians have been indicted is not the same as providing proof. Having said that, the statements around the indictment don't give a whole story either. So the hackers may not have directly involved any US citizens in their activities, but it doesn't tell us why people around Trump met Russians, who knew what, or anything around the other strands of this story, particularly who was really responsible for the fake news component of the apparent attack on the election and Clinton. The hacking mostly occurred before Trump was nominated, and seems to be an attack on the Democrats and Clinton as their presumed candidate. It would then make sense that the Russians would try to involve the Republicans in the use of the material. Any prior knowledge of the hacking would need to be looked for in the Republican heirarchy and maybe some of the think-tanks and alt-right groups, rather than in the Trump campaign that was an outside bet when the hacks would have first been planned.
  13. Eggcup The Daft

    Vintage shootout.

    There is one reference to an R-2040 online https://www.turntableneedles.com/Marantz_R-2040_Solid_State_Amp_Receiver_Instant_PDF_Download_English_Service_Manual ...but I know nothing.
  14. Eggcup The Daft

    Aussie Politics

    The ABC remains the go to place in rural and regional Australia for news when disaster strikes. I don't see private broadcasters, who claim to be local but now sometimes actually broadcast news from studios in different states, let alone the state capital, ever replacing that. On Radio National today they broadcast a segment about the loss of Radio Australia across much of the Pacific region and the beginnings of its replacement by the Chinese and the British. Show me the balanced and fair representation of Labor views on any of the commercial TV stations, before we start on the press and Murdoch owned media. Things like this show a clear need for the ABC. Maybe not the ABC we have, but the one we need would cost more, not less, and be more factual and more challenging.
  15. Nice vase. So that's where I'm going wrong.