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  1. They got the track names mixed up on Tidal. Apart from that, this is the best I've heard in a while. Interesting textures, and some stunning sax as icing on the cake.
  2. Eggcup The Daft


    It seems to me that prominent veterans in politics these days get hit hard in their reputations. Both Kerry and McCain were recognised as war heroes - until the Republican right who supposedly support such people, got to work.
  3. Eggcup The Daft

    The job of a pre amp

    Individuality in the sound? That belongs with the musicians.
  4. Eggcup The Daft

    Stereonet "Not Secure" on Chrome??

    So do I. Things can go wrong though, for example if a dodgy proxy server gets in the way, or you are running an old browser (because you have an older machine that won't run a recent OS and therefore recent browsers). I was suspecting an old certificate. However, the one on my machine also expires on 3 October 2018, so it ain't that.
  5. Eggcup The Daft

    New Linn product finally revealed

    This might make it onto my "look into" list. No specs on the power amp section on that page though?
  6. Eggcup The Daft


    Sorry, I can't bring myself to "Hey Alexa (or whoever), play the Gavotte avec six doubles par Rameau and make sure that THIS time you actually find a version for harpsichord because I can't b----y stand it on grand piano". Not even in private. Not a second time, anyway I'll pass on the smart home until I can't get up and close the blinds myself. I'm sure they'll sell loads without me bothering, so no matter.
  7. Eggcup The Daft

    Are Audiophiles stoners..??

    Or up to their (probably receding and grey from the worry) hairlines in debt?
  8. Eggcup The Daft

    Are Audiophiles stoners..??

    Come to that, how come so many of you can afford proper audiophilia and licit substances as well? (insert head scratching emoji/meme here, I can't be bothered to find one) My tidal subscription looks cheaper every time I visit this thread
  9. Eggcup The Daft

    Are Audiophiles stoners..??

    And the other?
  10. Eggcup The Daft

    Are Audiophiles stoners..??

    Oh good grief. How many of you can afford to be audiophiles with PS Audio priced equipment, and buy illicit substances as well? We aren't all Elon Musk!
  11. Eggcup The Daft

    Stereonet "Not Secure" on Chrome??

    Check that you are using https to connect. If in doubt, I believe the https everywhere addin is available for Chrome and will help - search Google for it and choose the chrome web store result. Make sure you have a recent version of Chrome. Clear your browsing data (in Settings - Advanced Settings). I normally use Firefox, but have checked Chrome on my Mac and have no issues with this.
  12. Eggcup The Daft

    FS: Australian Government

    I'm cynical enough to wonder how much of the $444mill will find it's way into the Liberal Party electoral coffers - after all they must care about the reef more than Labor because they gave the money to the fund, so a donation would be entirely within their aims and objectives. On the other hand, the official bodies are pure and unblemished http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-09-19/crown-of-thorns-funds-funnelled-companies-link-tourism-operators/10257306
  13. Eggcup The Daft

    Is this a score???

    From what I remember of these Pioneers, they have some very small springs to suspend the top plate. I once improved the performance of a PL-12D quite markedly by standing it on three cotton reels (the wide type with the six segments, when they were around in wood) - under front centre, the corner by the arm and half way down the left side leaves it stable. I wouldn't recommend that now, but you may find that some decent isolation improves its performance further while it's stood on what looks like a chest of drawers. Your Rega wouldn't give its best on that furniture either, though. Even better, a wall shelf (on a solid wall) or a lightweight table would give improvements with the Rega, which is why they sell a shelf! You shouldn't notice that speed difference, as long as the speed is stable and you aren't cursed with absolute perfect pitch (doubt it as you've already lived with one belt drive deck!).
  14. Eggcup The Daft


    says it all (I hope you don't mind me replying to only part of your post). Only declassifying the stuff you want us to see pretty much guarantees that people will automatically presume the rest of the documents are damning. I hope
  15. Eggcup The Daft

    How Long Will Billy Shortbread last as PM?