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  1. I’ll take one. I can collect anytime. - Ron
  2. Strykerhawk

    FS: Sonos Play 1 (2 for sale)

    Hi everyone these are sold pending pickup today.
  3. Item: Sonos Play 1 Wireless Speaker (2 for sale) Location: Laverton North, (West Melbourne) Price: $90 each of $160 for the pair, plus postage if needed Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: Black in color. Have had both of these for under a year, one is only 6 months old. Been used sparingly in my bedroom. Have original boxes, instructions, even the white bag each speaker came in. Prefer to sell as a pair. Pictures: Have pictures if needed. Having a bit of a problem getting them from my phone.
  4. Strykerhawk

    SOLD: FS: Dynaudio Emit M10 pair - White

    Check you messages. Offer to buy sent.
  5. Strykerhawk

    SOLD: FS: Complete Headphone set up

    Its been awhile Bill125812, nice to see your still living the dream. Well the dream of being a weight lifting hamster. I'll miss this place as well, some top blokes around here. Stay classy.
  6. sold pending pickup tomorrow, quick and easy!!
  7. Item: Samsung 55 inch HDTV, Sound bar with Bluetooth Subwoofer, and Samsung Blu Ray Player Location: Bankstown Price: $230 for the lot, need gone before Sunday, and reasonable offer will be taken. Item Condition: Everything is good/working condition. 1 burnt pixel in centre of TV about a quarter of the way from the bottom Reason for selling: Moving overseas Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Extra Info: A few years old, have all the remotes, everything works quite nicely, apart from the burnt pixel, everything is in pretty good shape. Any reasonable offer will be taken. Sorry about the pics, but the place is in a bit of disarray considering the move. Pictures:
  8. Strykerhawk

    SOLD: FS: Extrema Radiance Series AK13

    Sold pending pick up this afternoon.
  9. Strykerhawk

    SOLD: FS: Complete Headphone set up

    I'm in Bankstown. Message me for my address, as I'm kinda short for time I need to have pickup complete by Saturday afternoon. Cheers.
  10. Strykerhawk

    SOLD: FS: Complete Headphone set up

    He has passed it on to you. Its a pretty cool set up. Complete and ready to go.
  11. Item: Extrema Radiance Series AK 13 Audio Stand Location: Bankstown 2200 Price: $150 OBO, need it gone before Saturday, pick up only Item Condition: Not bad, a few marks on top (see picks) can only be seen from up close Reason for selling:Moving to Canada Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Extra Info: Totally forgot about this item. Had it for a couple of years, in good shape. See picks for top, they happened when I first put it together, over tightening. This is HEAVY. Pick up only. Excuse the picks, its a madhouse in here this week. Note it has the level bubble built in. Handy little tool. Pictures:
  12. Strykerhawk

    SOLD: FS: Complete Headphone set up

    No problem, Lonewolf, you still interested?
  13. Strykerhawk

    SOLD: FS: Complete Headphone set up

    Hey lone wolf I just messaged huxmut. I've left it up to him if he wants to pass. If he does we can go from there.
  14. Strykerhawk

    SOLD: FS: Complete Headphone set up

    I have a friend who could handle this in my abscense. She can get the money in her account and send it through. To be honest I just want it taken care of. If you're willing to do that she can wait until payment clears to post. And the friend is my ex wife, so I can trust her...kinda. Lol
  15. Strykerhawk

    SOLD: FS: Complete Headphone set up

    I just need it sold to be honest. I happen to work for a removalist company, so packing won't be an issue. Only issue would be payment, I'm closing out my account Saturday am.