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  1. I just love how much a power cable can improve / change a system (Not always better!) It’s actually quite profound. As my Sarum T has really settled in, I’m very impressed with how detailed & throaty the vocal has now become when the singers voice has those characteristics, such a realistic vocal from the depths of the belly. I have tried it on my AV Pre Processor also and has done the exact same thing with vocal giving a nice 3 dimensional realism drawing you into the movie or series so much more. On another note. I’ve also tried another Reference cable that was incredible for
  2. I’m surprised at this price, this is still available! Fantastic picture quality and sounds incredible. Streaming Netflix from these is tons better than using the latest smart TVs app also! Much sharper, crisp picture. Then there’s the UHD-BD quality ??
  3. Further information: Chord Company Signature Aray power cable, 1.5m AU plug. Im selling this power cable only since upgrading up the line to the Sarum T. I absolutely loved the sound of this cable and what is did to my system. It has beaten both my Isotek Evo3 Elite easily on soundstage size, bass authority & definition. Also it has surprisingly beaten my analysis plus power oval 2 on vocal clarity and bass slam. Great cable for a source component, I’m very surprised there is not more positive praise of these cables anywhere on the net! Fantastic product. It was pu
  4. Since Mid January after purchasing a Chord Signature Aray power cable, Ive been very happy with my power cables in the system and moved onto unit isolation & Ethernet switches which I know is another Hifi taboo topic for another thread I might start soon. But recently having the opportunity to upgrade my Chord signature Aray power cable (source cable which has been incredible as commented on above) with a Sarum T ? I just couldn’t resist! chasing the “live performance” + a true & natural tone with a high resolution benchmark, the Sarum T cable has, although briefly with 30+
  5. Definitely a valid point @TerryO Australian compliance & insurance! Often not even considered or discussed. To the seasoned Audiophile where sound quality matters above all else though this is mostly overlooked. If it’s from a reputable cable company though the quality of their products & how meticulously they are put together should give better confidence than a standard kettle cord hopefully! Back on the power conditioning side, did you previously have an Isotek product to compare to the PS audio P10 like where most begin the journey?
  6. Fantastic price here for a high end streamer! I heard the Ayon S10 MK2 in my system and was totally blown away. Fantastic resolution & monstrous soundstage. This is the same unit minus the dac. If I didn’t just buy a Bryston BDP-3 I’d grab this GLWTS!
  7. Yes I totally agree! Ive since upgraded my Cawsey power box for an Isotek Evo3 Aquarius and has done wonders for my system. I’m also currently running 2 X Nordost QV2’s & 2 X QK1’s on the same power line that feeds my system which was an even better upgrade than the Isotek Evo3 Aquarius.
  8. Liuto bookshelf speakers would be ideal, but I wouldn’t say no to the floorstanders if they popped up. I listened to both Liuto & Auditor in bookshelf & floorstander models and were similar to each other but obviously the Auditors & Cremonas were more dynamic & refined as you would expect. They do look awesome in black! They also come in a timber finish too.
  9. I’d personally wait & get another pair of Auditors. Or move your Auditors to the rear and find a pair of cremonas For fronts! The other SF ranges you mentioned haven’t received too many stellar reviews from what I’ve seen (when compared) with the Auditors. Rears need to hold their own in a 5.1 system and can easily be outclassed / unheard if they are not dynamic enough when watching a movie. A pair of Liutos for the rear would be nice as a minimum given the capabilities of your fronts. Otherwise look for a pair of Vaf I-91’s as they are dynamic & precise. A pair sold last week for $1,3
  10. I’ve been looking for a Graphite Cremona M centre for 4 years with no luck! Yes ultra rare. So Ive got a pair of Auditor M’s turned on the side (drivers facing out) as my centre and is superb with the same frequency range as the Cremona M centre so works well as it obviously blend perfectly with the floorstanders.
  11. Apollo Hifi in Nsw had both round & square in stock on Sunday when I got some more, they are Incredible! also Sydney Hifi at castle hill also have the full range + the Les Davis strips to go under power boards
  12. Further information: 30th Anniversary Gunmetal Grey Cyrus PSX-R power supply. this unit has made a huge impact on my Cyrus DacX+ I have in a separate listing. Can be used to improve any Cyrus Source unit like CD players, streamers etc. I have never seen a 30th anniversary PSX-R for sale in this finish. They are all normally Matt black or silver. This Factory finished Gun metal grey color is stunning. A must Cyrus performance upgrade https://www.cyrusaudio.com/support/other-resources/legacy-products/power-supplies/psx-r/
  13. Further information: Cyrus Dac X+ very musical, full of detail Analog like Dac punching well above its price range. Both units have been fully upgraded internally 8 months ago by an authorized Cyrus technician here in Sydney resulting in way more of everything. More finer detail, resolution, soundstage & air. This Cyrus Dac X+ & PSX-R power supply when compared to a PS audio Directstream did not have a big enough difference at all in performance to justify the massive price difference to the DS. Grab an absolute bargain here at a fraction of the p
  14. Hi All / Roon experts Ive been getting into Roon lately and love the usability of streaming Tidal + having access to my Music library. I’ve been using a late 2011 MacBook Pro (2.4GHz i7 4G memory) where the Roon core is installed. Recently the MacBook is crashing and randomly displaying lines up & down the screen so I know it’s on the way out.. So for a new Roon core device should I just replace the MacBook Pro and use as before or would a Nucleus i3 be a better option. Performance is the goal not convenience I have tried the MacBook Pro wired to the network and also
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