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  1. Appreciated. I have had to list also on AudioMarkt as this Oz site does not seem to understand international. Must be the full water boundary. The Earth is also flat.
  2. I'm sorry, I hope you realise these images are the machine unplugged. For "fuller" images check my profile for some Wild set ups, often only where I could. No. 1 features there.
  3. Only with this post. Location, at Robert Koda factory in Japan. I am in Brisbane.
  4. Item: Robert Koda Takumi K-70 power amplifier, serial no. 12, gen. II upgraded, complete, all original Location: Robert Koda in Japan, delivered straight from factory; to anywhere worldwide Price: AUD$49,000, negotiable, duties, shipping Item Condition: like new, freshly gen. II upgraded; and awaiting at factory Reason for selling: Only require one Takumi power amp. set, K-70 no. 1 (and a Shinri) remain with me, no. 12 excess to requirements. Payment Method: yes Extra Info: Not sure how to fully express a (my) loving opinion of this musical instrument. Beyond capable, thorough dynamism, absolute presence of final signal. An Amazing amplifier, a monster of music reproduction. Ample room real estate and fine speakers will be required. The provided images are the amp. unplugged, with Rob at the Robert Koda factory. For other images, I am "clarence" at stereo dot net dot au. No. 12 will ship straight from Rob in Japan. Photos:
  5. Yeah, sorry to say that you seem to be tarnishing a whole lot of authentic Folk because no one goes to eBay to not be ripped off. eBay is no place to be assessing societal quandries. There are great, Great! dealers out there, the Mullards seem to be continuing to be made, so new ones are available. If you want to hear NOS sugar there is an incredible selection out there. Why eBay? Redundant. In relation to your other, umm, part, NOS really worth it ... never heard vintage WE 300B's but jumped at the chance to have a pair of the re-release run that a quickly re-faded WE factory pumped out in early 2000's before tragically disappearing again, probably for the last time. This pair of tubes were a revelation and I regularly counter forum wankers constantly hammering on and on about how the re-released models are not as good as vintage (or NOS if you think you're lucky); having never heard them against eachother nor a filter for their gusto. But they are truly spectacular tubes. If the vintage releases are better than these then they must be extreme goodness, because the re-release is special. Now these, real vintage WE 300B's, even in an authentic (non-eBay) market, ARE 1000+ to buy, if any could be found. For my Robert Koda outfit I run NOS RCA 5842's, 50's, 60's, 70', 80's and have spent a small fortune emptying the world of as many as I could in as best matched 2-pairs as possible, needing four across separate sides. Buying NOS quads or octets is virtually impossible now. The RCA's are just stunning and I hope no one else will ever find another pair, because one day on eBay I was outed by another buyer of the last matchbox holden eh sedan on the planet and I hated the malicious carnt and everyone should pay.
  6. Forget the Memento, the Homage is what you want, the first gen. release. The Dynaudio Esotar 1.1" 28mm silk dome tweeter, 165mm ScanSpeak. I may need to let go my own (pair). But have not thought of a price I would consider.
  7. Item: Leben CS-300XS Integrated Amplifier, serial no. 800131 Location: Dundas Valley, Sydney Price: $2,500 negotiable, please be kind Item Condition: Used, very nice condition, a light dusting but no signs of tarnishing or fading, no fascia harm, no back panel harm, no dial harm and all in taut condition, silk printing intact, no connector harm. Taking unit from a rack a Very minor pair of surface abrasions on right wood panel (right as looking at amp's. front - see image, though the image is still exaggerated by the digital image and phone flash/lighting). 100's of hours used, 1,000's left on tubes. Reason for selling: Utterly adorable little performer, but it really is time to reduce some of the household's excesses. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only - in negotiation with a buyer I may reconsider the PayPal option. Extra Info: - I mentioned an "adorable little performer", but this understates this is a very capable amplifier and will make for an extraordinary foundation for someone looking for a small overall system, or even a computer-time amplifier for the desk. There's a lot of big amp. in this small form factor and is no slouch. - Always run through surge protectors and other conditioners, this unit has seen hopefully only the cleanest possible power, well ventilated, pet free. - Very, very reasonable integrated headphone amplifier and 6.3mm jack, highly recommended headphone amp. section. - I have no immediate power cable for the unit, a typical IEC connector (see images). If prompted by a potential buyer I should be able to find something generic for it. Pictures:
  8. Righto, I'll leave it as is till a current interest wanes or is enticed and relist during a blank space. First time, thanks for the heads-up (another one), hadn't realised the importance of this re-listing process.
  9. I think I'm going to 'bump' this, I hope this is how bumping an entry works.
  10. Once a Krell owner, always a Krell owner. Widely different almost eras in terms of digital audio gear. Given this is the only choice from these two, go the Krell. What beasts, what ostentatious muckery.
  11. Yes, no swapping is of interest and your 2.4 offer is not quite there. I think they probably want this sort of thing in private messages.
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