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  1. Hi DaveR, I have an old Pro-Ject phono box model that you could have for free. Only problem is I don’t know if I have an AC adapter. I got this unit as a bonus with a turntable I bought on here a few years ago and it’s just in the cupboard doing nothing. If you’re interested I can try to look for the power adapter on the weekend. Let me know if you’re interested. No worries if not. Cheers, Peter
  2. Thanks Red. If you ever find any of the above or anything interesting in your treasure trove or your travels, you know who to talk to. 😀
  3. Well, the problem is they both sound like they might work. So there’s only one way to find out, everyone’s a winner. 😂 As I mentioned originally I thought they where $300USD per set of six with close matching. Since they are $150 each, I bought both. The guy has a a lot of orders to get through, so it will take around a week for him to complete the order. Now, I just need to decide if I want to pay an additional $30USD for USPS priority shipping over the $40USD first class international. Everything seems to be taking 6 weeks or more to arrive from the US
  4. Both look like interesting suggestions, although seem very expensive these days. I require a quad per Monoblock, that’s certainly going to ad up. I agree that GEC power valves produce a sweet sound. I had a quad of GEC KT66’s in my Weston Troubadour 350 amp and I definitely preferred them to the Gold Lions. 😀
  5. Thank you for the explanation. That will certainly help for the future. Much appreciated. And I’m very happy to show of my new amps. I’m sure I’ll be posting more picks in the Weston Acoustics owners thread once I have replaced some valves. 😀
  6. Here is a couple of photos of one of the monoblocks
  7. Could I ask if there’s any issue with the RCA connections? In the photos they look bent, not straight. Is that their design?
  8. Thanks for all the helpful comments, I am taking them on board. Just FYI both the Sylvania and RCA 6sn7gtb are $50USD per NOS matched pair, so three closely matched pairs as has been described to me would cost me around $200AUD plus shipping. Originally I thought the matching would be an extra $150USD the way it was worded to me, but I’ve now had it confirmed just $150USD for the six NOS. To me that seems like a good deal compared to what I can buy NOS or even used locally. I will also post a pic of the monoblocks soon to show the position of the valves.
  9. I was under the impression that matched valves are meant to be better. You don’t agree it’s worth it? Also, with your suggestion, you mean it’s ok to mix and match valves, rather then have them all the same brand, type etc? If the above is correct, that is something I hadn’t considered. Thanks
  10. Thanks for your suggestions, I had a quick look and they do look interesting. They do appear to be quite a bit more expensive then the Sylvania chrome domes. Currently my preference is to spend the money on six cheaper nos valves rather then a more expensive pair.
  11. Thanks for the info. When you say “raw with bite” for the rca’s is that a negative or something you value?
  12. I’m in the process of tube rolling my new Weston Acoustics Time Machine pre and kt120 monoblocks. I’ve got a good deal on 5 1940’s RCA JAN CRC-5R4GY ST Shape Rectifier valves. Also have a matched pair of RCA 5691 Red Base for the pre on the way. I was hoping to get a sextet of Sylvania 6sn7’s “bad boys” for the monoblocks, but the store I’m dealing with only has a single pair. I’ve been offered a closely matched Sylvania 6sn7gtb 1960’s chrome dome sextet or a closely matched 1950’s RCA 6sn7gtb sextet for the same price. Any Weston Acoustics owners h
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