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  1. Zdigital - this is an aussie site. I've used a few times with no problems See thread below for similar discussion;
  2. Can you turn off your VPN and try?
  3. Without knowing what programs you have, it should update to win 10 no problems. I haven't found a program that won't run on Win 10 that ran on win 7.
  4. That corner position will probably be giving you less than ideal bass no matter what sub you put there. Have you moved the current sub to a different location (albeit temporarily) just to guage the effect the corner position is having?
  5. Further information: Have had this solid wood chest of drawers for a while, but we don't have a need for it. My wife restored it to its present state with a few expected imperfections (see photos) Dimensions; 895mm w x 435mm d x 790mm h Photos: .
  6. Can't you put the USB into your computer and jut delete whatever you don't want?
  7. Has the new Flash drive got any partitions? If so, I would delete and try again. Are your mp3's in folders? Or are they in the root folder? In my last car (2015 model), it would not accept folders on the flash drive. All mp3's had to be in the root directory. I just bought 2020 model last week and the manual says it can handle multiple levels of folders. Good luck !
  8. Daz, IMO cloud backup is not real good. Standard shortcomings of all of them are slow speed, cost (some), reliance on an Internet connection, and possible privacy issues. Your best bet is simply to copy to an external drive ( I have my back up on 2 x external drives). Then put the External drive(s) somewhere safe. I wrote a batch file command that will copy my files (Source) to my External drive and create a mirror of the source files. So the 2 are always in synch.
  9. You could try Speaker hospital > https://www.speakerhospital.com.au/ located in Condell Park. Whilst I have never used their services, I walk past regularly. and they have plenty of gear in there.
  10. Bumping is not permitted according to Classified policy. I found out when I did it once before.
  11. @Gieseler Audio Hello Clay, Just wondering what the approx ETA is of the new Dac? Not sure if I should get one of your power supplies for my Klein III or wait for your new dac?
  12. Welcome from a fellow sydneysider.
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