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  1. Here is a thread where this is discussed > https://www.tenforums.com/general-support/124559-does-windows-10-use-more-data-than-windows-7-a.html
  2. Like you I really preferred Win 7 to Win 10. But win 7 will soon stop being supported. Just bite the bullet & upgrade. Even if you stay on Win 7 at some point in the future you'll have to upgrade anyway due to security/ program issues. Here's a tutorial on how to do it > https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/2267-upgrade-windows-10-a.html
  3. You will probably need a few more posts before you can list an ad.
  4. PVR; I recommend Beyonwiz. Been using them for about 10 years and am very happy. The Beyonwiz forum is extremely helpful if you have any questions. No DVD watching though. There are others brands eg Fetch. I'm sure someone will come along and tell you more about Fetch. TV; You don't have to update as the PVR can perform most of the smart TV duties like watching content from your PC etc. But a new smart TV will have all the catch up TV channels as well as you can watch your local movies from your PC. For youtube I just use my phone to find content (much quicker than using the TV remote) and 'cast' it to my smart TV. I assume you have a home network setup? Some smart TVs can record to USB, but I am not a fan because you can only record 1 channel and the TV needs to stay on that channel. DVD; I don't watch DVDs, but these have come down in price, so I would suggest you look around and pickup a cheap Bluray/DVD player. Good luck
  5. @Darren69 I thought you couldn't do this as the 'Tiny LMS' is not considered very good? I have read this in the Logictech SBT forums.
  6. From another Sydney sider - Welcome!!!
  7. They're a match for your entertainment unit. Surely they're a keeper on that level alone.
  8. Have you pointed LMS to your library? Go to PC, open LMS > Settings > Basic settings > Media folders
  9. Does this help? http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/26161/~/how-to-map-a-wd-network-drive-on-windows-10
  10. In file explorer (left hand side), when you click on 'Network', is your NAS there?
  11. What version windows 10? Goto search in task bar and type winver then hit enter
  12. How is your NAS connected to your Win 10 PC? Is it simply plugged into your PC via USB? This would be better described as an external drive. Or is it connected to your modem via ethernet cable and appears (should) as network drive in file Explorer?
  13. Hello all, Thinking about trying Spotify on my Squeezebox Touch. Do I need a Spotify Premium Account Or will the Basic (free) account work?
  14. Have you been into a shop to compare? In my my budget, I found the Samsung Q7 to be the best picture . I compared using FTA not there usual promotional clips of waterfalls or whatever.
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