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  1. D ^^^^ This is good advice. I owned those same speakers and the 641a Cambridge. They are a pretty good combination.
  2. Jeddie

    Sotm SMS-200

    Not sure if you are still looking.... but here's one
  3. I would say a poor source. Doesn't matter how good your kit is, if the source is shite.
  4. I had a very similar problem with my new Samsung in 2018. The sound kept dropping in and out. I posted here at the time and another member confirmed a similar fault with his new Samsung. The fix was I rang Samsung and they sent a technician who upgraded the firmware. Problem solved. Ensure you are using the latest firmware. If not, update it. If so, ring Samsung and get a technician to come to you.
  5. Looking for a new monitor online and came across Skycomp? Anyone bought from them? Are they ok to deal with?
  6. I went thru this 2-3 years ago when looking for new TV. Basically I wanted the best possible picture. I got the store to put each TV on FTA. The LG Oled was the best but much more expensive at the time. The cheaper brands could not really match the picture of the dearer ones. It came down to side by side choice of Sony v Samsung. I picked Samsung Q7 65".
  7. Wow that is the holy grail! Welcome and Enjoy Rodney!
  8. Further information: After working for a company for 40 years, I was offered to select a gift from a pre-determined range. So I picked this amp. It is Brand new in box. Has only been opened once to take photos. This is a great opportunity to buy a brand new amp at a reduced cost. Current RRP = $799 > https://lenwallisaudio.com/products/hifi/amplifiers/pm5005/ Photos:
  9. Hi Donnie, I have Brand New Marantz PM5005 Integrated Amp (Never been used). Will post. Good luck with your search.
  10. I would argue your TV is not fit for purpose. And therefore it should be fixed or replaced at their cost.
  11. You could try Speaker hospital in Condell Park. I have never used them. https://www.speakerhospital.com.au/
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