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  1. I need to buy some ink cartridges for my Epson inkjet printer. The black Epson cartridge (genuine) from Officeworks is $32! The damn printer only cost $60 something dollars!! Yes I know that is the business model for printers. Low cost printer, then charge like a wounded bull for ink. I'm happy to buy non-OEM (generic ink). So where do you buy yours from online? There are shxxloads of websites offering ink. Looking for recommendations please?
  2. Can you / have you tried on a different PC?
  3. Hello George, Rather than go thru Gumtree, we have Classified ads from private sellers as well as Commercial sellers. Much better option for buying 2nd hand.
  4. Jeddie


    Merry Christmas to all. Enjoy!
  5. Welcome to Australia! And welcome to Stereonet. Hope you enjoy both.
  6. Have you power cycled the router? Have you checked your wifi strength at the location of CC? I would suggest using app 'Wifi Analyser'. In addition to strength you should see how busy your channel is?
  7. Item: Klein Dac I (3 input) Location: Sydney Price: $390 Shipped. Item Condition: 9/10 Just has fingerprints on it. Reason for selling: Went further up the Gieseler dac line. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Extra Info: This is the 3 input version (USB/Optical/S-PDIF). I bought this direct from Clay in 2015 and have really enjoyed my time with it. Comes with original power supply. I simply decided I would try something else. Been in a child free smoke free house. Photos: .
  8. Welcome from a fellow Sydneysider.
  9. We agree on most artists but she arks up when I play Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley ( Boring Buckley she calls him) or Santana.
  10. RIP Greedy - Saw them this year at the local RSL club.
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