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  1. My wife and I are travelling to UK/Europe soon - we booked last year, before coronavirus. We have ordered 2 x Uk/Europe sim cards for our android phones so we can make calls and more importantly use google maps whilst we are there.. I will want send/receive emails on our phones. Will our gmail app on the phone work same as now with a different sim card? I assume it will because gmail app needs data not a phone number. Anybody done this? Can someone confirm
  2. That is a terrific shot!!
  3. I've got a Holden Captiva (don't laugh). Surely the trade in / 2nd hand market will be a hard sell? What should I do? Try to sell it now?
  4. Just use Musicbee. This is a dedicated music programme. It plays, edits tags, shows artwork, import artwork if it is missing, converts from format to format (eg Flac to mp3) etc etc. You can configure your setup to show whatever columns you want. Good forum on line to help if needed. And its free.
  5. Jeddie

    FM antenna

    Does UHF mean digital? I think when digital tv came in I upgraded all wiring and the antenna.
  6. Had to google 'OST'. Never heard this before.
  7. Is Ballarat too far?
  8. I had the old P2 and now have a U4 Beyonwiz. They are a very good PVR. And FWIW the forum is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Good luck with your sale.
  9. I need to buy some ink cartridges for my Epson inkjet printer. The black Epson cartridge (genuine) from Officeworks is $32! The damn printer only cost $60 something dollars!! Yes I know that is the business model for printers. Low cost printer, then charge like a wounded bull for ink. I'm happy to buy non-OEM (generic ink). So where do you buy yours from online? There are shxxloads of websites offering ink. Looking for recommendations please?
  10. how about this?
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