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  1. Anybody know how to get AFL LIVE app to work? I have sideloaded it but wont open. Looking for an alternative to mirroring my galaxy s9
  2. appreciated mate. Goodluck with the move will definitely have you eyeball my XO timing.
  3. Hi John, welcome to stereo.net.au I actually have not touched it since I last spoke to you. your help in pm's has been invaluable thus far, when I do get back into tweak mode I'll no doubt start bothering you again
  4. Finally think I made some progress getting these beasts somewhat under control. now I am a complete newb to diy and to pretty much everything else haha. so please offer any advice/comments you can. Firstly took some REW measurements of each possible sub location. From those I decided on LWM+RWB, here is how they summed together with no delay applied. Then applied some eq'ing in the Inuke Then got some measurements in the other two listening positions. (not ideal, but okay for now) not sure how to fix the dips at 45hz and 68hz. applying delay might improve one but at the expense of the other. Then some Centre channel integration (still need to tweak the distance a smidge I think, maybe 2.4m. ok for now) My mains need sorting out somehow, have not done anything with them except audyssey so far. But here is how they integrated at 2.5m distance. For now, it looks ok to me, except the mains below their crossover point (80hz). Not too sure whats going on or what to do about it, like i said, complete newb
  5. Have you tried it through Plex?
  6. I freaken love this little thing. RetroArch - 1000's of old school roms, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, N64, Wii, WiiU, Gamecube, Sega, Megadrive, Sega CD, Suturn, Dreamcast, NeoGeo, Arcade etc. Arc Browser - front end for above ROMs. PLEX - Now streams my 4K HDR rips no problem. Netflix 4K HDR. Ultimate Chicken Horse - funny 4 player game. Works with XBOX One controllers, blutooth needed for wireless. Hey Google - voice activation. remotr - stream and play any game installed on your pc on your shield tv, in 4K. (the nvidia gamestream app requires latest graphics cards to even work)
  7. it used to annoy the piss out of me having to select a pick up location for every item in basket individually. So far, 100% of my orders have been available from the one store.
  8. 11x 4K movies in my basket for $164.86 (Harry Potter 8 Films, Planet of the Apes 3 Films.) get on the 2 for $40 also, 20% off and 10%
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