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  1. Thanks, chaps. Oh! I thought it was +/- 10volts, my bad. So I'm within spec and no need to get Ausgrid out. I'm happy I'm using the PS Audio P15 to regulate the supply. Found this Australian Standard. AS60038 : 230V is the nominal voltage with a +10% to –6% variation at the point of supply. So Andy your are correct, +10% upper limit is 253v(230+23). Lower limit -6% is 216.2v(230-.13.8) This is a good illustration:- tps://electricalconnection.com.au/when-voltage-varies/ This ABC 2018 article provides interesting
  2. Andy, Rang Ausgrid yesterday. They can send a technician out to measure the incoming voltage at my board. Not convenient at the moment so later next month I will schedule a visit. This morning 247.6v, late yesterday 246.8v. As regulated voltage supply standard is "230v", this far exceeds the +/- 10 voltage variation.
  3. It's now 9:30am, voltage peaking at just over 250v. Maybe a call to the energy infrastructure company to ask why. I'm in Sydney suburbs.
  4. Just turned on my PS Audio P15. Voltage in at 6.30am was 249, fluctuating to 248. This seems rather higher than when I first installed a P10(now replaced with a P15) some years ago. I recently had the mains cable to the house replaced(original was almost 70 years old) so that may explain the increase. Maybe it's just a morning thing, I will monitor. I have attached a photo of the P15 screen showing voltage in. I also use an Isotek Super Titan which I find is more effective (sound wise) with my tube monos. Source components seem to like the P15. A mate
  5. I had the L-100, fantastic amplifier. It "didn't fit" the new furniture so it was traded in(sob). Should have traded in the bride as she left three years later. Enjoy the L-100 and GLWTS.
  6. Weston Acoustics Tempest. New price from $2,750. I use one with KT150 tubes with a pair of Whatmough 303's, superb. Earle can take some time to build(mine took over 6 months) due to demand/he is a sole trader. Correspondence is not his strong suit but the amps are beautifully built and well worth the wait.
  7. Further information: RRP : $3,580 I conservatively rate the cable condition as better than just good. A couple of bananas have a slight bend due to the weight of the cables. Outer braid is very good . There is some pilling which is normal wear. Some scratches on one of the cable covers. The 72v DBS units are the ones that get a bit "sticky" with age. Bought these from Paul_B a few years ago for a great price so am passing on the benefit(original ad link below). Paul, at the time was working for The Audio Experts(Whatmough Audio) and purch
  8. Sorry the same thing that was posted previously. Amazon being almost half the price.
  9. This solution is available from Myer. $220.95, online only. Holds 1,116 cds. Shelves can be moved to accommodate DVD's and other objects d'art. https://www.myer.com.au/p/artiss-528-dvd-1116-cd-storage-shelf-media-rack-stand-cupboard-bok-unit-oak
  10. Further information: Current RRP $2,599. Bought this cable many moons ago via Stereonet and it has performed admiralty. The sound? I would say full bodied, more on the bottom end of the spectrum. It was originally supplied with nil packaging(sold in Oz with just an Cardas plastic bag I suspect). Au HPM plug with a Cardas 15AMP IEC are fitted. Due to it's age the Cardas printing on the shrink wrap on both connectors is worn. Similarly, there is wear on some of the "CARDAS CLEAR BEYOND POWER" lettering on the "cardas blue" insul
  11. Further information: Bought two of these from Bruce(VooDoo Owner) in 2017, invoice attached. They were his own demos and he retro fitted them with AU plugs(all plugs are Rhodium over superior conducting tellurium copper). At the time I purchased them the Air Dragon IV was the current version of this cable(current version is V). I asked what was the difference between the versions. He was very honest and said the colour, a new number, plus a few slight improvements. He said he increases the version number when he releases a new range. The specs for the
  12. I had the same issue with a new Audio Reference 75 some years ago. Regularly blowing it's fuse on start up. First Audio Research recommended going up a rating. Better, but there was still the occasional failure. Audio Research(USA) then supplied a heavy duty fuse of the higher rating(couldn't get them in Oz). It had the normal fuse wire with a rather thicker wire wound around it. Problem solved. Apparently it had happened a few times with the original 75 in Oz. When I went up the Audio Research tree I checked my new amps. They had been suppli
  13. Further information: Aspen are a current model of the Tree range. RRP : $3,580 Bought these from Paul_B a few years ago for a great price so am passing on the benefit(original ad link below). I knew Paul, he had worked at Whatmough Audio(now The Audio Experts) and had purchased these direct from the wholesaler. No original packaging was supplied. I don't expect Paul will mind if you PM him to verify their originality. I conservatively rate the cable condition as better than just good. A couple of bananas have a slight bend due to the
  14. I have a slightly different model(508) but with the same issue. Needed a new laser. Cost about $300 approx. Back working a treat. A bargain player at approx. $450 all up including postage and repair.
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