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  1. Had one of these. From the early 80's and a great sound.
  2. Further information: I am the third owner of these previously top of the line Tara Labs speaker cables. They are in very good condition. There are four cables, 2 x positive and 2 x negatively marked. Two separate directional cables are used for each channel. They measure just on 8ft tip to tip. They have screw in connectors, currently fitted with spades. They can be fitted with bananas(I have a set if you prefer, or a combo). These are thick, heavy cables so spade connectors serve best, unless you can support the bananas properly(they will bend
  3. I met Graham Gouldman(later of 10cc) who wrote the song Bus Stop, nice guy. GLWTS.
  4. AU plugs? I would have jumped on this but I have one waiting to be delivered. Great cables.
  5. Had this arm with the next Avid model, the Sequel, and it performed exceptionally well. GLWTS.
  6. Further information: One of Audioquest's best speaker cables. Don't pay just over $25k AUD but approx. 22% of that price. These sound wonderful and are a definite step up from the Redwood model having twice their PSS(Perfect silver surface)conductors. An added bonus is that these cables have been fitted with superior performing "cold wielded" silver plated spade lugs(normally only found only on their flagship model). "Signature spade lugs (1/4” or 5/16") are also machined from pure C1100 electrolytic copper billet, then direct-plated with an ultra
  7. Further information: 10cc was a very unique. They had their own studio where they engineered and produced their own and others records so sound quality was up there with the best of them. The band, after serving as the backing band for two successful Neil Sedaka albums, evolved into 10cc Graham Gouldman was a hit songwriter for bands such as The Yardbirds(For Your Love), The Hollies(Bus Stop), Herman Hermits (No Milk Today). Eric Stewart had already been in a successful band(Wayne Fontana + The Mindbenders) and sung lead on the Mindbenders hit A Groovy Kind of L
  8. Hi Dave, I'll take this if still available. Pickup is fine, I'm in Eastwood. Regards Bruce
  9. Further information: Crystal Cable clarity and performance is on show with this cable. This cable is in excellent condition. The connectors are top notch Furutech FI-25(R) Rhodium plated. Note this has a US power plug and 15amp IEC. If you wish to fit an AU plug that is easily done. If you are in Sydney someone like Krispy Audio or Chris Kimil can do that for you. This is the previous iteration of the Ultra cable(current version is the Ultra Diamond). The Ultra Diamond 1.5metre cable has a RRP of $3,065USD($4,315 AUD). Packaging has some dama
  10. Further information: Original owner. VooDoo make some great powercords and this model, Electra, was a multiple award winner. #8 AWG with Rhodium over Silver Plated copper(not brass) 20amp IEC. Furutech Rhodium Australian power plug(itself costs $165.00). I used this cable on Tube Pre-amp, Tube Integrated, and DEXQ processor with great results. Electra model has been replaced by the Air Spectra in the VooDoo lineup. Air Spectra 1.0 metre has a RRP of $2,500. Photos:
  11. 10cc - The original Soundtrack is available as Eagleeyes had something come up. $50 posted.
  12. " I will likely move on to a DAN D F12 " What product is this please?
  13. If I don't receive anyone interested in the lot I will be in touch.
  14. Further information: Note : SACD CD only and only play on a SACD equipped player. 10cc - The Original Soundtrack - Mastered in Japan from the original analog tapes. - Mint condition Wonderful reviews:- "Another wonderful DSD transfer by Hitoshi Takiguchi at Universal Mastering Studios in Tokyo, Japan. I am still astonished at the thought that Universal UK sent them an actual master tape - but that's what this disc sounds like it's made from. Yes, it was recorded in 10cc's own studio - but the sound is massive, detailed, authoritative - BIG." "This
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