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  1. woogie59

    Withdrawn from sale

    Wow, What model are these? Do I see four sets of binding posts per speaker? How does that work? Need four speaker cable runs?
  2. Thanks. Wow, that's great. I know Kee Whatmough(wife of the late Colin). Have had many dealings with her over the many years I have owned their speakers. The reason I asked is that I have some 303's but re-coned by the original owner(who has an audio business). These were his home speakers. He reckoned they were an improvement. The speakers were personally supplied by Colin to the original owner with a matching centre speaker(which I didn't require). Colin autographed them for good measure in gold pen. Great speakers, great sound, very heavy. 303 Leadline with new original drivers would be great value at your asking price for the whole lot. Tempting to have some originally spec 303's but where would I put them! The sub is the Typhoon model from a few years back. GLWTS
  3. I too noticed the partial nudity. Question about the 303's. Are these the leadlined version? What were the drivers replaced with, brand/model? I was led to believe the original drivers have not been available for some time. Was the work done by Whatmough? Thanks.
  4. woogie59

    Audio research ls27 tube upgrade

    Hi, Tried a pair of Electro-harmonix 6H30Pi, in my Ref 75SE and then used these two in my Ref 6(it has 6 x 6H30Pis) Found these Gold Plate produced a slightly warmer/basser shade than the AR supplied units. Good but I preferred the AR supplied tube sound. I bought four EH's, sold the two I used. Bought them from Amptubes in Qld. Have two brand new EH 6H30Pis, matched and unused. $65 for the pair. I'm in Sydney. PM me if you want them.
  5. These look rather interesting. Have speakers with double binding posts so in the market and these would be a great solution. I could only find one version of this brand of cable currently on sale. Is yours a different higher spec earlier version? If so what are the differences between your cable and the version currently on sale? Thankyou.
  6. Are these DD models or the newer DD+ models? Do you have some pics?
  7. Great combo. I had the sister integrated, the L100 back in the day and it was the bomb. Then I got married and it had to find a new home......."did not fit"..."too big". Yes, I know, should have keep the amp rather than the wife. GLWTS.
  8. Item: Quadraspire QAVM AV Rack (Cherry with 19mm Black columns) Location: Sydney Price: $950,(3 shelves and two sets of columns). $40 per extra set of columns. RRP $2175. Item Condition: Good. Few nicks on one shelf. Reason for selling: Excess to current needs Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Only, very heavy Extra Info: Owned since new. Shelves Colour : Cherry Column diameter is 19mm black. I have numerous columns height options. Column heights available : 140mm, 180mm, 216mm(2 sets), 256mm You choose what 2 sets. Can purchase extra sets for $40 a set. Photos show 216mm height columns for illustration purposes. Supplied with spikes(for carpet) and feet(for hardwood floors). Weight Capacity : 100kgs per shelf External Dimensions :1085mm(W) x 500mm (D) Between Columns : 960mm(W) Additional shelves can be ordered for $750 from a number of Australian retailers. This version differs from the current version in that there is no underside shelf routing. Each shelf can comfortably house two standard width and depth audio components. Pictures:
  9. woogie59

    FS: Furutech Power Cable

    Suggest you include cable's model, length, RRP. Original packaging available? Price for one or both? GLWTS.
  10. Only just saw this discussion when I was searching for experiences with the new P15. Here is my experience with my P10 and an Isotek SuperTitan(power conditioner). The P10 powers my source components(mainly all tube). The Super Titan is connected to my amplifiers, ie. tube, HT and multi channel amps. It also powers, via an ancillary power connection, an Isotek power board which is connected to my plasma and Oppo(with impressive results). I have tried the power amps, TV, Oppo with the P10 and some of the sources via the Super Titan but the above combo works best for me. I spoke to Mike from Magenta(the distributor for PS Audio) the other week at a demo night(P15 and P20 weren't being demo'd that night) and the P15/20 sounds very tempting. I hope to take a P20 for a home demo some time in the near future.
  11. woogie59


    The 7155 is an integrated amplifier/receiver. I have one and it still goes great.
  12. woogie59

    FS: whatmough 202 monitors

    Yes, they seem a bit larger than my 202's(bitumen lined)., ie. 540mm H x 285mm W x 295mm D Binding posts are different. Speaker grill is longer. Send some pics to Kee and she will id them. GLWTS.
  13. Great news. I inquired with Paul and Kee at Whatmough on these speakers today as I hadn't heard of this model. Apparently these are 31 years old(Kee remembers her son was born at the same time). They didn't proceed with many pairs so very rare. You can see where Colin got the the Progeny shape from this early design. Wish you were in Sydney I would have been interested.
  14. woogie59

    Relist Quadraspire SV2T Walnut Hifi Rack

    I think I have found why the variance in price. I didn't notice it before as I was looking for a physical difference between the two photos and there is none. The different is what the shelves are made out of. Everything else is the same. The dearer one's shelves are made out of bamboo, and the standard is mdf. I take it your rack is the mdf one.
  15. woogie59

    Relist Quadraspire SV2T Walnut Hifi Rack

    Hi, Apparently there are two versions of the SV2T. Not sure what is the differences are as they have the same measurements, but one is referred to as the AV version(RRP $3,035 AUD), with the other referred to as the HI FI version (RRP $3,710 AUD). Could you please confirm whether yours is the AV or the Hi Fi version. Also what are the height of the columns shown? Thankyou.