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  1. Item: OPPO BDP-93 Blue -ray Disc Player Location: Sydney Price: $220, + postage via Pack and Send Item Condition: Good, some slight loss of finish on top leading edge of unit(see photo) Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Post Direct Credit Extra Info: Bought this new from Len Wallis Audio. Has performed without a hitch Have original packaging/box so can post via Pack and Send but that would be at an additional cost. Also can supply a Wireworld Chroma 6, two metre HDMI cable for additional $30 if interested. Good match for the unit. Photos:
  2. Item: Amari Tonearm Lifter - New Unused Sold awaiting payment Location: Sydney Price: $80 posted. Sold subject to payment and collection Item Condition: 10/10 New and unused Reason for selling: I have a brand new unused lifter which I bought recently. Silly me didn't measure correctly so it is unsuitable for my table. It is an Amari. Simple but effective. Cost me $125 landed. I'm in Sydney and your welcome to pickup Two bases, 1/4" and 1/2" in height, The unit itself has height adjustment of 1/2". So on the large base the total max height of the unit tothe top of the black lifter is 2". It includes some sticky adhesive tabs(like bluetack) to secure the unit to it's base and then to your table. Also provided is an Amari azimuth card grid to help with your cartridge alignment. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Post Direct Credit Extra Info: Link to Youtube demo video below
  3. Reduced to $180 delivered. Upgrade your centre speaker performance with a trusted cable brand.
  4. Item: Crystal Cable Dreamline Power Cable 1.0 metre Location: Sydney Price: $2,200 includes postage Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Excess Payment Method: Pickup/Post - Cash, Paypal, Direct credit Extra Info: Superb cable. Famed MonoCrystal silver core, surrounded with Silver plated monocrystal copper shield then Gold plated monocrystal silver shield. Originally sourced from Europe. I fitted a Furutech(G) AU power plug. Currently fitted with Oyaide IEC but that's a bit of a favourite with me so that will be replaced with a new high end Wattgate 350RH EVO IEC(and cable tested). RRP for newer iteration Dreamline Plus 1.0m, is, $3,800USD, approx. $5,550 AUD. Photos:
  5. Item: Crystal Cable Reference Diamond Power Cable 1.0 metre Location: Sydney Price: $1,100 includes postage Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Excess Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Post - Paypal Extra Info: Wonderful cable, 2nd owner. Furutech AU power plug, Wattgate 320i IEC, RRP approx. $2,500, 1.5m $3,150 RRP https://recordclean.com.au/crystalpower-reference-diamond-power-cord---1-5m.html Photos: .
  6. Item: Audioquest Gilbraltar, 2m single speaker cable, bi-wire, bananas, 72DBS Location: Sydney Price: Reduced to $180 including postage. Cost me over $600 when new! Item Condition: 7/10 Reason for selling: Excess Payment Method: Post/Pickup - Cash/Direct Credit Extra Info: Bought this new from Len Wallis audio over five years ago. I think RRP was about $800. Normal wear and tear from use, ie. a bit of pilling of the outside brand, some scratches on one of the end cables covers. The DBS unit is 72v but is one of those older ones that were rubbery so has become "sticky". Gilbraltar was one of the more popular Audioquest speaker cables due to it's bang for buck performance.
  7. I have had this model on my Whatmough journey and they are the sweet spot in their range. Good price.
  8. Item: Offer to Purchase Received : Awaiting Payment :VooDoo Platinum Powercord, 1 metre Location: Sydney Price: $430(Postage Included) RRP $900 Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Excess Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Post - Paypal, Direct Credit Extra Info: 10AWG, fitted with AU Furutech(R) Plug(itself RRP $165), and VooDoo's own Rhodium plated, over copper(not brass) IEC. Designed by VooDoo for front end components but will work well with power amps etc. VooDoo power cables punch well above their weight and are multiple award winners. Now replaced by the Dynasty Digital model (RRP $1,323) Note: this is a very thick cable and flexiblility is not it's forte. Photos: .
  9. Item: Under Offer Reduced Panasonic 50" Plasma TH-P50VT30A Location: Sydney, 2122 Price: $125. Now $85 Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Excess Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Original owner. Manufactured 2011 in Thailand. I had this wall mounted but have the stand. Photos:
  10. Thanks to all who replied. Am liaising with first person who expressed a wish to purchase
  11. Item: Sold awaiting Receipt of Funds : Hulgich Audio FTM Speaker Cables, 2.5 metres, spades : Location: Sydney Price: $260(postage included) Item Condition: 9/10 Reason for selling: Upgraded/Excess Payment Method: Pickup/Post - Cash, PayPAL, Direct Credit Extra Info: Bought these directly from Hulgich Audio after hearing them at the StereoNET show a few years ago. Lovely cable, high end quality fit and finish as you would expect from Hulgich Audio. 11 AWG, silver plated copper. From Hulgich Audio :- "The FTM Cable offers a very involving. non-fatiguing experience which encourages a complete immersion in the music." "With incredible detail, you perceive a naturalness not heard before in your system." " The main sound quality of our FTM cable is its neutrality" Screw out connectors. Can change to bananas. Connector is Australian supplied and readily available on line. Used lightly in my second system/home threatre and they proved a great price/performance cable. I was very impressed Only selling as I was offered an upgraded speaker cable from a friend. Original price was just over $500 delivered. Photos:
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