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  1. Hi guys, Just wondering does the HDMI output on a TV only pass the HDMI input through it? ie, if the TV is playing something on a USB, does it output sound through the HDMI? Or just through the optical out?
  2. I almost never come across sealed active subwoofers. Why is this? Since they offer nicer sound (at the expense of outright volume) I would expect a variety of these to be available? I know the vented subs use that to cool the amp, but sure the amp can be mounted externally to avoid these issues?
  3. There are some DIY guides on how to make speaker stands using PVC piping + wood. Really easy, look good and minimal investment
  4. Sorry I thought all receivers were the same width/depth? It's an Onkyo TX-SR604 Bubble wrap will be the second option, I don't think I can make a sturdy enough box though. I am mostly concerned about the receiver becoming deformed out of shape
  5. Hi everyone, I want to put a receiver in my suitcase to take overseas. I don't have the original box for it and was hoping someone has the original packaging of their receiver they don't want/need? The receiver is 174mm in height. Sydney area
  6. Sorry just realized I posted this in the wrong section
  7. I bought a second hand Onkyo TX-SR604 receiver. I don't have speakers currently and just connected a single TV speaker to it, running radio. The volume though was very low. At Volume 60 of 100 it was only barely audible. I didn't want to play around too much in fear of destroying the TV speaker. What would the reason for this be? Incorrect settings? Broken receiver?
  8. Looking through eBay Germany, these subwoofers are quite cheap there, however in Australia they are in the higher price range. Are they any good? There doesn't seem to be much info in English on the internet for these.
  9. How are Aaron speakers/subs regarded? I've only heard a few and at that a long time ago. Specifically if anyone knows about the Aaron Sub-60 active subwoofer?
  10. Can you guys give suggestions on units around the $200 mark? 5.1 Twin zone (I would like to be able to run a pair of stereo speakers in a different room)
  11. Thanks guys for the info, that cleared things up. All the movies that will be watched will be downloaded so it seems that the optical input will suffice. I am looking at an Onkyo TX-SR602 currently as well as a Sony STR DB 2000, neither of which has HDMI. Any recommendations as to which is better?
  12. Al, are you saying that optical connections are of low quality? Certainly they can't be worse than the RCA connections that seem to be ok?
  13. Hi everyone, Does optical output offer 5.1 channel connection? I am looking at buying an older received that does not have HDMI input, and I would like the possibility of 5.1 surround sound with downloaded movies which would be played via the USB on a TV. Is this possible without HDMI?
  14. Megamond, I do not plan to use satelites, rather bookshelf speakers. The subwoofer is just to fill any void and offer that cinematic experience
  15. It is a bass reflect design but I believe as the front baffle offers so much air pressure resistance it acts as a bandpass box. f10 means at -10db does it?
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