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  1. Saviola

    Dilemma: Turntable placement

    Thanks all, i am away at the moment so cant take pictures will see what i have online though. I could move the Pre next to the TT, would prefer that to a shelf on the wall as any shelves would be within 2-3 feet of speakers which i am also not keen on. Trying to limit how many cables run the full 5 meters as well. I can demo a Pro-Ject Tube Box from a friend at work, they rated 10-100 ohms by the looks of it. Cheers
  2. Howdi, After some advice, i know i will need to judge for myself but just in case someone else has done the same thought i'd ask. I have had to move all my audio out of a dedicated room, as we have moved to a new apartment, issue i have now is i cannot fit all the Audio in one area. I have tried various ways to have the room setup but this seems the only way that i can and keep the Mrs happy and acoustics as i like them as well. The best I can do is have my Turntable on the opposite side of the room away from the Pre/Power/CDP etc, but that would mean having a 5m long cable run. I can hide the cable so aesthetics aren't an issue, i am just used to the 'short as possible' approach with turntables. I have a couple of TTs, a Pro-Ject 1Xperience and a vintage Sansui (im repairing) that do the job i need; for now. These are fed into a Parasound P5/A31 combo at the moment, no need for both simultaneously. So i have two choices: - Run the long cable into the P5 phono stage - Connect TT's to new phono stage (close to TT's) and feed that into a P5 input What would you do in this situation? All advice or anecdotal experience welcome. Cheers
  3. Saviola

    FS: Creek Evo 2 Integrated AMP

    Hey, does this have the phono module?
  4. Whats the measurement from the rear leg to front of shelf please? I cant seem to find the specs online my Google-Fu is failing me.
  5. Saviola

    FS: Rotel 1570 preamp

    @Abrenner0 What color is the unit? Oops just read the whole message Will wait on some photos.
  6. @ConradWill take these, posted please.
  7. Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here Bob Dylan - Greatest Hits Will take them please.
  8. Hey, I will take it if you still have it Thanks
  9. Saviola

    SOLD: Thorens TD165 Turntable - *Sold*

    Interested, when could i come and pick it up?
  10. Hey Buddy, Whereabouts would pickup be interested in the Emotiva stuff? looks like paint on the power, might need to see that before agreeing sale. Odd was just looking at the USP earlier today. Cheers Paul
  11. This is just what I'm after but I'm in Melbourne. I want you to post but i know it will get ruined. Whats your thoughts on posting?
  12. Saviola

    FS: Marantz CD6002 (black) - $170

    I will take the CD player, im in Port Melbourne so handy too, will PM you now.
  13. Cambridge DacMagic 100 i will take that for my PC please. Can pick up if you prefer. PM on its way. (nope you full) EDIT: Looks like was beaten by a minute, damn. Can I hold the Cambridge DacMagic till i check its not too big for where i want to put it please? EDIT2: thanks for waiitng but it wont work for me, apologies. GLWTS
  14. Saviola


    Howdi folks, I have just recenetly emigrated from the UK to Aus and wanted to get back into my Vinyl (not sure if a good decsion or not yet ). I have been into HT for a while but lost my way with Audio upon leaving Uni. This looked like a good place to start. Cheers Paul (saviola)