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  1. Hi , I am interested on it . Please, let's me know how much the postage to 4077 QLD .Thanks Cheers Peter
  2. I am looking for them for a while . My friend he has them .i like them . Cheers Peter
  3. Hello , I am interested to have them .I would like to arrange for payment . Kind regards Peter
  4. Hi , I am interested on it . Please , Let's me know It is still working alright . Regards Peter
  5. Oh Dear , you are in WA .I WOULD LIKE TO BUY THEM IF they are in QLD . I can arrange the transport to pick them up If you do not mind to pack them for me .CHEERS Peter
  6. Hi IF you can packing them for me . I will pay for the cost .I can arrange the transport to pick them up .CheersPeter,
  7. I would take them if they are in Brisbane .Even musical fidelity .
  8. If it still available .I will pay more than asking price .
  9. I take it . Please , PM details .
  10. I'm interested , Please ,give me more details such as model Araklis- I OR II ..III.and power RMS .
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