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  1. Beginner NAS advice needed

    In simple terms, yes. The models of Synology you've mentioned would be able to stream to any of those devices assuming you rip everything into formats they can play natively. It's been a while since I last went NAS shopping but from memory there was 3 versions of the 216... the 216, 216j and 216se which had fairly different specifications and price points. Definitely do a bit of research on the CPU & RAM of the specific model you're looking at as well as the data transfer rates - ideally try to find independent review results rather than the ones on the Synology pages. There's some fairly hefty differences between them and as you add more simultaneous streams you might find the cheapest models struggle somewhat to keep up with higher resolution video streams to multiple devices. Good luck! EDIT: I forgot the 216play so make that 4 versions... if your budget stretches to the 'play' model then this offers some hardware transcoding. I don't believe this is supported by Plex but it is supported by the 'DS Video' app which is available on most of the devices you listed.
  2. Beginner NAS advice needed

    The whole NAS / Media Server topic has certainly become more confused in recent years as increasingly the modern 'consumer NAS' is basically a microserver instead - particularly those from the likes of Synology and Qnap. "When I were a lad" a NAS was simply storage on the network somewhere and all it did was store files, these days we see more and more software packages that can be installed onto a NAS to make it run things like media servers, VPN servers, web servers and all the rest. Cost, performance etc. end up coming down to what you really want and need to do and how much of it you want and need to do. My own situation is that intially I wanted/needed plenty of storage for media files, including music, video and photographs (My home-CEO is a photographer by trade) and wanted to be able to stream the music and video through the house to a mix of Android and Mac devices. Like others here I went with Plex as a media server, in my case due to the cross-platform support and the high WAF. With my target devices in mind I used Handbrake to convert the DVDs to H264 and Phile Audio to convert the CDs to FLAC and stored all of this on the NAS - this gave me a good balance of size/quality as well as compatibility. Having that target in mind meant my shopping choice came down to storage capacity, cost and future-proofing more than outright processing power so I bought a 5 Bay Synology (DS1513+) and started with 3x4TB drives in SHR which I've since expanded with a couple more 4TB drives. (Back then 4TB was just about the sweet spot of cost vs capacity.) If I need more capacity, which I likely will next year, I can add a couple of external expansion units that each take 5 more disks and I could go with larger ones at that point as well. That particular model of Synology has an Intel Atom D2700 dual core CPU in it which doesn't set the world of performance benchmarks on fire - a Passmark of 844 for those that care about such things. More importantly than the raw numbers, that Synology was able to run the Plex Media Software comfortably for 2-3 video streams using 'Direct Play' in Plex (i.e. no transcoding was needed) because pretty much everything can play H264. Where it came unstuck is when I added the DVR/Live TV capability of Plex into the mix which requires live transcoding of a video stream - at this stage the Synology didn't handle 1 stream comfortably so I've moved the Plex Server duties onto an old i7 Mac Mini (2012) and just use the NAS to physically store the files. IMHO it's not really worth the cost to try and find a NAS for home use that has enough processing power to handle video transcoding on a more generalised basis where compatibility is important. There are the 'Play' models of Synology NAS that have hardware transcoding built in but not all software can take advantage of it, at which point it's back to not being powerful enough. Throwing a curve ball into the mix to finish... an old Mac Pro (think silver cheese grater) has lots of CPU grunt, plenty of RAM, a good number of internal drive bays for storage, offers RAID capability natively through OS X, runs Plex Media Server (and other stuff of course!) and can come in at a remarkably competitive price point whilst also being familiar to you as a Mac user.
  3. I've had a couple of questions about my reference to the 'WiFi Issue' above so to try and clarify... The Mac Pro itself works fine, there are no issues with the WiFi in the current configuration, which includes the installed El Capitan version of OS X. There are newer release of OS X (now called macOS instead), including the latest High Sierra release, that are not officially supported on the Mac Pro 3,1. It is however possible, to install the latest macOS High Sierra release on the Mac Pro 3,1 using a 'Patching' tool which is well documented online but a side effect of this is that the inbuilt WiFi in the Mac Pro 3,1 isn't supported. You can install an internal PCIe WiFi card or use a USB WiFi Dongle to get around this and have the latest macOS and WiFi running perfectly. While this works, and works well, the Mac Pro is my primary machine at home so I don't want to be in a situation where I'm running an unsupported version of the OS and relying on a free third-party patch to keep my machine up to date. If someone wants to go down the path of using this patch I can probably dig out either an internal card and/or a USB WiFI dongle and include them in the sale on a completely untested basis.
  4. Item: Cyrus FM6 Tuner in Black Location: Melbourne, SE Suburbs Price: $200 (reasonable offers considered) Item Condition: Used but very good condition, the odd little mark/scratch on the back panel which you can see in the photos but the rest of the casing doesn't seem to have any noticeable issues. I can provide additional photos on request. Reason for selling: Not used - tend to listen to UK radio stations over the internet these days. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: I previously had this listed back in February as part of a 'starter' system comprised of all the Cyrus boxes I wasn't using any more but due to interest in the other bits separately this sadly got left behind and has seen me get in trouble with the home-CEO/CFO for it still 'lying around' the house. The Cyrus FM6 is a great little tuner (IMHO) and when fed with a good quality signal provides for a very listenable sound. I don't have the little AM loop wire or the user manual unfortunately but they're easy enough to source but in the box is the original remote and Cyrus MC-BUS cables. For more detailed specification and to download the user manual please take a look at http://www.cyrusaudio.com/support/legacy-products/tuners/fm6 Any question please PM me and I'll do my best to answer them! Pictures:
  5. Item: Apple Mac Pro 3,1 (2008) - Dual 2.8GHz Quad Core Xeon, 44GB RAM, 250GB SSD, Dual 1TB SATA, 640GB SATA, Radeon HD5770 1GB RAM, USB3 Card Installed. Clean Install of OSX El Capitan (10.11.6) performed. Location: Melbourne, SE Suburbs Price: $700 (reasonable offers considered but lowball offers will be laughed at!) Item Condition: As you'd expect for used condition but generally very good and certainly very good for the age! Reason for selling: Replaced with 2012 Mac Pro Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Due to the size and weight I'd much prefer someone to come and collect this, especially as I don't have the original packaging for it but I can package up and send if required at sellers expense. Note this can work out to be pretty expensive because of the size and weight. This Mac Pro has served me well for a number of years, it's mostly been used for photo editing with Lightroom and simple Photoshop with a bit of use for general MS Office work as well, however it's starting to bump up against limitations of OS version (WiFi is important in my case so the unofficial use of newer version of OSX isn't viable). With this in mind I recently upgraded to a newer Mac Pro with essentially similar specification as this wasn't lacking in processing power or storage -it's a very, very capable workhouse even now. Any questions about the item, additional specifics or condition etc. please PM me. Oh, and if you have use for an old 160GB Apple TV (1st Gen from memory) I'll throw that in for free as it's sitting in a box by the Mac! If there's no interest here in a week or so I'll put it for sale on eBay as well. Pictures:
  6. Depending where you're based in Melbourne I have a Cyrus setup or two that you're welcome to pop round and have a bit of a listen to. It's a bit of a mix of ages and specs, PM me if it's of interest and I can share more details with you too. Sent from my SM-T705 using Tapatalk
  7. Amazon Echo, Dot, Tap - Privacy Discussion

    That switch is a long way from my bed though you know... Sent from my SM-T705 using Tapatalk
  8. Roughly a week in with the new Dots and the home-CEO's favourite thing is the 'Song Quiz' skill to test out her knowledge of "80s Hair Bands". Maybe these weren't such a good idea. [emoji23] Sent from my SM-T705 using Tapatalk
  9. I had a stab at pulling this together on Spotify for those that are interested... there were some I struggled to find so if you track down a missing one let me know the link and I'll add it... I also didn't add the ones that looked to be whole albums rather than individual tracks. Now to start listening - some old favourites on there and I'm hoping to discover some new ones too!
  10. Two Dots arrived yesterday, got them up and running pretty quickly with the Hue, WeMo, Arlo and ANOVA (sous vide stick!) - seems to work well but need to spend time finding fun things to do with them next... Sent from my SM-T705 using Tapatalk
  11. Best ripping & tagging software for Mac?

    I'm still using Phile Audio, haven't really found a compelling reason to switch. It does a decent job grabbing metadata from iTunes and FreeDB, rips to a bunch of formats (of which I only really use FLAC), and the end result sounds ok for how I use it - a couple of Cyrus Streamers around the house for sitting down to listen, some LG MusicFlow speakers we got cheap for background music as needed in the house and a Pioneer XDP-100R for outside.
  12. Apple TV or similar?

    I put an Xbox One S in the living recently courtesy of some good EOFY offers, added the $29 USB Tuner Dongle which adds a Live TV capability and my wife is finding it incredibly easy to use for TV, Netflix, Stan, TenPlay, Plex and others as well as it happily playing her DVDs and BluRay discs. It's a remarkably competent Media Centre and has the added benefit of occupying children with games when they visit... ... Add in the Xbox Smartglass capability (we're using it on Windows 10 and Android) that streams whatever is playing on the Xbox to another computer or Tablet and it's honestly hard to beat if you find one at the right price. Sent from my SM-T705 using Tapatalk
  13. Mac Pro 2013 Onwards

    No worries, look forward to hearing how you go if you take the plunge! Sent from my SM-T705 using Tapatalk
  14. Mac Pro 2013 Onwards

    Another Mac Mini + Plex Media Server combination user here and as it happens I was originally running this on an older 2010 Core2Duo model before upgrading last year to an i7 2012 model. I'm not sure what you've checked on the ATV and what all the settings on it are but I was having problems with the server when it decided it wanted to transcode streams. In my case my clients were Amazon Fire devices and from time to time they'd randomly decide that even though they were on the local network they'd convince the server they were connecting from outside - this was forcing the server to transcode and causing me issues. I have a recollection this was a documented (and possibly fixed?) issue at some point in time. I also had to be careful with my encoding at times, particularly on audio streams as with the Core2Duo processor anything that wouldn't "DirectPlay" was an issue. These days, using the i7 2012 Mac Mini, I see no issues at all, even when I've been transcoding Live TV though the NextPVR plugin. A 2013 Mac Pro would definitely be overkill for what you're trying to achieve but a well priced Mac Mini could well be a good upgrade. That said, a 2013 Mac Pro with a custom wrap would look simply fantastic! Cheers, Pete Sent from my SM-T705 using Tapatalk
  15. I'm currently using a bunch of the Broadlink stuff at home, including the WiFi IR unit you've listed here and I've got my (non-LG) Aircon controlled with it amongst other things. The app is a little clunky compared to some out there and there's noticeably more lag through the Broadlink than through the Harmony Hub I use in the lounge but... ... The Broadlink works just fine and often has deals on at Gearbest that makes it a ridiculously cheap solution. If you don't want to spend a lot and can find the remote one last time to program the Broadlink then it's a good option. Sent from my SM-T705 using Tapatalk