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  1. cPre/DAC/XO/DSP is an AnalogPrecisionUltimatePre1 (on-loan, currently). 3 of 4 stereo channels from ESS Sabre DAC feeds DSP engine to do digital XO using AudioWeaver software modules. Had 24Db/octave (LR4) slopes@500/6000Hz, not quite right. Now running same as original passive XO: 12Db/octave LR2 slopes@500/6000Hz. 4th stereo pair goes full-range to sub, where iPhone app adjusts XO freq/slope on the fly. No time delays programmed in yet, REW's spectrogram plot looks like sub-bass & bass-mid needs to benefit from delays; mid-tweets are ok. These delays will be done using Aud
  2. After owning my NS1000Ms since new (80's) I've weakened & bought a sub to help resolve some annoying room nodes (narrow peaks/nulls on bass)! Sub between Yamahas so stereo imaging not affected. So now, NS1000Ms tri-amped via preamp that has 8-ch ESS DAC & DSP (2 ch for sub, 6 ch for Yamahas), Pass Labs XA 100 monoblocks for bass (have measured 100W on transients just on bass), XA30.8 for mids, Firstwatt J2 for trebles, twin-driver sub for below 60Hz. Over 1kW electricity of amps to make it sing. But hey, I love the sound of these speakers with class A amps. I'm a digital-source guy the
  3. Plaited some new speaker cables from enamelled transformer wire for my mids in a triamped system. Very theraputic. ~10 strands of 25AWG wire in each strand of a 4-way braid. Just for the fun of it (audio meditation). I also play music loud with front windows open to entertain locals "exercising" as they waddle/jog/skate-board/cycle past during the day whilst renovating the kitchen. No complaints, only conpliments & requests, so far.
  4. Have you listened to all the DAC filter offerings of your Oppo 205? Look under Settings, you might actually prefer one filter over the others. So not just pre/power amp/interconnects... Musical Fidelity amps of 2-300W are good match for these speakers.
  5. Weird, main image on PL website for X150.5 is different, must be a mistake on their part. All other .5 models have the "other" fascia, matching the OP's offerings, as does the CAD file image. https://www.passlabs.com/legacy_products/x150-5/ I've got a pair of XA100 monos (lovely!). The X100.5 leaves class A after 10W, but plenty of AB thumpy goodness. As Nelson says: "The first watt is the most important". PM sent (wall of PL "room-heaters" good).
  6. Pair Pass Labs XA100 monoblocks. Full class A, beautiful sound. Used with Yamaha NS1000Ms for last few years. I'm upgrading to other Pass Labs amps. https://www.passlabs.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/xa100_om.pdf
  7. Over the years I have read/heard about toing them in tightly, in front of your sitting position; this is for the case where your seat is close to back wall, which it is reflective, & those reflections dont sound good. My back wall has an opening to dining/kitchen, less reflective, so I'm like @kelossus, have them aimed behind me. From my seat, I see a sliver of each speaker's inside side. Imaging good, treble not harsh, transition from mid-treble smooth. Sweet spot is 2 people wide (lucky, there's 2 of us).
  8. Re: toe-in: Try two versions, one toed in to meet just in front of your seat. The other to meet up to a metre behind your seat. This way you avoid tweeter pointing straight at your ears. Reduces harshness, esp for transients. Also put diffusers behind your seat to soften reflections....
  9. Yes I am bypassing the XO (except tweets still have series cap for DC protection, just in case). 3x100+W/channel amps (class A for mids, AB for bass/trebles). Our couch is 1.1m from back wall (whch opens up to dining/kitchen), so my seat & speakers form an equilateral triangle. I used REW's room size calculator to help fine-tune positions. 3m ceiling plays havoc with bass nodes. Speakers further into the room just lose too much floorspace for other (non-music) room activities. XO done in DSP, LR4th-order (24dB/octave, std NS1000 is 12); same XO freqs, 500 & 6000.
  10. If you can, use REW with calibrated mike to measure bass response & room nodes to get height & spacing from walls right. In my 3.6x4.2x3.0 room 400mm stands work well, ~50cm in from sides, ~85cm from wall bihind. Mids at ear height. Ns1000Ms tri-amped through an Analog Precision Pre-1 8-channel DAC. With separate amp/driver, plenty of tight bass, sound stage, detail. Have owned these speakers from new, love them.
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