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  1. Thanks guys, I appreciate the advice. I had a look today and my blue-ray and it does have analogue audio outs, so I connected them up and did notice the difference The frustrating part is that if I run the NAD amp in ANALOGUE BYPASS mode (straight through bypassing the DSP), but then the sub doesn't active. To get the sub to work I need to go into STEREO or any other DSP enhanced mode. I did have a play with speaker configurations but even with it turned on in the settings it wouldn't active...... Surely its possible to run a NAD amp in full analogue mode and still have the sub getting fed some power too?? Any ideas?
  2. Hi James, Thanks for the info, sounds like a nice setup and I am jealous I actually ended up picking up a NAD T775 AVR and adding a Richter sub, what an improvement!!! especially considering I got both of them for under $900. The sub is ok and seems to compliment the Whatmough's fine (imo), but the T775 is what made the big difference. I have lusted for a NAD for many years and am very happy with it (for now anyway ). I don't want to add too much more at the moment because we are planning on building a new house and I haven't sorted out yet how I am going to set up the sound system. As for going to a quality CD player, is there a noticeable difference compared to using the Sony blu-ray player for music as I do at the moment? There seems to be quite a few NAD cd payers on the second hand market which I am considering giving a try, but just a little unsure if I would be wasting my time (and money).... Cheers
  3. Thanks al, I am not on a strict $400 budget, its just that I see quite a few used AVR's for around that price that I am sure would be a vast improvement on my current setup without going over the top. I would love to add a $2000 AVR and I can see the value in it, but I enjoy being married so $400 odd is safe...lol My current setup is: AVR: Sony STR-DE485 (manual with specs attached below) Blu-ray player: Sony BDP-S580 Speakers: Whatmough Magnum series (about 10 years old): Fronts - 2 x M30 (4 ohms - recommended amp power 40-150 watts) Bi-amp capable Centre - 1 x M10 (4 ohms - recommended amp power 40-100 watts) Rears - 2 x M05 (8 ohms - recommended amp power 40-100 watts) Not sure of efficiency of these speakers, I think around 88-89 Sub: REL T3 Currently giving it a demo, its used and they are asking around $400 for it which seems fair imo? I mainly use my system for music and occasional movies (90/10 mix), so I am looking for something that would be a nice sounding musical amp (possibly bi-amp capable) that can handle the odd Blu-ray movie, which is why I am leaning towards the 8" sealed sub. Any advise or recommendations are appreciated SONY STR-DE485 Manual.pdf
  4. Thanks for your help everyone, they say there is no such thing as a silly question, but I will give it a go I am looking at something simple (and cheap) to start with, like the Denon AVR-789 (spec sheet attached) which I can get for under $400 which would be a great improvement on my current Sony avr I am sure, with plans of later adding a decent 2 channel amp as I am about 90/10 music/movies. As the AVR-789 doesn't seem to have pre-outs, could I use the Optical or Coax outputs to connect another amp, and if so which one would be better? Also the AVR-789 is able to be bi-amped with an assignable amp, as my Whatmough fronts are bi-amp capable would that mean that they are getting twice the power of the standard wiring configuration? And would that have any impact on volume levels in surround mode where I would have to turn the fronts down to balance with the rest of the speakers or am I just going to get better sound and/or less strain on the amp? AVR789_EA_leaf_rev2.pdf
  5. Thanks al, I am also in the market for a sub but I am also on a tight budget 😞 I am currently putting a REL T3 through its paces, and IMO it is quite a nice little sub for its size (and price). I can't seem to find the specs for my actual M30 speakers but I have a feeling they run at an efficiency of about 87-88. The 4311 looks like a great amp, but a quick look on Gumtree there is one listed for $2199 which unfortunately it's out of my budget at the moment 😞 I do like the idea of running hdmi cables and having the convenience of simple operation (I want to make it as easy as possible for the wife to use 😉). My plan was to add a nice little AVR that would be an improvement over my current Sony unit and be able to add a decent power amp down the track. I have seen a few Denon models that would be a great improvement on what I have with hdmi & pre-outs for future upgrades, but I am just not sure how a 6~12 ohm AVR will perform with my current speakers?
  6. Hi all, I just need a little advice on AVR selection. I have a set of Whatmough magnum series speakers and want to upgrade my AVR. I am leaning towards a used Denon AVR, but from what I can see they all (in my price range), pretty much list the ohm rating at 6~12 ohm. My Whatmough's are rated at: Front floor standing - 4ohm Centre - 4ohm Rears - 8ohm Would the 4 & 8 ohm speakers be an issue on a 6~12 ohm rated amp? Thanks in advance 😊
  7. Thanks JohnL for the advice, much appreciated!! I am very open to buying used equipment, I love saving a dollar almost as much as spending it...lol I actually had the NAD amp that you posted the link for in my ebay watch list ;-) The reason I am partial to the NAD gear is because a friend of mine had a NAD set up years ago and I was always impressed with the clarity, performance and simplicity. As for the lack of 'bells & whistles' that comes from me being an ex sound mixer at live gigs and a small recording studio, and I have a bad habit of wanting to adjust things all the time, I like the idea of just bass & treble adjustment and enjoying the recording the way it was intended....if that makes sense? So I am still open to different AVR brand suggestions, I just want to get the most out of my speakers, with my current AVR I have obviously never heard them at their full potential. I also have just noticed that I had listed the rear M10 speakers at 4 ohms but they are actually 8 ohm. Is that going to cause issues with the amp powering both 4 & 8 ohms at the same time? Thanks again :-)
  8. Hi All, Just looking for a little info on upgrading my current system which is: Whatmough Magnum series speakers: 2 x M30 front mains (4 ohms, 40 - 150 watt) 1 x M05 centre (4 ohms, 40 - 100 watt) 2 x M10 rears (8 ohms, 40 - 100 watt) AV Receiver: Sony STR-DE485 (please don't laugh) ;-) (Rated at 100watts per channel....hmmm???) Blu-Ray Disc - DVD Player: Sony BDP-S580 I know the speakers are not top of the range and have some age, but I just love them, and I am thinking of adding a Whatmough Tornado 2 sub to the mix. I am open to suggestions for the sub, I just figure the Whatmough would be a good choice and would match well with my current speaker set up. As for the amp.....well I would love to go nuts here but I am on a budget (trying to keep the amp under $1000). I am very fond of NAD equipment, and the NAD T748 (data sheet attached) seems like it would tick the boxes for features (and a pleasant lack of bells & whistles), while focusing on true sound quality and power for a reasonable RRP of $699. I am just a little concerned that it may be a little under powered for my Whatmough speakers? (although I have no doubt it would be a MAJOR improvement over my current Sony amp...LOL). To step up to the NAD T757 which I am sure would be great for my setup, but at a RRP of $1499 is getting a bit out of the budget and not sure if I can justify the extra $800 odd dollars when the T748 would be a big improvement anyway?? I do use the system for both music and movies and would appreciate any advice. Thanks :-) NAD T748.pdf
  9. Hi Everyone, Just a quick hello and to let you know one of the reasons I joined this forum is because I am looking at upgrading my system a little. I am looking at adding a Whatmough sub to my current Magnum series speakers, and an upgraded AV receiver to run them is on the list too, my preference is NAD. If anyone has anything that you think might fit the bill then please let me know. Thanks :-)
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