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  1. Further information: These are the original Cremona Auditors, where many prefer the sound of vs the M’s. Beautifully made speakers in maple finish. After owning these I think Sonus Faber make some of the best looking speakers as these look really good. Drivers are working properly / as they should, I got both speakers measured at the Duntech factory which is near where I live, and the speakers measure virtually identical to each other. Can tell they are good when playing them too as they image really well, extend nicely in highs and lows, and have the lush midrange these speakers are
  2. Also appreciate the Aussie manufacturers list posted. Definitely the way to go particularly the way the economy is as the moment. I discovered that duntechs are assembled not far from me in Sydney, so I gave them a ring. Although I didn’t buy anything I spent a few hours with Kiat, who measured the response of my existing speakers, and he gave me some pointers on speaker positioning and room treatment based on my room setup. Was great stuff.
  3. Also probably looking to spend no more than $2k for either new or used speakers. Cheers.
  4. Thanks for this advice. Yep they are nice speakers, and I haven’t really ventured into tube amp territory and liking what tubes ‘do’ with speakers/signal. Planning on keeping the cremonas for the moment and wanting to try some high sensitivity speakers, and see what it’s like with my tube amp. So any suggestions are welcomed.
  5. Hi, im looking for some speakers that will work well with a cayin a88t amp in a small 10m2 room. I’m currently using sonus faber Cremona auditors (original not Ms) that have a fairly relaxed and lush sound, and I like the type of sound the speakers produce. I’m enjoying using the triode mode (and not so much in ultra linear) with my amp but I can tell it’s just a tad underpowered at around at 24w. so any suggestions for something that will go well with this amp, room size, and has similarish sound? thanks in advance!
  6. Further information: excellent rca coax cable. Produces a clear and open sound. Photos:
  7. Further information: This is a fun tweak. Bought new, used it for a few months. Found that it does not only extend the top end, but also mids and bass have more meat on the bone as it strengthens the resonances that those tones create. These are quite versatile as both dB, and frequency range can be adjusted very easily. Includes original box and manual. Price includes shipping anywhere in Australia. Photos:
  8. Further information: This is a great amp. Lots of positive reviews online, and I have seen a lot of positive comments here too. Have decided to take a change of direction. A bit of a reluctant sale and if was a rich man I’d keep it, but everyone else keeps winning lotto! Photos:
  9. Hi. I can’t see any reviews solely on the pre32. If anyone is interested I have taken some clips from my iPhone of this setup with music playing. Pm me with you email and I’m happy to send, even if it’s just for your leisure. Will try tomorrow to figure out a drop box or something so the clips can be accessed via a link.
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