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  1. Item: Aragon 8008 Mk2 Location: Sydney Price: $1,600 Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Want funds to purchase a turntable Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Only Extra Info: This is the version of the 8008 was made after the ST and BB when Klipsch owner the company, manufactured circa 2003. From what I read the design didn’t change much from the BB model to the most current version, as it was already very good. This amp has plenty of power (200w/8ohms), with the first 26 watts in class A. Has a lot of strengths ie excellent imaging, strong defined bass, and detailed with full bodied sound. The amp is in good condition, and I can’t find a fault the sound/operation. Internals are still very clean, see attached photos. Comes with original box and manual. More info on the link below. http://www.aragonav.com/8008-mkii-klipsch Photos:
  2. I have one of these and tidal can be streamed directly via the auralic lighting ds app.
  3. Item: PS Audio P5 AU Spec Location: Sydney Price: $3,200 Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Need Cash Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Only Extra Info: PS Audio P5 in good condition. Only some minor cosmetic marks, and it works as it should. Selling as I need funds. Have used this with my source gear and an Aragon 8008 mkii amp driving Dynaudio s3.4’s. has enough current to run this system with no issues. Comes with original box, remote, and manual. Photos:
  4. Just wanted to share a cost effective upgrade to the auralic Aries. I have the femto version which already comes with the linear power supply. I thought the sound was a bit soft and spungy so I bought an ifi dc purifier 2. Once inserted the noise floor dropped, treble is sweeter, base more defined and extended. The change is noticeable, and is worth a try for anyone’s system as it only costs $150. Note you need to use some of the adapters to make it work with the auralic plug sizes, see pic attached. Also so want to note that the positive change was with the linear power supply so if you are using a non lps version or a mini I’m sure the difference will be improved.
  5. Item: Purist Audio Vesta xlr (2m) Location: Sydney Price: $300 shipping included Item Condition: good Reason for selling: upgraded in Purist Audio range Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Only Extra Info: Very good xlr interconnects. Great for anyone wanting to have a look in to PAD cables. Photos:
  6. Item: PMC Twenty5.23 Location: Sydney Price: $3400 + shipping Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Changed direction Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Extra Info: These speakers are 2-3 years old, I’m the second owner. Excellent speakers in excellent condition and they need little introduction. These speakers appear compact but present a big soundstage, and have deep bass which goes down below 30Hz. Imaging is extremely precise, and tones are exact whilst being very musical. Lots of good reviews online. Can quote shipping and boxes included.
  7. I’ve owned a pair of these speakers in black before. Very clean Dynaudio sound with solid bass. Regretted selling them afterwards.
  8. Item: Dynaudio Special 40’s Location: Sydney Price: $3200 + Shipping Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Want to try something else Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Only Extra Info: Excellent speakers and lots of good reviews. I’m the first owner and the speakers were bought in September 2018, so they are less than a year old. These are my 3rd pair of Dynaudio and have decided to take a chance and try something else. These speakers are in excellent condition and present as new. I also registered them within the first 3 months which extends the Dynaudio warranty to 8 years. Note the warranty is transferable, see the link below. Comes with original box, manuals, and invoice for the warranty. I’ll quote shipping for anyone who is interested. https://www.dynaudio.com/support/product-registration Pictures:
  9. Just my 2 cents as I’ve tried laptop, node 2, and Aries femto. As previous pointed out a laptop is noisy and I found the laptop running tidal the least pure. If laptop is the way you want to go I suggest a USB filter, and the ifi one works well for not a lot of money. The node 2 is a dedicated streamer so it sounds cleaner and more realistic than a laptop. The Aries is probably 50% clearer and more realistic but at least 3x the price. Hope me this helps.
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