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  1. Thanks all for the advice. Called my bank earlier today, but transfer has gone through. Fraud team is is going to try and recover it, but chances are slim as it needs consent from the other end. Lesson learnt and a reminder to go with vigilance over desire! My bank also mentioned there’s a lot of this sort of thing going on with platforms like gumtree and Facebook marketplace etc, so good suggestion on always being present for collection, another I was told is to pay upon receipt of goods.
  2. Hi all, Just wanted to alert SNA members of a current scam that is on Gumtree at the moment. The ad is below, and the seller actually contacted me via an australian mobile, knew enough info on the speaker to sound convincing, has an legit bank account and BSB. I followed through with payment plus some shipping costs. The seller has gone quiet, hasn't responded to numerous messages and is uncontactable via mobile. I'm about to report this to the police, however I'm pretty certain that I won't get my money back. So just alerting any members of this bogus Gumtree ad so no one els
  3. Speakers are sold. Thanks everyone for your interest.
  4. Further information: These speakers are from Sweden, and produce some of the best mid range tones I have heard. Uses seas mid/woofer and a very good ribbon tweeter produced by Xtz. Bass is very strong and deep more like floorstanders. I’m the second owner and I’m selling them as they produce a soundstage too big for how I can position them. I know sounds strange but the sound is big and I have to position them fairly close together in my room (see pic below). I actually wish they did suit my room as I really like their tonal presentation. They review very well online, and I can
  5. Great suggestions for more thought. Cheers.
  6. Had a bit of a thought that this would be the case. Thanks for your comments.
  7. Hi, I’m seeking some advice as to whether I change my cartridge to better match my phono stage. I recently had a very good cart, phono stage, and turntable match being a dynavector xx2 Mk2 paired with a gold note ph10 with psu, running off a bryston blp1 turntable. Sounded great, and as I only listening to vinyl occasionally I decided to sell the gold note phono stage and downscale my system. So I’m currently using the same cart and turntable, and using the phono input in my marantz ki ruby integrated amp. It doesn’t sound quite right and I’m thinking as the gold note had the abilit
  8. Further information: I bought these as a second pair of speakers. They have had their drivers replaced during their time, I’ve heard a lot of speakers and these would be equivalent sound wise to something priced around $2.5-3k mark. Photos:
  9. Further information: This is a very good amp. It includes a dac and blutooth, all implemented very well. I mainly used just the analog section and it has a delicate, warm and full sound. I bought this amp new from Apollo Hifi just a couple of weeks ago. A week later I saw that the marantz ki ruby amps are being run out by Australian dealerships, so I took a plunge and bought one to have a piece of audio history. I am somewhat regretful to let the audiolab go as it is a really nice amp, but I don’t have a second system anymore to use it. It has more power than stated, and ra
  10. Further information: Excellent cables. Very smooth and detailed. I don’t have balanced component anymore so these are no longer required. Am currently using the same cables with rca connectors. Shipping included in Australia. Photos:
  11. Further information: Very clean pair of 12tc speaker cables, look like new. They get good ratings online, and are the best looking speaker cable I have seen, the weave and quality looks really spectaclular in my opinion. I'm selling these cables as they have been in my second system, which I am no longer using. Photos:
  12. Further information: Great integrated amplifier which gets very good reviews. It is a lot more powerful and punchy than specs suggest, have used them with 86 db speakers and never need to push the volume more than halfway, and has plenty of grip on the bass. I am selling this as it for a second setup that isn't getting used much. Includes all original manuals, box, and remote. Priced to sell. Photos:
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