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  1. I bought 2 x60s and 1x 490 for front and center and 2 x 20s as surronds in piano black.. A few yrs later I upgraded to 3 of the big summoner speakers from Edward as indentical front floor standers. Then later 4 custom built bipolar speakers from Edward also. All speakers have ribbons. The Summoners where about half the price of the paradigms at that time. I did alot of testing between the two speakers with a few different higher end 2 channel amps(including a 717 sensui and quasimoda amp etc) and recievers and found the summoners where alot better then paradigm especially with the tweeter. The tweeter on the summoner was airy and detailed.. on the paradigms they were harsh and alot of sibiliance at louder volumns. The paridigms had a smallers sound and more boxy sound then the summoners. The paridigms were good for games and movies and had very good mid bass.. but not as effortless and open as the summoners. Overall I found the summomers where alot better in every way. The 20s were a waste of money for surrounds and a waste to use them as surrounds. I switched them for some cheaper polk bipolars and used the 20s with a 2 channels sensui amp in another room. I kept the paridigms for a 2nd room set up. It was not worth selling them as I would be lucky to get even half of what I bought them for. http://www.adelaidespeakers.com/summoner-floorstanders.html
  2. And in-ceiling speakers are for losers who dont have the balls to nail their floorstanding speakers to their ceiling.
  3. iam going to order a Niles DPS1. I will use it with an old sansui 717 receiver for music play back and also new home theater receiver (already has 2 channel nad power amp for fronts)with the Niles A-B switch. might be usefull till i get a decent 7 ch amp. the sound of the reciever with or with out the nad power amp doesnt sound any were close to the sound of the sansui for music play back. http://www.amazon.com/Niles-Black-FG00003-Amplifier-Selector/dp/B00006HOFR/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top?ie=UTF8
  4. I have picked up 1 pair of studio 20s for surrounds or rears to match my studio 60s and 490 fronts/center. The 20s are replacing 4 Polk fxi A4 Just after some suggestion on what would be my best option. 1. just run the system as 5.1 - with 20s on the side. 2. run the 20s at the back with the fxi A4 on the sides. 3. purchase another pair of 20s for sides when I can afford them. Not sure if mixing the fxi A4s with the 20s would downgrade the experience/sound. Would rather have all matching speakers. probably not impotent ruining bipolar. not sure if its worth the added expense of adding extra 20s and there discontinued so will have to find second hand one or maybe studio 10s. Iam moving in a months time. The place Iam moving to is about 3.5 meters wide and about 5.5 meters long. the back of the room is opened but will be walled up in the future. With the width of the room I think bipolar would work better unless I move the mono-polar speakers back and face them at each other. I find mono speakers on the side to over whelming at times to the rest of the speakers.
  5. whats the best center to match the 60s? currently have the 490 and sounds. ok. would like another studio 60 to use as the center but don't like my chances of finding a single speaker of the 60s.
  6. I'll keep that in mind. Might just use the amp and speakers for tv watching for a few months and see if they sound better.if it doesnt ill swap the speakers back to the celestrons. Not really an enjoyable experience atm. Edward called me to help make some adjustments to help with bass increase and trebel reduction. Seemed to help a bit. But still like nails on a chalk board and being bombarded by sound. I gave my friend a listen to the setup and she said it sounds uncomfortable. So far the vintage amp with modern speakers and modern amp with vintage speakers has sound best. Seem to complent each other better. I dont think the Quasimodo is bright probably more natural. Ribbon tweeters could be creating the brightness with the combo. Its great at low to moderate volumns tho. At noon on the volumn its sounds over bright and harsh. Between zero volumn and noon is nice. Very bright, clear, dynamic, detailed and sharp. but feels souless and empty a bit. Over emphasis the guitars, bells and sparkels. Probably sound good if you like metel maybe also. The only way I can get it to sound good for how I like it is with the graphic equaliser. Thats in the small room with mattresses on the walls. Still a little bright but its now sounding pretty good to me.
  7. Hi Richard. I am pretty sure they are ribbon. I expressed to Edward that I was worried about having ribbon tweeters before I bought them. He said he could do soft dome if I wished. I said Ill give the Ribbon a go as he said he could help me make adjustments if they were to bright. Yeah we all have different tastes and that does make it interesting aswell adding perspective. I am finding having something more different to what I previously had to be both interesting and curious how my music sounds now. I think having a more layed back system and another system that is a bit more brighter and detailed a good choice. The combo of the Quasimodo and the Summoners can sound magical and sounds best with energetic music.(from what I have heard so far) I think your correct about the sonic sounds I have become adjusted to. I think If I could knock down the highs a bit I would be very happy, I am loving the clearness and detail just some notes are too much. Its not bad at lower levels. Ill give it a month and see if I can adjust to the new sound and if the equipment works its self out abit. I not a music / sound engineer and listen to music by what sounds good to myself. I dont need to go to a consert or live venue when i can try and get the sound I like at home. But your right if its metal tweeters probably wont be much change or take a while. I have changed the dac to the tube magic dac and its help some what. the caiman dac was extremely detailed tho. Thanks for the offer about the refund and the 7020. I'll let you know about the 7020, I love vintage nad and might get you to restore my sansui 717 first tho. I'll stick with the Quasimodo amp and try to get it to work. Its pretty good in the bedroom atm. Might get a Quasimodo for the lounge room designed for a smoother sound in the future. sounds like a good idea.
  8. Thanks for the encouraging posts. I'll see how room placement and some room treatment goes. Ill give it a few months to burn in. I have rugs in both rooms, not really very think tho. in the larger room the room has a few glass tables. I could always give Edward a call and see if he can help with adjusting the tweeter crossover to reduce the brightness.I find metal dome tweeter are always too bright/harsh and irritating to listen to long term.. I could also add a active subwoofer to balanced the sound and takes some of my attention away from the over-bright treble. currently the sound has beautiful tone at lower volume, but as soon as i turn up the volume the treble is too harsh. ATM the the treble sometimes sounds disconnected from the rest of the music and ATM Cables are copper not silver Ive found a review of Ascension speakers that are also saying a similar thing to what I have experience. http://ozpaul-ozblog.blogspot.com.au/2008/05/my-new-ascension-speakers.html
  9. I have also compared the studio 60s to the summoner with the Quasimodo (with music). The studio 60s sound good, mid range and base are good but the Summoners is like lifting a veil, the music comes alive and is a lot more clear,defined, full bodied and a tad more punchier. Overall the Summoners are the better speaker.
  10. Yeah the room might not be worth the effort as the house is a rental and I dont see room treatmeant working to well in the room. probably more better of an idea to keep the vintage amp in the lounge room. I have just finished putting the Summoners in the smaller room in the same place as the Celestions and running them with the Quasimodo amp. Together they are are lot brighter and lively then I am use to. Very crisp and detailed but some times (depending on the song) harsher (a bit ear piecing highs - which is my only complaint). It brings the music to life and might take a little while to get use to the differences between the Quasimodo and the more vintage sounds. The Celestions with the Quasimodo did not sound as bright but still had the detail. Very impressive sound and like having a bit of verity. Might swap the dacs around a bit and see what sound I prefer. Bass is great now and seems more balanced with everything else. I also tried playing music with everything flat on the Sansui with the Summoners in the larger room and it sounded dead also. This combo is no where near as bright as the Quasimodo and Summoner combo tho.
  11. Speakers are a few weeks old, there metal tweeters but dont sound hard or too bright unless pushing the volume alot. the dac and sansui amp should both be warm in sound and helped soften the sound a little. The tubemagic dac is new also but have at-least 50 hours on it. Could be a case of the speaker, new amp and that room that just arnt working. But I'll give the amp some time before shifting it make to the larger room.
  12. I dont know. Thought that was a myth. How long is brake in time? I could try running it for a while in the bedroom then move it to the lounge room after a few weeks and listen to see if sounds better.
  13. PC to tubemagic d2 Dac Its brand new. Richard has already contacted me and offered a full refund. I moved the Quasimodo into a bedroom (about 1/3 or less the size of the lounge room - with mattresses on each side of the walls and a thick rug on the floor and cloths hanging behind listening position) connected it up to the Celestion Ditton 66s (PC as the source into a Beresford Caiman Dac) I have everything flat and the sound is a huge improvement. a tad bright here and there(probably depending on how it was mastered) bass is there (could do with a tad bump(personal preference)- most songs sound great tho. Over all a much more musical and magical sound. very clear and can hear every detail in the song but still enjoy the music. Its has actually bought the music alive and has a nice energy to the sound now. Its unlike any thing I have heard before. Bass is a lot better in this room, I once tried the Ascensions in that room with the eight deluxe(everything on flat and no loudness button on) and the bass was over whelming-maybe to much) after moving the Ascensions into the larger lounge room and connecting it to the 717 its sounded good but the loudness button was needed to give the bass some feeling to the music. (I like to feel the bass, tight bass is nice but I like to feel it not just hear it.) At this point I am thinking the Quasimodo being a bit brighter then the vintage amps and more dynamic really didnt like the room(the lounge room is tiled,lots of glass and about 5 by 7 meters in size. the room probably sucks the bass up or over enhances the highs as when I was turning the Quasimodo volume up it just made the highs overwhelming and bright. I even tried some techno music and it wasn't working at all. just did not sound how techno should sound. When I was listening to music in the lounge room I was skipping the songs, in the bedroom I am listening to each song and its hard to stop. Bit disappointing that the lounge room didn't work. Tomorrow I might drag the ascensions into the smaller room and see how that goes. I don't think that is the case as the cables are all correctly wired.
  14. you mean running on speaker with red going to black and black to red ? I hooked up my old ken-wood 16 band graphic equalizer and I left the bass at mid point and dropped everything else way down to the bottom. just need to listen to a few cd and see if how goes. already sounds better with the decent bass improvement tho
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