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  1. I bought 2 x60s and 1x 490 for front and center and 2 x 20s as surronds in piano black.. A few yrs later I upgraded to 3 of the big summoner speakers from Edward as indentical front floor standers. Then later 4 custom built bipolar speakers from Edward also. All speakers have ribbons. The Summoners where about half the price of the paradigms at that time. I did alot of testing between the two speakers with a few different higher end 2 channel amps(including a 717 sensui and quasimoda amp etc) and recievers and found the summoners where alot better then paradigm especially with the tweeter. The tweeter on the summoner was airy and detailed.. on the paradigms they were harsh and alot of sibiliance at louder volumns. The paridigms had a smallers sound and more boxy sound then the summoners. The paridigms were good for games and movies and had very good mid bass.. but not as effortless and open as the summoners. Overall I found the summomers where alot better in every way. The 20s were a waste of money for surrounds and a waste to use them as surrounds. I switched them for some cheaper polk bipolars and used the 20s with a 2 channels sensui amp in another room. I kept the paridigms for a 2nd room set up. It was not worth selling them as I would be lucky to get even half of what I bought them for. http://www.adelaidespeakers.com/summoner-floorstanders.html
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