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  1. Gumtree Seller - NS2000, Diatone, JBL 4344

    Digging the hole then
  2. Deep End DIY - My first speaker project

    some nice looking finished pretty stuff just wow Guys, in AWE
  3. Gumtree Seller - NS2000, Diatone, JBL 4344

    Thanks for bringing this to the attention of the greater Forum Very much appreciated I have 2 nice old potato forks that have good handles.
  4. The Twins

    and there is a miniDSP 2 x 8 that's about to come out of service replaced by the Ultimate Preamplifier This lot of amps are built by Holton Precision Audio (what's inside that counts) System Armageddon for re configuration and spit /polish Pulling this thing completely apart is err cable intensive spaghetti land stuff Big rig OOS for a while. Re birth soon.
  5. The Twins

    painted goods ! Now the hard bit, pull the entire system to pieces and lay the Twins in the lounge to have the grill studs and handles fitted. That and re configure for an Ultimate Preamplifier. One of the Cabs then gets the drivers removed and transported for upholstery, with a complete horn. Both to receive black vinyl all weather gear Tomorrow hopefully can cut some more frame work for the horn face grills that then become part of the "all weather Jacket" I sort of have this weird wish to be able to play in the rain outside Getting so close to completion now can smell it (drying paint that is)
  6. Battery Based Audiophile Beyond

    http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Cam-Strap-Tie-Downs-25mm-Webbing-12-3-68m-Bulk-Buy-Savings/132354459973?hash=item1ed0f0c945:m:mqJYP8kwju6zBm_c_zZ8Ikw Pull over to stop an amp from jumping about (2 per device) , in worse case if the stand fell over these would go a long way to hold them place on their shelves. It's the best compromise I can think of instead of racking the electronics, which to me is a little industrial looking.
  7. Tracks with KILLER BASS. What shakes your system?

    Then there was this Just rocks the house period The 21's agree EDITED additional BASS laiden media
  8. Battery Based Audiophile Beyond

    Plan is 2 simple 3 shelf amp racks and make them taller as things progress. should be tough enough to transport ok, strap the amps down with zip webbing
  9. Spending money on older cars.

    Love my Troopy, 1998, still in service as a very capable Electrical Trades Vehicle The 1HZ Diesel Engine is getting 11.5liters per 100Klms at 400 000 around the clock has run in and running lovely. You could only pry this thing from my cold dead body and intend to run it until I retire. Have no issue spending a few dollars on this although over the 18 years of ownership has amounted to mainly running consumables including 1 set of front rotors at 300 000Klm. Might have the front spring set and shackle pins/bushings done before winter The only electronic devices in the vehicle is the Alpine head unit and GPS. She is on her 4th set of tires, a new set of 5 Dunlop Grandtrek (standard fitment) went on last week. 0 rust
  10. Battery Based Audiophile Beyond

    How's it looking Matt? Any screen shots of the interface? Hi Linc. yes there will be, the Ultimate Preamplifier is an almost entirely different Interface to the miniDSP so will take a "learning curve" to get a decent handle on it. Have to sort out to start with a 2 way filter with graphic EQ on each filter band to start with Filter will be 28Hz HP to 200Hz/ 200Hz up, this would do the Festival Rig fine. So utilising the 3 way passive in the JBL 4632M-HF for a start and work from there, slowly weaning onto additional channels such as Exidos sub Quartet as things move along. Going to take a while, have a lot of Hardware things to accomplish first. Purchased some 20mm metric all thread this morning for the amplifier road cases, have a very nice cunning plan there. Everything comes in pairs !
  11. Battery Based Audiophile Beyond

    Interfacing with the DSP a couple of PC/s All fun, the lap top needs a buff up
  12. Removing Dog urine off my speaker grills?

    Wash the speaker grills with a soft brush and warm soapy water and remove the dog from the sound lounge area indefinitely

    Quite like a bi amplified and DSP helped JAMO C803 over most mentioned but 2 ways can leave one in a position of having to compromise when reproducing more demanding media.
  14. Paper machè horns.

    Nice, you could tart it with a pearl white or just a vivid white ? White isn't that simple Linc like you clever bastard
  15. Paper machè horns.

    Yea, I wasn't going to say anything What colour Linc ? Looking good there although I'm one that actually likes the rough finish