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  1. Holden to Close

    Eloquently put Keith post of the week
  2. Nice idea, I think the Transformer Ozzie is using weighs in at nearly 20Kg and 250 something mm wide 180mm high, so that bracket would need a bit of scaling up.
  3. Wow, nice work here, super amp Kinda glad it's a Holton Precision Audio What a beauty Nice effort for your first amp build Mate
  4. To be honest I actually cannot think of any other "Linear Power Supplied Power Amplifier" other the the Gryphon Antileon, with a dual winding E Type Transformer at 2.4Kva. Dunno, maybe the Forum knows of some others ? 3Kva would make it one of the biggest ever power amps made in Australia at a guess, very cool. Nice work there Ozzie keep at it Mate
  5. Malstrom Exidos X series 18" subs and the Eminence Magnum 18" Martin Logan CLS, full range giant Electrostatic Panels Unobtanium and excellence `
  6. Holton Five-Zero-Zero Supreme

    Note. Potted, shielded, 2Kva Toroidy Transformer sticking out from bottom of Power Amplifier wow
  7. Holton Five-Zero-Zero Supreme

    :0... Noice Those carbon fiber SGR Speakers on the left of the photo JUST DROOL WORTHY stuff (the show is going to be just so much fun)
  8. Holton Five-Zero-Zero Supreme

    Nice work also counter sinking the lid bolts and departure from button head bolts, slick amp Anthony, looking forward to listening to it.
  9. Sunday HiFi show weekend GTG

    Now you know who to throw chips at
  10. Interesting About to build a similar thing and have opted to use a 10mm thick plate to support my 2.5Kva TX as the thing is 15Kg on it's own and the same size physically as yours Ozzie. ordered these yesterday to dampen vibrations http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Sorbothane-Vibration-Bushing-4pcs-Isolation-25X20-mm-M6-1-Inch-Diam-30-Duro-Soft-/271162208976?epid=697797203&hash=item3f2286f2d0:g:3WkAAOSwLF1X6zOP There will be a suspension plate attached to the transformer so as it then can be secured to the 10mm thick aluminium plate Yes Anthony Holton regularly uses 2.5Kva Transformers, most of his amplifiers don't end up in Australia, they go to Northern Europe and the vast majority of them are never shown or talked about here in Australia
  11. Using Y Splitters

    Yep will get there next year, have been doing a few EE studies to get through another "glass ceiling" needed that few weeks. Catch you then. Dunno what's going on with the OP's system. normally splitting to run 2 amps from a single line source would work well, no problem A split line into pre amp input and another pair into the integrated, not understanding to "what end" in this case, need more information, sketch of system layout. Thanks
  12. Using Y Splitters

    Interesting I run an amplifier array at line level with line splitters, that is 8 amplifiers, 4 per side The input of an amplifier presents absolutely bugger all "load" to a line output Split on as many times as you want works well
  13. DIY Horn Project

    Cool, interesting stuff
  14. 2017 Bigger and Better

    Looking forward to the HiFi Show, catching up with good friends, having a spell from the grind look for the 125dBmonster with nipper dog avatar tee shirt on front
  15. DIY audio: what are you building?

    @mwhouston Keen on a cap Mate, suits the geek in me, how do I sign up ?