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  1. Audio myths and misconceptions

    Has been more like a sickness than a project is never ending and constantly changing Somewhat similar to @acg 's "little" project
  2. Audio myths and misconceptions

    (Firstly, sorry to the OP as this is a little off the topic however some may find it interesting, will delete if deemed necessary) Hi Anthony, excellent reading thanks No have done almost no measurements at terminal voltages or waveform distortion running system and have gone down the "battery powered instrument grade power supply" rout for my little music rig, so fairly well negates "noise pass through" as there isn't any wave form distortion to begin with (went to the root of the evil and eliminated it), the stereo rig stands alone on that supply with a second isolation for the entire front end. Only the amp array sits directly plugged into the non isolated power point (directly to the power Inverter) So with regards to source impedance, it's the 6Kva Transformer in the SMA Inverter, beyond that what current the batteries can cough up. Negates requirements for all types of filters/snubbers/blockers, mind it cost a kidney though and a month of Sundays carefully creating an Audiophile Quality stand alone power supply. There was 1 drawback however, the turntable has a synchronous motor that relies on supply 50Hz waveform. The Stand Alone Power Supply is in an AC Coupling configuration and swings the frequency 2 Hz to control the essentially grid tie inverter battery charging, A very slight pitch change was noticed one afternoon, so system is flawed but will do me. Some record rips of particular artists actually sound nicer slightly faster its bugger all but did notice it. Noise floor is now down to the point of poking the head inside that 115dB efficient horn to detect anything at all, the Amp array with 6 x 625va toroid transformers is dead quiet requiring an ear on the case. Massive contrast to running on Retail Power Keen to get measuring now and have a portable oscilloscope sitting on the bench that would do and time to fire the system and burn some battery power cheers matt Photo of ultra sensitive noise floor detector above
  3. MSB Sub Isolators

  4. Will be powering 2 pairs of 21" drivers in a professional 130dB nominal PRO Rig, normally but will drive anything with vigor and tenacity
  5. MSB Sub Isolators

    Isolation Transformer powering the front end will have the same effect, but takes care of all the source components. Have a nice 200va spare if you want to try Daz, have upgraded mine to a Toroidy Supreme 400va Was powering the MSB DAC/JAVA Pre Amp and a lap top front end at the HiFiShow for SGR/HOLTON/JAVA so well proven in the real Completely electrically isolates your Source from hash on the mains
  6. @andyr built yesterday Quite a lot of work to do here before it sings, Ozzie can appreciate that. Case will be made entirely by hand and the amp is a 1 off
  7. I want one just to see the current gauge jumping to the beat Nice work @Aussieamps
  8. Open Invite Lounge, Tasmania

    No worries, have a nice big leather recliner for you in the sweet spot Brian Beer as pain killers Wear hearing protection on the trip up (I normally do on the way down)
  9. Open Invite Lounge, Tasmania

    No not really, we would manage but it wouldn't be the same w/o you
  10. Open Invite Lounge, Tasmania

    So, the 13th is looking a little easier ! See how things pan out Regards Matt
  11. Open Invite Lounge, Tasmania

    Would be nice to catch up with you Mate has been a while. The JBL's on the Holtons are worth a listen IMHO the best set up concocted here yet 13 th Jan may be better ? for everyone including our very own Royal Audiophile Golden Eared Member in (read on) Yep, can do Sam, Mate, will organise around your International Travels, no worries @BioBrian Welcome if you can Brian
  12. Audio myths and misconceptions

    Ah yea tar, drawing is still up so will amend it (I'm still a learner so like the blackboard) Thanks John matt
  13. Audio myths and misconceptions

    Which one Bro, Earth ? If so, you can assume that N is connected to ground
  14. Open Invite Lounge, Tasmania

    OK EOI from Members for another long belated GTG on the now hot and sunny North West Coast at the SNA Tasmania Open Lounge Aiming for some time around the new year and 6th of Jan 18 is looking free for me Lounge has a new set of speakers in the JBL Cinema Screen Revised Holton Amplifiers otherwise mostly the same food/beer/basic accommodation available free. Free Records !!!!! Take your pick, have hundreds of good condition stuff, might suit some. @Auracle @soundbyte @Upfront @davewantsmoore @kranky Guy's feel free to notify others via this thread I've missed I know it's a busy time and this is just an expression of interest but welcome those who have the time and energy to visit.
  15. Audio myths and misconceptions

    @acg Mud map, play things associated with noise and transformers. Quite like new technology Toroid cores, electrostatic screens between windings, potting and grounding of metal shielding/screening . All great fun. Noise floor has been my enemy for a very long time and just about over the hump, resulting in rather compact linear power supplies with very high KW output ranges, or very tiny, with vanishingly low noise, for the greater good Other wise the diagram is interesting as it shows some of the fundamentals, in chalk. Have a great day. (still of the opinion that EI and Toroid sound the same noise floor can attribute to SQ, via induction or injection, but there are tools in this age to negate that) matt