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  1. Thanks for the clarification Bill. I never questioned if silver should be there or not, I just thought you mentioned I shouldn’t shorten it due the way you ran the silver through it. blonk
  2. I hope so, it’s what I paid for. Bill told me there was a sliver braid twisted around the outside. I assumed it was the 1 of the 2 smaller conductors. Blonk
  3. Hi all, I have some of Bill's Boutique speaker cables, one of which got a connector damaged during speaker movement, so I thought i'd share some photo's of what's inside whilst I was repairing it for anyone interested. There are a lot more cores than I thought, not sure which ones are silver or copper, but it certainly is an interesting process Bill must have had to come up with this design. Regards, Blonk
  4. This reflects my experience exactly, and from PMs some others had identical issues. I got my cables in the end (although way too long and missing some jumpers) so hopefully you will too. I gave up too in the end to get it rectified. Good luck, because I copped a lot of heat due to my negative review. Hopefully people understand your own experience is all you have to base a review on, and leave you alone. blonk
  5. Anyone using zoom to change aspect ratios, how repeatable do you find it. Mine never seems to get to quite the same position, if I check positioning with the screen pattern. From an image perspective, I don’t think it really matters as I’m not missing anything, just wondering what others experience might be. blonk
  6. I have, but it was quite a few years ago. I don’t recall having any dramas, although from memory I ordered online and went and picked my stuff up. blonk
  7. I’ve been waiting for the Elite to go on sale. Bought one for the theatre room, set it up in the Tv room so everyone got used to it, now it’s so popular the family want one for both rooms! Risky if the cloud service goes though, and I’m reluctant to pay the rrp, especially now.
  8. From what I read in the article, Logitech have stated that they are not discontinuing them, or did I misread that? It seems to be just a bunch of people having their orders cancelled due to lack of stock and have decided they must be getting out of the business. blonk
  9. I never really warmed to Peter Capaldi. Jodie Whittaker is fantastic though. A fresh change from Peter, and I think brings back some of the quirkiness to the role that has been present in the past.
  10. Do this. See pic. Heat shrink over each joint, and a larger piece over both if you like. As mentioned already, stagger the joins so they 10-20mm apart. This will make the join less bulky. Joins aren’t ideal, but sometimes we just have to make the best compromise we can for this hobby! Blonk edit: removed double picture
  11. At first glance I read this post as a budget of $1.5 million! If that’s the case I have some cables soaked in unicorn tears Incan part with for 1.45 mill! ?Seriously though, contact Bill as above and I’m sure he can help
  12. If you mean 2.5mmsq cable, the majority of the time 20A will be acceptable.
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