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  1. The guitar/ interplay on this track is bloody awesome🤘
  2. Item: Focal Aria 936 Floor Standing Speakers (Pair)- Piano Gloss Black Location: New Beith, Qld Price: $3750 $3300 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Have upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Transfer Extra Info: Price drop to move these along as they should be in someones system, not in my office 😁 These pair of speakers look like they have just come out of the box, they are a tad over 2 1/2 years old and have only been run for half that time. They have spent their life in a smoke and pet free environment and have not been to subject to curiuos or sticky young fingers. I have the orignial boxes so shipping can be arranged at buyers expense, I will provide extra internal packing to help protect them in transit. System type 3-way Enclosure type Bass-reflex Frequency response ± 3dB 39 - 28000 Hz Nominal impedance 8 Ohm Amplifier Requirements 50 - 300 W Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 92 dB Tweeter 25mm (1 in.) Midrange 165mm (6.5 in.) Woofer 3 x 165mm (6.5 in.) Dimensions (H x W x D) 1150x294x371mm (45.25x11.56x14.62) Weight 29 kg (64 lbs) Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  3. How does the BS sound through the 205's DAC? I have a hard drive plugged into the 205 as well, I have my meagre CD collection ripped as FLAC files.
  4. I've been advised by a few people now not to part with the 205, so looks like I'll hang onto it.... Just gotta be quick enough when a node 2 comes up I guess. Thanks for your input👍
  5. I have looked at the bluesound option, just the streamer though not the vault. I have to agree with a member on another post that there seems to be quite a price jump to the vault considering the difference is mainly cd ripper and storage. The node 2 seems to sell pretty much straight away when they pop up I'm classified.... snooze you lose
  6. Thanks mate, that has at least given me some ideas and direction👍
  7. Hi guys, So I had a thought the other day....... I have an OPPO 205 which I primarily use to play CD's, occasionally I'll run a Blu Ray through it, I don't own any 4k discs and tbh I don't think I ever will. If I need to watch any of my DVD/Blu Rays I still have my old OPPO 103. I predominately stream my music these days, however I'm only doing this over WiFi through a Google Chromecast audio which i have optically connected to the OPPO. I am wondering if I would be better off getting rid of the OPPO and swapping to a dedicated streamer. I'm not overly conversant with how a replacement set up would work, would I need a separate DAC, can I get as a combo etc what would be a good starting point? I know the OPPO is no longer available, so should I hang onto it, is it likely to value, not even sure what it would be worth if I was to move it on. I still like buying CDs for the tactile side of things and I can always rip to FLAC, however Spotify isn't hi res so should I look at Tidal and Roon for improved quality? So many things to consider..... Thoughts?
  8. For the most part, but like any gear they still have issues, there was a service release on volume controllers a few years back, my P5 started crackling when adjusting the volume. Turns out it was a common fault, but since then I've had no other issues. I do find the addition of the gold to the styling a bit tacky/blingy. I wouldn't call $34k affordable, that narrows down the market quite dramaticaly.
  9. It's alright Pegasus, we know how those Gold Coast types, like to think they're above everybody else, but the rest of SEQ knows the truth. I'll know next time to turn up at his place with a bottle of Bundy instead of Jameson Black Barrel. Nothing wrong with head banging music Terry, you should get out of touch with your feminine side occasionally🙄😁
  10. Cheers mate, I'll check them out👍
  11. Cheers mate, I'll get in touch...👍
  12. My set up currently is Parasound P5 & A21 Oppo 205 Vienna Acoustic Beethoven Concert Grand SE
  13. Hey Pegasus, I did have a pair of jc1's but I moved them on due to some personal circumstances at the time. While of love another pair $ are directed different these days. I have changed my speakers since.
  14. Hey guys, I was wondering if there are any A21 owners in the Brisbane area (I'm on Southside). I'd like to trial a dual mono set up, I'm curious about the sound, but I need a donor amp for the trial. I'm only after a couple of hours of someone's time & happy to provide beveridges and snacks or fuel money if that's the case. Thanks Jason not sure if this is the correct area to post this, I'm sure the mods will move if not.
  15. Agreed, but if you listen to interviews with Maynard, he gets the sh1ts with the process as the other 3 keep re arranging and changing constantly so now he won't write the lyrics until the instruments are a lock. I find Invincible and Descending the speed humps in the album, neither song really pique my interest and now I just skip CCT, Culling Voices has an awesome slow build and 7empest reminds me of Undertows sound.
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