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  1. I received an email from Qobuz this morning with a code for soundiiz, it allowed me to import all my play lists from Spotify without a 200 song limit
  2. I'm currently using google audio via optical into the OPPO, so again not ideal.
  3. On the merry go round yes, but only due to a lack of available units to audition. I just sold a pair of subs, my amp and speakers provide fantastic bass response I know my room is having an influence, but I'm not willing to commit to any improvements knowing that I'll be moving in the not too distant future. I'm not pinning all my hopes on a DAC, but from the exercise with the PL there are gains to be made, the 205 is after all a UDP and not a dedicated DAC. I'm also looking to keep DAC/streaming components separate for no other reason than personal p
  4. I grew up with one of these in the house, it lasted for years apart from the odd failed cap or resistor, my parents bought it in 1976, it finally got retired in the mid 90's. Wonder how many flat screens will do that 🤔
  5. Hi all, I'd like to put out a request for any local Brisbanites that would be willing/interested in demoing their DAC's..... not a shoot out, more of a comparison... OK, it sounds like a shoot out 🙄 It would be an interesting session I think🤔 The issue for me is, not being able to demo in store or more importantly in system it's kind of doing my head in so this would be super helpful! I'd be keen to listen to any of the Chinese R2R DAC's, Schitt or any other options to be honest, just so I can get an idea of what's sonically out there now that I have
  6. Nah mate, that was my suggestion 🤣
  7. That's actually a really informative summary mate awesome 👍 So me walking into HN and thinking what I did, did make me a pretentious wanker🙄
  8. I'm actually going through the exact same thing, but with a 205. I need a DAC as well. I've researched streamers and it's basically going to come down to budget, functionality and personal preference. Streamer/servers are also an option if you have a large digital library. I've been tempted by the Node 2's as well but have resisted 😬 Cheers
  9. Have a look at Schitt, you'd never buy new unless it was a super you beaut deal!
  10. Sadly that applies across the board in Australia, I remember looking at guitars a few years ago, one particular brand was double the price, but the icing on the cake was they were pulling the guitars out of the case, putting them in a box and selling the case as an accessory. 😬
  11. Ok, so I got to trial the first DAC other than my OPPO 205, @TerryO kindly lent me Prima Luna Evo 100 DAC. I set it up using the OPPO as a CD Transport and also streamed Spotify via s/pidf and optical as the OPPO does not have USB out. Terry informed me that the DAC only had roughly 5 hours run time since unboxing so I gave it 3 hours background running Sunday arvo and then at house work volumes for most of yesterday, so it now has around 1 5 hours on it, I'm assuming there will be further improvements as it runs in. I spent a bit of time sorting out input levels, the Vitus has the
  12. That's a beautiful looking amp!
  13. I get that, when I saw Denon in HN for the first time I was like WTF???? It kind of sucked the prestige out of owning a high end Denon AVR......or maybe I was just being a pretentious knob
  14. Which is interesting in itself, as they're competing against themselves in the AV market ?
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