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  1. audiodyna

    Hi from Bass Traps

    In theory, the instructions from expert is definitely helpful but will be affected by many variable factors. The trial and error plus patience contribute to successfully catching the bug.
  2. audiodyna

    Hi from Bass Traps

    Looks like you are very experienced in this. Finding sweet spot is normally quite time consuming.
  3. audiodyna

    Hi from Bass Traps

    That sounds interesting. Hope to hear more from you when you come back from your holiday. Enjoy your fishing.
  4. audiodyna

    Hi from Bass Traps

    Really interested to know how you tame the problem. When you have got it solved, please let me know. If possible, would like to pay you a visit.
  5. What valves are being used presently?
  6. audiodyna

    Hi from Bass Traps

    Hi Cavan, Have you sorted out your bass problem?
  7. audiodyna

    Hi from Bass Traps

    I also have 8 panels of diffusers similar to the ones designed by Gryphon Audio. 40"x40"x4" per panel. Very effective for room acoustic treatment.
  8. audiodyna

    Hi from Bass Traps

    I have a set of Room Tunes from US Michael Green Audio for sale. It includes 1) a pair of floor standing reflective panel, one side reflective and the other absorptive; 2) a pair of corner tunes; 3) bass trap for bass control; In excellent condition. I live in Perth, so viewing is possible. I am new to this forum, may need your advise as how to communicate.
  9. audiodyna

    Good Moorrrrrning steroNET

    BTW, what turntable you are using? Belt or direct drive?
  10. audiodyna

    New member

    Glad to be a member of such interesting forum. Hope to know more friends to share the hobby. I am looking for a pair of phono cable for my LP set up. Any used one for sale?