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  1. I have 1x ATI1805 and 1x ATI3005, brand new, 240V for sale. Will you be interested in any one of these?
  2. I thought LD can only played on NTSC? I have more than a hundred LD, all playable on NTSC, stored away for quite some time. Looks like there are interested parties out there.
  3. Welcome. This is the right place to give you endless enjoyment on music.
  4. Hi Roman, Thanks for your advice. I owned a CDT-1 long time ago. beautiful match with the DAC Sold it to a friend who has stopped playing hifi, unfortunately cannot be contacted now. I got your name through Red Mackay who strongly recommended me to send some of my old faulty players to you. Btw, do you have interest to look at the Roksan Attessa II or Counterpoint Transport? I will pm you to discuss further.
  5. Item: Altis CD Transport Price Range: Market value Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Still have 2 Altis DAC, so hoping to get its transport to match. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  6. Fully agree. That's why I am trying my luck here. Hopefully my Damnation Transport/Elixir DAC can last longer and give me the time to find another one. Btw, did you enquire from Rockeater whether he can fix your Kreatura problem? I will definitely contact him in near future for the repair of my other transports ( Roksan Attessa and Counterpoint Transport) as well.
  7. Item: Audiomeca CD Transport (Mephisto or Kreatura), DAC (Ambrasia) Price Range: Market value Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Have to be in good running condition. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  8. It's such a wonderful forum to share precious experience.
  9. Thank you very much for all the useful advice. I would choose the more secure way of packaging if it's not costing too much postage. I want the buyer to receive the LP as secure as possible.
  10. Thank you very much for the simple yet practical method. But I am still curious as where can I find those cardboard boxes.
  11. I am planning to sell some of my old collection of records online. The first question is in what way can I pack to ensure the records are not damaged during transportation.. I bought some records from Japan and they came with really secure packing box and never been disappointed. Just can't find something similar in Perth. Please advise.
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