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  1. There is no such thing as right or wrong in terms of enjoyment in music. It's no harm to try everything if given the chance. Beside the Roksan Artremiz/Shiraz MC set up, I also have a Orion/Clearaudio Aurum Beta MM system in my Pink Triangle. Both give me endless listening pleasure for the past thiry years. Most importantly it's the collection of softwares. Hardwares help to bring out the wonderful music. Hope to meet up with you guys when there is a chance.
  2. I am also from Perth, living SOR. Glad to see someone nearby who shares the same interest. My main system is Air Tight pre and power, Roksan TMS turntable, Roksan transport + Altis DAC + Genesis Digital Lens and Shun Mook Bella Voce speakers. I also have a Graham Slee MC phono stage beside the Tom Evans. I am a retiree and have plenty of time and hope to know more friends.
  3. Thanks for your generosity to share the knowledge. Hope to visit you one day when you have finalized everything.
  4. It's quite a big job and you have done it nicely. From what you described, you seems to have eliminated the problem successfully. Just wonder how did you get the measurements and materials to exactly suit your purpose.
  5. Do you mind to post some photos to show the appearance and position of VPR ?
  6. I am interested in the record cleaner. And I live in Perth also. Please advise how can I contact you.
  7. "A few posts" means how many post?
  8. Oh, so close. I live in Waterford. I have vast interested in all sorts of music but mainly vocals. A big collection of LP, roughly more than 10,000 and a few thousands of CD. Most importantly, I have interest in meeting new friends. Contact me when you have time.
  9. I am also living in Perth. Even though I had lived here for 30 years, I did not really mix around with the local audiophile. I retired a few years ago and have more time for my hifi. I have mixed interest in vinyl, CD and CAS and a lot of softwares. Mainly using valve equipments like Air Tight, Conrad Johnson, WE and VAC. Would like to meet new friends. Please drop me a line when you have time.
  10. It's alarming to see the acute down trend of CD in recent years. Everybody seems to have diverted the interest to vinyl which is not cheap and difficult to find. To start up the collection can be very costly. So, what else can be next?
  11. In case you are willing to sell your equipments separately, I am very keen on the Oracle. BTW, is it the MK 4?
  12. Last night my son had given me a Audio Technica ATH-A900X which he seldom used now. So, I don't have to buy anymore. Anyway, thank you for your quick response.
  13. I am interested in either one of them. Can I test it before I decide? I am living in Perth.
  14. It's always more enjoyable if you put music in front of hifi in your hobby. Having a big collection of 300 LP is definitely a good path to enjoyment for ears. Especially all the good labels in Jazz. I think you are most fortunate to have a unrestricted environment to be able to play loud. Whereas I am barred from playing loud because of a complaint from a neighbour who lives two blocks away from my house. My other surrounding neighbours had been living comfortably with the level of loudness for the past 18 years and suddenly a new family rented a house behind the house of my immediate neighbour sent me a letter asking me to turn down the volume. Habitually I start listening to my hifi from 8pm to 10pm every night after dinner without fail for the last 18 years. This complainant said the bass is disrupting his sleep and requested me to start my hifi session earlier. I am an 69 years old man who don't listen to rock, heavy metal or pop so don't really understand what he wants. And he may not know that my preamp is not having those bass and treble control which the youngster can play around. I am really envious to the freedom that you have for a good listening environment.
  15. In theory, the instructions from expert is definitely helpful but will be affected by many variable factors. The trial and error plus patience contribute to successfully catching the bug.
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