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  1. Who sells these, cant get my head around why Zappiti don't have a good enough power supply. where does it store the movie data, not like the V10 jpg and fanart jpg's
  2. Received a Mini 4K HDR today to replace my Popcorn V10 Now to see if I can get it to talk to Synology Nas
  3. I've been thinking of replacing my Popcorn hour Vten I was looking at my sons nvidia shield but the menu, stop, pause etc, comes up at the bottom of the screen. Wouldn't be good on my Scope screen. So thought about the Zappiti. Are they straight forward in setting up, I'm using a Synology Nas My early rips were M2TS but now I rip to MKV Will the fanart.jpg and cover jpg's from the popcorn work or will it need to download new metadata.
  4. Very nice and lots of clever ideas., When crawling around for sub placement are you just using your ears, or a spl meter ,or mic and rew
  5. Yes I was a bit slow...one of the arms has broken on one of mine plus its hard to balance them in front of my glasses. But I still enjoy 3D I got a copy of Ready Player One to try but I just get 2 images side by side ?
  6. I'm a 'go big' sort of guy, gone up a few sizes over the years, now running a 130" scope from Ozts. I had one P j sitting in a 'pidgin hole' in the ceiling, the front of the room has a raised ceiling so the PJ was over the lower part of the ceiling. Worked ok, had a vent into the roof. Has your room got the same ceiling hight as the garage I take it you would box it in to the room. As long as you have enough room around the PJ for air it should be ok
  7. I used to have a SubM and Mark Seaton said you needed to be about 4" out from Wall (100mm) I was going to buy one more for under my AT screen but ended up building two 15" folded horns I would have them side on, but that's only me. The guy I sold the submersive to has 2 now and I'm sure he has them side ways with not much room. Less bending down if AVR is up higher.
  8. If you just had the Emotiva's on the bottom would you have enough room for the AVR etc either side of the centre speaker. maybe then you would have enough room for both subs side ways.
  9. Looks very nice. I have a 130" AT scope with 2 rows at 3.5 and 5 metres. Would love a 150" . I sit in the front. Although I have Seaton Cats I was very impressed with the Krix mx5 with only 2 Atmos it was a great sound. I like the idea of the baffle wall setup. The mx5 did not as much base as my two 15" folded horns but the mx10's have 12" , bigger than the mx5 I listened to. I think you can extend the baffle wall each side of the center with filler plates to widen the left and right a bit. With a big room area, is a third sub needed some where in the room. Krix from Aussie must be a
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