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  1. I use a Hercules quick n ex mic clip. MH100B. $12 from storedj.com.au. They sell good cheap mic stands
  2. Refrigerator containers are well insulated...
  3. Yes, see Paul from Red Spade. He designed my DIY horn subs based on my room audio measurements taken with REW. I sent him the REW files and he sent back the files to program my Minidsp.
  4. As the years go by you get to like the wrinkles. lol
  5. I thought Interstellar was good, thought the ending okay. But for me with a scope (21:9) screen, when they slip in a few minutes of IMAX footage in the picture goes off the top and bottom of the screen, a bit annoying, they shoul stick to one ratio for the whole movie.
  6. Well, at least I learnt about HDR and Dolby Vision and projectors. But would like to know people's views on native 4K ver, eshift. What is the minimum spec on a HTMI lead 10m long for real 4K...
  7. Good luck with the sale. It's good gear, I had a demo a while back to check out the butt kickers. It's a great system.
  8. So what about Dolby Vision, will it be an improvement on this range of PJ's No difference with my old x500 I take it.
  9. I thought Pepermint was good, and the ending left it open for a sequel...maybe...
  10. BTW. The centre speaker was $849 21 years ago...
  11. These were, are, good speakers. They were made by Todds Hi Fi in Tingalpa. I bought the C216 centre speaker back in 1998 when I built my first HT. It was the 6.5 so might be a bit newer. I also bought there 802 bookshelf fot rears for. 5:1 They have worked perfectly. i have not long stopped using them. When I got my Cat 12's I decided to go 7:1 and used the centre as a side surround, went and saw Todds, they havn't manufactured speakers for years, but managed to get 2 drivers and a tweeter and Mr M Todd (retired) built me a crossover to suit. I built a cabinet and I had a great 7:1 system. I have now gone atmos and built 4 atmos speakers with 8" coaxial and only just finished my 4 new surrounds with the same 8" coax, Red Spade design. so I got 20+ years from my Auditone speakers, so someone should take up this offer...
  12. The new Left Hand Surround is the same as before in the Blu-ray cupboard, behind star wars poster on the left.
  13. A bit hard to see with the light coming in but I put new hinges on the right hand door so it opens right back if I want to slide the window open to let a bit of air in. Making a black "pillow" that's sits in there.
  14. With the Gravity poster grill. A very good movie with or without atmos. I found the making of the movie very interesting, especially the bit about the $70m Sandra Bullock got paid
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