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  1. Looks very nice. I have a 130" AT scope with 2 rows at 3.5 and 5 metres. Would love a 150" . I sit in the front. Although I have Seaton Cats I was very impressed with the Krix mx5 with only 2 Atmos it was a great sound. I like the idea of the baffle wall setup. The mx5 did not as much base as my two 15" folded horns but the mx10's have 12" , bigger than the mx5 I listened to. I think you can extend the baffle wall each side of the center with filler plates to widen the left and right a bit. With a big room area, is a third sub needed some where in the room. Krix from Aussie must be a better than the hassle of Seaton from the states. I've just shipped my amps back to SpeakerPower and shipping cost is crazy.
  2. I wouldn't do it but seen where people don't run a centre, just a phantom centre. When one of my Catalyst amps was being repaired I just had L and R. It wasn't too bad...
  3. I was at a 4K PJ demo a while back, 150" 16:9. The centre speaker could have been a bit higher but it was nearly on the floor. As soon as there was speaking in the movie my eyes where drawn down to the sender speaker. I supose I am used to a AT screen now.
  4. 130" . 16:9 starts to get very high, how high is the ceiling? I have 130" scope AT screen and the 16:9 image is close to the floor before I zoom back out. It would put your centre speaker very low if not an AT screen Is an AT screen an option for you My 300mm riser is 3.6m back from the screen and 1.5m deep. I sit in the front row. The 3m wide image on a 130" 21:9 screen is about the same as a 135" 16:9.
  5. Nothing wrong with Paul's horns...
  6. I was thinking the same thing, my son is after an AT screen but 115" Is it a cinema snap I wonder what they would want for a AT fabric from screen technics
  7. Yes I enjoyed it, watched it a couple of times, the kids today proberbly don't realise how many songs the Beatles wrote, must be over 200.. I remember my last year at school in England, they were number one every week for the whole year. It would have cost the film makers a few million for the song rights for the few that were in the movie. I thought the bit where he meats 'John' was a good twist in the story line.
  8. I got out bid on that auction. Was after the Artnovion Loki panels. Still less than a quarter of recommended retail. I should have kept going a bit longer...
  9. I hope you watched A Dog's Purpose first. Very nice feel good movies...
  10. I use a Hercules quick n ex mic clip. MH100B. $12 from storedj.com.au. They sell good cheap mic stands
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