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  1. I was thinking the same thing, my son is after an AT screen but 115" Is it a cinema snap I wonder what they would want for a AT fabric from screen technics
  2. Yes I enjoyed it, watched it a couple of times, the kids today proberbly don't realise how many songs the Beatles wrote, must be over 200.. I remember my last year at school in England, they were number one every week for the whole year. It would have cost the film makers a few million for the song rights for the few that were in the movie. I thought the bit where he meats 'John' was a good twist in the story line.
  3. I got out bid on that auction. Was after the Artnovion Loki panels. Still less than a quarter of recommended retail. I should have kept going a bit longer...
  4. I hope you watched A Dog's Purpose first. Very nice feel good movies...
  5. I use a Hercules quick n ex mic clip. MH100B. $12 from storedj.com.au. They sell good cheap mic stands
  6. Yes, see Paul from Red Spade. He designed my DIY horn subs based on my room audio measurements taken with REW. I sent him the REW files and he sent back the files to program my Minidsp.
  7. As the years go by you get to like the wrinkles. lol
  8. I thought Interstellar was good, thought the ending okay. But for me with a scope (21:9) screen, when they slip in a few minutes of IMAX footage in the picture goes off the top and bottom of the screen, a bit annoying, they shoul stick to one ratio for the whole movie.
  9. Well, at least I learnt about HDR and Dolby Vision and projectors. But would like to know people's views on native 4K ver, eshift. What is the minimum spec on a HTMI lead 10m long for real 4K...
  10. Good luck with the sale. It's good gear, I had a demo a while back to check out the butt kickers. It's a great system.
  11. So what about Dolby Vision, will it be an improvement on this range of PJ's No difference with my old x500 I take it.
  12. I thought Pepermint was good, and the ending left it open for a sequel...maybe...
  13. BTW. The centre speaker was $849 21 years ago...
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